115 Puzzle Puns That Will Pump Up Your Workout with Laughter

best funny puzzle puns
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Puzzle Puns are funny jokes that spin around the theme of puzzles. They often involve clever twists, double meanings, or puns related to different types of puzzles, such as crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, or brain teasers.

Puzzle Puns are a fun and creative way to engage with the world of puzzles. They combine humor and the challenge of solving wordplay, making them enjoyable for puzzle enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates a good pun. These puns can bring a smile to your face and add a playful twist to the world of puzzles.

115 Best Puzzle Puns

  1. why was the crossword puzzle so cheerful? because it was always “in the black and white”!
  2. what’s a pirate’s favorite type of puzzle?a: a treasure map crossword.
  3. really hard jigsaw puzzles
  4. what do you call a puzzle that’s feeling blue? a puzzle-piece of mind.
  5. what’s the best way to solve a thanksgiving puzzle? with a “stuffing” of logic and a side of humor!
  6. why did the puzzle become a detective?a: it wanted to solve the case of the missing pieces.
  7. our love is like a puzzle game, filled with twists and turns, but always leading us closer together.
  8. what do you call a puzzle-loving octopus? a “brain-teaser”!
  9. i don’t mean to brag, but i just put a puzzle together in one day, and the box said 2-4 years!
  10. by shape rectangle jigsaw puzzles round jigsaw puzzles
  11. life is like a puzzle; you just need to find the right pieces.
  12. what do monks spend the most time doing?a: they spend the most time doing jigsaw puzzles, especially the inner components.
  13. i tried to solve a puzzle upside down, but it just didn’t click.
  14. what do you call a puzzle that’s also a famous athlete?a: a michael jordan-ble puzzle.
  15. why did the puzzle visit the dentist? it had a missing tooth.
  16. what did i name my anime jigsaw puzzle?a: i named it “one piece.”
  17. i think my anime jigsaw puzzle was too simple. it was…
  18. in the movie “national treasure,” the main character solves a series of puzzles to uncover a hidden the movie “the imitation game,” a group of british codebreakers must crack the enigma code used by the germans during world war ii.
  19. what do you call a dancing puzzle?
  20. why did the puzzle file a police report? it felt like it was “missing pieces”!
  21. why did the crossword puzzle go to the art gallery?a: it wanted to fill in the blanks.
  22. what do you call a puzzle that’s also a famous singer?a: an adele-ic crossword.
  23. why did the puzzle go on a diet? it wanted to shed some “extra pieces”!
  24. “chasing the elusive satisfaction of fitting the last puzzle piece.”
  25. why did the puzzle go to the bakery?a: it wanted to find the missing piece of cake.
  26. how do puzzles throw a party? they piece together a great celebration with lots of games and laughter!
  27. we are doing a jigsaw puzzle of the human anatomy, and i hid the upper arm. nobody else finds this humerus.
  28. can puzzles really cut wood?of course. all they need is a jigsaw.
  29. ready to finally get on with it? grab a piece of these hilarious jigsaw puzzle gags and never be board again!
  30. did you hear about the puzzle that dressed up as a ghost for halloween? it was “boo”-tifully mysterious!
  31. how do you solve a crossword puzzle with a broken heart?a: with art!
  32. how do puzzles deal with obstacles? they look for alternative ways to fit the pieces together.
  33. why did the crossword puzzle blush? it had a four-letter word clue.
  34. why did the puzzle blush? it saw the crossword flirting with the jigsaw!
  35. did you hear about the inventor of the crossword puzzle who lives near me?street’s three across and two down.
  36. “in a world full of puzzle pieces, i’m finding my place.”
  37. “puzzles: the ultimate brain workout for the curious minds.”
  38. found a random piece of a jigsaw in my car today and i’ve no idea where it came from. it’s a bit of a puzzle.
  39. how did the puzzle win the race?a: it solved the “track” puzzle!
  40. math puzzles are hard, and sometimes it’s not as straightforward of a decision to make. for instance, if the puzzle infringes on your civil liberties then should you complain?that would just cause more problems. it’s better to sue-doku.
  41. i like all sorts of puzzles, like jigsaws and crosswords
  42. why did the puzzle become a detective?a: it wanted to solve the case of the missing pieces.
  43. what do you call a puzzle that can sing? a melodijigsaw.
  44. how is initiating sex with a woman similar to beginning a crossword puzzle?by going down on one.
  45. i don’t want to brag, but i finished my jigsaw puzzle in a week
  46. what do you call a puzzle that’s also a famous actor?a: a brad pitt-uzzle.
  47. by difficulty easy jigsaw puzzles challenging jigsaw puzzles really hard jigsaw puzzles
  48. conundrum companion – i’ll be by your side as we navigate through life’s puzzles.
  49. a hairy puzzle is called a pubik’s cube.
  50. the inventor of the jigsaw puzzle has died his wife is in fifteen hundred pieces
  51. you’re the missing piece i’ve been searching for, the puzzle of my heart is complete with you.
  52. i asked a puzzle how it was feeling, and it replied, “i’m just trying to piece myself together.”
  53. “lost in a world of puzzles and possibilities.”
