105 Ramen Puns Can Turn Any Meal into a Party

best funny Ramen puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Ramen puns are a delightful way to sprinkle some humor into your day, using clever wordplay to noodle around with the joys of enjoying this iconic dish.

Ramen puns include wordplay on ingredients, noodle-related jokes, humor related to the act of eating or making ramen, and puns that play on the emotional or sensory experience of enjoying a bowl of ramen. The puns also incorporate pop culture references, puns related to different professions or activities, and puns that play on the unique qualities of ramen as a dish.

105 Best Ramen Puns

  1. why don’t scientists trust atoms that eat ramen? they make up soup-perstitions!
  2. let’s “soup-er”charge our day with ramen!
  3. how does ramen handle stress? it takes a deep broth!
  4. what’s a ramen’s favorite type of chocolate?a: a “noodle”-truffle.
  5. having a rough day? soften it with our delicious ramen.
  6. “none of my friends understand my love for ramen – they think it’s stock madness!”
  7. a hopeless ramen-tic.
  8. they say laughter is the best medicine, but i think a bowl of ramen is even better!
  9. why did the ramen go to therapy? it had too many issues to sort out.
  10. why did the ramen go to the beach? it wanted to see the sea-weed.
  11. ramen is my soulmate.nothing beats a warm bowl of ramen on a cold day.ramen is the ultimate foodie experience.
  12. what is a noodle’s favorite show? everybody loves ramend.
  13. why did the ramen join a band?a: it wanted to play the noodle-itar.
  14. why did the ramen visit the dentist? it had a noodle-ache!
  15. “noodles may be long, but my love for ramen is longer.”
  16. why did the ramen become a lawyer? it wanted to “broth”er justice!
  17. what do you call a ramen with magical powers? a noodle-wizard!
  18. if life gives you lemons, make lemon-flavored ramen!
  19. the cause of the fall of the ramen empire is that they were never soba.
  20. what did the ramen say to the annoying vegetable? “you’re really stir-fry-ing my patience!”
  21. why did the scarecrow eat ramen? it heard it was outstanding in its “field”!
  22. why did the ramen go to the casino?a: it wanted to hit the noodle-jackpot.
  23. he is actually supposed to be the very cente – ramen
  24. did you hear about the ramen’s new job? it’s now a “noodle”-ist.
  25. “ramen nights are the ‘noodle’ of my dreams.
  26. what do you call a group of musical noodles? a ramen-semble.
  27. do you actually have ramen in your very computer.
  28. why does my brother drink the broth before he eats the ramen? he is a very soup-erstitious person.
  29. i tried making ramen noodles and accidentally burnt it. it tasted soba-d.
  30. how did the ramen propose to its sweetheart? with a souper cute ring!
  31. ramen doodle is a popular art for kids.
  32. “this ramen is so good, i’m on a roll.”
  33. my favorite font is times new ramen.
  34. “if you’re a fan of ramen, does it mean you’re noodle-minded?”
  35. what did the ramen do when it won the lottery? it went straight to noodle-ivorce court!
  36. ram actually stands for ramen access memory
  37. why did the ramen join the orchestra? it wanted to play a “ramen”tastic tune!
  38. what’s a ramen’s favorite type of car?a: a “noodle”-mobile.
  39. i’m a pescatarian, so ramen options are pretty limited for me! i’ve heard so many great things about dc’s ramen scene so i must try!
  40. the ramen was getting impatient, so he asked the boiling water “udon?.
  41. what’s a ramen’s favorite type of dessert?a: a “noodle”-cake.
  42. i’m not souper-stitious, but i’m sure this ramen is good luck!
  43. ramen is the perfect food for any occasion: happy, sad, hungry, or just bored.
  44. this is a review for ramen near ashburn, va:
  45. there are plenty of good food choices in college but you can never top ramen.
  46. how do you make a bowl of ramen laugh? just give it a good miso tickle!
  47. what do you call a king who tries to take over all the ramen stock? uslurper.
