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best funny rainbow puns
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Rainbow puns playfully twist common phrases and sayings related to rainbows and colors. Themes often revolve around the various hues that make up a rainbow, with jokes focusing on shades like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Rainbow puns may reference the rainbow’s arc across the sky or the myth that a pot of gold can be found at its end. With wordplay involving light, prisms, and even leprechauns, rainbow puns aim to delight readers with their colorful wordplay and creativity.

115 Best Rainbow Puns

  1. i had a rainbow for lunch. i’ trying to eat light.
  2. where do naughty rainbows come from? prism
  3. how do rainbows stay dry in the rain? they wear “refractive” raincoats!
  4. i’m over the rainbow with joy!
  5. rainbows are too good to be blue.
  6. q: what happened when the farmer saw a rainbow over his field?a: he told his wife to get ready for a colorful harvest!
  7. what did the rainbow do when it felt sad? it “brightened up” and let out a colorful smile!
  8. what did one rainbow say to the other? “you complete me, arc by arc!”
  9. rainbows are very uncommon, they are blue and far between.
  10. what bow can’t be tied? a rainbow!
  11. at the end of the rainbow, what do you discover?a: violet!
  12. i’d beg, borrow or teal my way to that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  13. rainbows make the world a brighter place.
  14. what did the colors in the rainbow say to each other? great minds pink alike.
  15. what did the rainbow say to the sun during a hot day? “you’re so ‘brilliant,’ it’s making me melt!”
  16. after the storm, there’s always a rainbow – and a cleanup!
  17. to have a rainbow of just one color really goes against the green.
  18. how do rainbows stay in shape? they follow a “light” exercise routine!
  19. your beauty outshines the brightest rainbow.
  20. what hotel suite is a rainbow’s favorite?a: a colored space.
  21. what did the monochrome say to the rainbow?– oh no! my arch nemesis!
  22. rainbows are proof that colors can play well together.
  23. i was having a discussion about the colors of a rainbow with a friend the other day and we got into a bit of an argument about the best color. i told them that it had to be red, to which they asked why?“it’s simple, red is one in a vermillion!”
  24. when life throws you a curveball, add some curves of your own with a rainbow.
  25. when the rainbow decided to speak out at the meeting of all weathers, someone said ‘look hue’s talking.’
  26. that rainbow is like an artist’s palette in the sky.
  27. why do leprechauns love rainbows? they believe they lead to a “pot of gold-in” opportunities!
  28. how does a rainbow make decisions? it follows its “colored intuition”!
  29. how do you know when a rainbow isn’t in a good mood?– it will be filled with red.
  30. what’s a rainbow’s favorite type of exercise?a: color runs!
  31. how does a rainbow greet the other weathers? with a yellow of course!
  32. rainbows never worry about fashion – they’re always “trendbow-setters”!
  33. sending you rainbow-colored wishes for a fantastic birthday celebration!
  34. how do rainbows sleep? in forty pinks.
  35. being a self-contained operation, rainbow was able to keep going through the pandemic. with so many stuck at home doom-scrolling, there was unslakable need for his brand of musical comedy relief.
  36. green is the most relaxed color in the rainbow, it’s so jade back.
  37. what do you call a rainbow that’s feeling a bit spicy? “jala-pen-bow” – it adds a kick to the sky!
  38. why was the rainbow such a great team player? it knew how to “blend in” with all the colors!
  39. i told the rainbow a secret, and it said, “don’t worry, i’ll ‘refract’ it!”
  40. what did one rainbow say to the other? ‘you’re such a ‘refract’-tion of my imagination!’
  41. i sang the rainbow song to a cop yesterday.– they arrested me for colorful language.
  42. sending you a rainbow of love and blessings on your special day!
  43. running on rainbows and caffeine.
  44. that rainbow is so neat, it must be professional gradient.
  45. when you get a rainbow after the rain at least you are moving in the bright direction.
  46. what did the little girls ribbon become in the storm? a rainbow.
  47. a magician wearing a rainbow colored coat is called hue-dini.
  48. why did the rainbow go on a diet? it wanted to shed a few light pounds!
  49. why is rainbow lucky charms ed sheeran’s favorite cereal?a: he’s smitten with the way you look.
  50. • be a rainbow in someone’s cloud
  51. if rainbows could text, their messages would be filled with “emojispectrum”!
  52. i had a rainbow for lunch. i’m trying to eat light.
  53. may your birthday be a vibrant celebration, just like a rainbow after the rain!
  54. rainbows are like a colorful reminder that good things are headed your way.
  55. judy garland knew where to find out the weight of a pie. somewhere over the rainbow, weigh a pie.
  56. rainbows make me feel hue-tiful!
  57. what does a rainbow’s phone ring when it answers? green, green, and yellow.