  54. “what did the crossword puzzle say to the sudoku? ‘i’ve got all the ‘clues’!’”
  55. my wife said, “i wonder what our neighbor is making. he always has his jigsaw out.” i said, “i don’t know. it’s a real… …jigsaw puzzle.”
  56. “solving puzzles is my way of saying ‘i’ve got this’ to life’s challenges.”
  57. roses are red, violets are blue, solving puzzles with you is my favorite thing to do!
  58. what did the puzzle say when it finally solved itself? “piece out!”
  59. how do puzzles keep in touch? they connect through puzzle-phone.
  60. “piece of the puzzle: unlocking the secrets of wordplay”
  61. newest jigsaw puzzles
  62. mummies love puzzles – they’re all wrapped up in the mystery!
  63. what do you call a puzzle that’s missing a few pieces? a “piece of mind” challenge!
  64. what did the mathematician say to the jigsaw puzzle?a: “i’ve got your number!”
  65. what did one puzzle piece say to the other during a heated argument? “let’s not lose our pieces of mind!”
  66. i’m sick and tired of hearing how divided our country is these days… when almost all the states are connected like a big jigsaw puzzle.
  67. what’s a skeleton’s favorite type of puzzle?a: a bone-doku puzzle.
  68. what do you call a puzzle that’s also a famous athlete?a: a michael jordan-ble puzzle.
  69. how did i make hide and seek more interesting for the kids in my backyard?a: i hired a carpenter and a puzzle creator to build walls, and it turned out to be a mazing!
  70. what do you call a puzzle that’s missing a piece? puzzling!
  71. “lost in the world of puzzles, seeking the missing piece.”
  72. what do you call a puzzle with attitude? a cross-word!
  73. why did the crossword puzzle get a job at the library?a: it wanted to be surrounded by words.
  74. i fell asleep on a jigsaw and woke up with a puzzled look.
  75. today i found out the guy who invented the crossword puzzle is buried at my local cemetery if you’re looking for the headstone go 9 down 3 across.i don’t quite recall his name…i think i was p something t something something…
  76. a dancing puzzle is a jiggy-saw.
  77. “finding solace in the challenge of puzzles and the joy of completion.”
  78. will there ever be an edible crossword puzzle?a: i doubt it, but if there is, i’ll eat my words!
  79. i like most puzzles. however, i draw the line at dot to dots.
  80. people who are working on word puzzles should not be interrupted until it’s finished.interrupting them might result in some cross words.
  81. the inventor of the jigsaw puzzle died earlier today his wife is said to be in 1500 pieces.
  82. why did the crossword puzzle editor go to therapy?a: to get his clues sorted out.
  83. can puzzles really cut wood? of course. all they need is a jigsaw.
  84. do you think jesus could complete a crossword puzzle?a: no, he’d probably get stuck on “across.”
  85. “puzzles: fueling my curiosity and igniting my imagination.”
  86. why did the crossword puzzle writer break up with their partner?a: they couldn’t find the right clues anymore.
  87. puzzles are like life: the more you solve, the clearer the picture becomes.
  88. let’s piece together our love and create a masterpiece puzzle of happiness.
  89. “i asked my brain for a riddle, but it replied, ‘i need to ‘puzzle’ it over!’”
  90. “puzzles: the ultimate test of patience and perseverance.”
  91. my uncle worked for a newspaper’s crossword puzzle team, but only contributed one awesome clue in his career… he was a one-hint wonder!
  92. my family: your obsession about dot to dot puzzles is becoming there’s nothing to worry about. i know where to draw the line.
  93. a dancing puzzle is a jiggy-saw.
  94. when in doubt, start with the corners; they’re the foundation of every puzzle.
  95. which star wars character is really good at number puzzles?count su-dooku.
  96. what did the jigsaw puzzle say to the table? “i’m ready to put the pieces together!”
  97. why did the crossword puzzle go to therapy? it had too many issues to work through!
  98. i’m a puzzle enthusiast, and my friends say i have all the pieces to be a great solver.
  99. how do puzzles communicate? they piece it together.
  100. how do puzzles make amends? they apologize for not fitting in sooner.
  101. jigsaw joy – because solving puzzles brings me joy!
  102. what do you call a puzzle-solving bee? a “buzzing brain”!
  103. crossword puzzles: the ultimate exercise in verbal gymnastics.
  104. puzzles teach us patience and perseverance; they are the ultimate brain workout.
  105. “solving puzzles, one brain-teaser at a time.”
  106. join expand submenucollapse submenu join vip list friends with benefits — jigsaw puzzle subscription
  107. what did i name my anime jigsaw puzzle?a: i named it “one piece.”
  108. “embracing the challenge of the puzzle called life.”
  109. why did the puzzle get in trouble at school? it refused to fit in with the rest of the class.
  110. i don’t understand why someone dumped a bunch of jigsaw pieces on me… i was puzzled.
  111. life is a puzzle, and each day brings a new piece of the adventure!
  112. what do monks spend the most time on with jigsaw puzzles?
  113. what do you get when you interrupt someone doing a crossword puzzle?a: you might hear some cross words!
  114. how does a puzzle enthusiast exercise their brain? they “flex” their problem-solving skills!
  115. how do puzzles exercise their brains? they do a lot of mental piece-ups.

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