  48. what did the ramen say to the vegetable toppings? “lettuce” be friends!
  49. “ramen nights: where flavor meets ‘noodle’ed.
  50. what caused the fall of the ramen empire?a: they were never soba!
  51. what did the ramen say when it won the lottery? “i’m on a roll!”
  52. “noodle lover, ramen master.”
  53. how do you fix a broken bowl of ramen? with “noodle” glue!
  54. what do you call a ramen that sings? a “tuneful” of noodles!
  55. what’s a ramen’s favorite karaoke song? “i will always love you-noodles.”
  56. what fonts do noodles use while typing? times new ramen.
  57. some say ramen is food for the soul, but i say it’s souperior to that!
  58. why did the ramen become a gardener?a: to cultivate noodle-vegetables.
  59. “this ramen is so good, it’s un-pho-gettable!”
  60. ordered a case of spicy ramen today told my friends this new diet separates the ra-men from the ra-boys.
  61. how did the ramen propose to the sushi? it gave it a “ring” of nori!
  62. duramen is actually the very heart wood of the very tree
  63. soup-erstitious people drink ramen broth before eating the noodles.
  64. how did the ramen become a computer programmer? it learned to code in ramentary school!
  65. what’s a ramen’s favorite type of music?a: broth and roll.
  66. we have the longest ramen noodles in the world.
  67. “ramen is my ‘bowl’ of happiness.”
  68. ramen the store right now. i’ll call you later.
  69. this ramen is so good, it’s un-pho-believable!
  70. how does a ramen write love letters? with “noodle”-igraphy!
  71. “ramen: where every slurp counts.”
  72. what’s a ramen’s favorite bedtime story? the three little pigs in a blanket!
  73. “ramen: the ultimate comfort slurp.”
  74. where did the ramen go for a vacation? stock-holm.
  75. “ramen-tic comedy: a love story with noodles.”
  76. why was the ramen package so heavy? it was full of lead noodies.
  77. what’s a ramen’s favorite song? “don’t go bacon my heart”!
  78. what do you call a ramen that’s full of surprises? a miso-chef!
  79. why did the ramen go to the art museum? it wanted to get inspired by noodle masterpieces!
  80. what do you call a noodle who can’t stop playing video games? a ramen-tic gamer.
  81. what’s a ramen’s favorite type of game?a: bowl-opoly.
  82. what do you call a sad bowl of ramen? soba-depressed!
  83. what’s a ramen’s preferred weather? “cloudy with a chance of ramen-bows!”
  84. “what did the ramen say to the beef? nice to meat you!”
  85. “bowled over by this ramen-tic dinner.”
  86. ramen: it’s “noodle”-icious!
  87. it ramen-s to be found.
  88. my friend opened a ramen restaurant, but it didn’t make “cents” – only noodles!
  89. “life is full of possibilities, just like ramen toppings.”
  90. ramen i was actually looking for one of my friend
  91. my wife makes ramen for dinner every wednesday even though she likes other noodles better. so i started making dinner pho her every monday.
  92. why did the ramen cross the playground? to get to the other slide.
  93. how does a ramen answer the phone? “ramen, who’s there?”
  94. what did the ramen say to the salad?a: “lettuce romaine friends, and we can be a balanced meal!”
  95. you and i are ramen to be from the instant we met.
  96. a well-made bowl of ramen is like a symphony for your taste buds!
  97. why did the ramen become a fashion designer?a: it loved to create noodle-couture.
  98. “ramen: where soup and noodles become ‘best broth-ers.’”
  99. what’s a ramen’s favorite dance move? the “noodle twirl”!
  100. what do you call a ramen that can sing? a tuneful tonkotsu!
  101. what’s a ramen’s favorite sport? “bowl”ing, of course!
  102. what do you get when you mix ramen with a clown? “boodles” of laughter!
  103. ramen: the only thing that can make me happy on a rainy day.
  104. how did the ramen get a six pack? too much time at the gym, working his noodle arms.
  105. if covid 19 doesn’t kill me, the massive amount of ramen i’m eating will.

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