  58. like a rainbow connects the earth and sky, our love connects our hearts.
  59. rainbows are like nature’s smiley faces.
  60. the rainbow wanted to become a painter, but it needed to brush up on its skills!
  61. we’re do naughty rainbows go?– prism.
  62. rainbows are one in a vermillion.
  63. where do naughty rainbows go?– prism
  64. • if you’re blue, select another color in the rainbow
  65. what’s the weight of a rainbow?a: very little; it’s rather light.
  66. why did the rainbow open a bakery? it wanted to offer “colorful desserts” to everyone!
  67. what did one rainbow say to the other? “you make my colors shine brighter!”
  68. what’s ed sheeran’s favorite lucky charms? the rainbow and horseshoe. he’s in love with the shape of u.
  69. q: what do you call a group of rainbows?a: a prism of colors!
  70. why was the rainbow invited to all the parties? it knew how to “beam” up the atmosphere!
  71. why did the rainbow refuse to play basketball? it didn’t want to be the pot of gold at the end of the hoop.what do you call a rainbow that’s always happy? a cheer-bow.
  72. • the greater the storm, the brighter your rainbow
  73. what’s at the end of the rainbow? w.
  74. what do you call a rainbow who can’t make up its mind? “indecisi-spectrum”!
  75. for my chemistry homework, i was supposed to write a thousand words on acid. i tried, but my pen turned into a rainbow-coloured giraffe and then the desk melted.
  76. when it’s pouring and sunny outside, but no rainbow appears, what do you call it?a: repetition bow.
  77. how do you gift wrap the sky? you tie it with a rainbow.
  78. what did the rainbow say to the cloud? “i’m a big fan of your work!”
  79. what’s a rainbow’s favorite type of hairstyle?a: a color-do!
  80. when the rainbow broke up with its partner, it said, “you’re just not my type – i need someone more colorful!”
  81. q: how did the rainbow cross the road?a: it walked… because it didn’t want to be spotted!
  82. how can one encase some fog?a: having a rainbow.
  83. after a singing gig on a cruise ship with his then-boyfriend, a semester of college and some work on florida stages, rainbow made a break for new york. broadway was the dream, but he was under no illusions.
  84. what happened to the rainbow after he robbed a bank? he went to prism for light(f)
  85. what do you call the least popular color in the rainbow? the weakest pink.
  86. the rainbow loved going to the gym because it was all about “rainb-owts” and staying in shape!
  87. i actually made it to the end of the rainbow and there was nothing there, the pots were all gold out!
  88. where does dorothy from oz weigh a pie? somewhere over the rainbow, weigh-a-pie.
  89. what’s a rainbow’s favorite shape? a “colorectangle” – it’s like a rectangle, but more colorful!
  90. i asked the rainbow if it was on social media, and it replied, “of course, i’m insta-colorful!”
  91. without any colors, what is a rainbow known as?a: a plain bow.
  92. rainbows that break the law end up going to prism.
  93. what do you call a rainbow that’s always happy? a cheer-bow.
  94. the rainbow considered becoming a musician, but it couldn’t decide between “harmoni-colors”!
  95. why did the rainbow become a meteorologist? it wanted to forecast colorful weather!
  96. a magician wearing a rainbow colored coat is called hue-dini.
  97. my mom called and told me granpa is now somewhere over the rainbow and gone to his glory. yeah, i saw him on the news – he had a hell of a pride parade.
  98. how heavy is a rainbow? it’s actually pretty light.
  99. my love for you is wider than the widest rainbow.
  100. what did the rainbow say when it saw a double rainbow? “what does it mean?!”
  101. what’s a rainbow’s favorite type of movie?a: watercolors!
  102. the rainbow tried to befriend a cloud, but it was a bit “misty-fied” by the experience!
  103. i used to see rainbow tie-dye shirts everywhere, but now i hardly ever see them. is it a dying art or something?
  104. when the rainbow is sad, it becomes a “tearcoated canvas” in the sky.
  105. you color my world like a beautiful rainbow.
  106. my friend asked if i could make a rainbow cake. i said, “taste the rainbow-bow!”
  107. where do you go to weigh a pie?– somewhere over the rainbow.
  108. i finally found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: it’s at the griffith observatory
  109. a pilot flew through a rainbow while completing her aviation test. no wonder she passed with flying colors!
  110. why was the rainbow so popular at the party? because it lit up the room!
  111. where do naughty rainbows go? prism!
  112. who travels in a rainbow colored tardis? dr hue.
  113. how much do you love rainbows? just a skittle bit.
  114. what did the rainbow say to the sky? “you’re the perfect canvas for my colors.”why did the rainbow go to the planet with the most colors? to experience a spectrum overload.what do you call a rainbow that’s a master of disguise? a chameleon-bow.
  115. q: why did the rainbow break up with the cloud?a: because it took it for granite!.

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