55 Ram Puns to Make Your Heart Skip a Beat!

best funny ram Puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Ram puns playfully use words that sound like “ram“, such as “bam”, “jam”, “ham”, and “lam”, or sheep-related words like “ewe”, “fleece”, and “herd”, to create silly jokes and punny one-liners.

They commonly feature sheep, lambs, rams, computer memory, football, and vehicles like the Dodge Ram truck. The humor lies in unexpectedly replacing key words with ram-related homophones or unexpectedly bringing sheep into non-sheep contexts.

No matter the theme, these 55 Best Ram Puns are designed to entertain and bring joy to those who appreciate a good laugh.

55 Best Ram Puns

  1. what did the ram say to the rock? “you can’t stop me, i’m a baa-dass!”
  2. i found my boomerang with ram glued to it man that thing brought back memories
  3. it’s a great time to date a rams fan.. they are used to disappointment and aren’t expecting a ring.
  4. i had a pile of ram, but i can’t quite recall where i put it i must’ve lost my memory
  5. he kept telling him he had bad ram.
  6. isaac was helping abraham to build a gaming pc. they found all the parts that they needed on online, and we’re ready to order. right before abraham hit the checkout button, isaac reviewed the contents of the order:isaac: “dad, you’re missing the memory.”abraham: “god will provide the ram.
  7. what makes a vegan different from a computer programmer?a: a rack of lamb repulses one, while a lack of ram repulses the other.
  8. why did the ram become an entrepreneur? he wanted to start his own ram-arkable business!
  9. the sheep turned out to be a ram. mary had a little lamb.
  10. how does a ram write a love letter? with lots of “baa-romantic” words!
  11. what happens if a rams player goes blind?a: they are appointed as referees.
  12. why do nfl teams get excited about playing the rams?
  13. why did the ram get in trouble for insulting the female sheep? cause he called her an ew!
  14. my friends and i like to get together and play polo with our rams, challengers, chargers and darts… dodge ball can become dangerous, but it’s fun.
  15. a train engineer believed a hospital ship was the site of secret government conspiracy and decides to ram it with his train. now that’s what i call a loco-motive.
  16. did you hear that the los angeles rams football team doesn’t have a website?
  17. how do rams greet each other? they give each other a hearty “ram-tastic!”
  18. why did the ram take a vacation to the mountains? he wanted to take a trip to new ewe-niverses!
  19. how did the ram celebrate his birthday? with a “baa-sh” to remember!
  20. how did the ram fix his computer? he gave it a quick ram upgrade!
  21. how does a ram express excitement? he says, “i’m over the baa!”
  22. why did the ram fall off the cliff? he didn’t see the ewe turn!
  23. i had a pile of ram, but i can’t quite recall where i put it i must’ve lost my memory
  24. what’s the best way to avoid getting killed by sheep? dodge ram
  25. can an l.a. rams player drive a stick?
  26. i bet my son $10 i could predict the score of the pats-rams game tonight before it starts, and he said you’re on. i said, “it’ll be 0-0.”
  27. why did the ram fall off the cliff? he didn’t see the ewe turn!
  28. “ford f-150, chevy silverado, dodge ram, toyota tundra, nissan titan, gmc sierra, honda ridgeline…”
  29. why did the ram go to the dentist? he had a “baa-d” toothache!
  30. why did the ram become an artist? he had an eye for “baa-sic” shapes!
  31. what vehicle gets into most car accidents? a dodge ram.
  32. how did the ram find his way out of the maze? he followed the “baa-bles”!
  33. the dodge ram has always confused me. i mean, which do you want to do? dodge it or ram it?
  34. why did the ram get a job in construction?a: it was excellent at building “ram-pires” of success.
  35. if a ram is a lamb and a donkey is an ass… …why is a ram in the ass called a goose?
  36. mary had a little sheep mary had a little sheepand with the sheep she went to sleep. the sheep turned out to be a ramso mary had a little lamb.
  37. what do you call a ram with a sunburn? “red-wool”!
  38. why was the ram excellent at chess?a: it knew how to make “ewe-nique” moves.
  39. what’s a sheep’s favorite part of a computer? ram.
  40. why did the ram get a job at the computer store?a: it had great “ram”-customer skills.
  41. what do you call it when a shepherd can’t find his ram? memory loss.
  42. what did the ram say to the lady sheep? “you’re baahewetiful”
  43. what’s the hardest thing about being a rams quarterback?
  44. at the auto show looking at the terrible new design on the ram truck… “let’s get the hell out of dodge.”
  45. was nice to see the rams and patriots make it to the maroon 5 concert last night
  46. someone offered me a pureed lamb “shake” . . . my first thought was eww. they also had some ram jam. despite the name, still eww.
  47. how does a ram keep his fur in perfect condition? with baa-th time!
  48. why should you never tell a feminist you want more ram? she’ll ask you what’s wrong with ewe.
  49. how much ram does a great white shark have? a killer-bite.
  50. at the auto show looking at the terrible new design on the ram truck… “let’s get the hell out of dodge.”
  51. the rams end zone. they don’t catch anything there.
  52. how does a ram play hide and seek? he says, “ready or not, here i baa!”
  53. how many los angeles rams players does it take to change a tire?
  54. what’s a ram’s favorite board game?a: “sheeples,” a fun twist on the classic game.
  55. why did the ram fall off the cliff? he didn’t see the ewe turn!

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