65 Ring Puns  to Keep You Engaged in Laughter

best funny ring puns
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Rings puns have long been associated with commitment, friendship, and style. Whether it’s an engagement ring, wedding band, or just a fashion accessory, rings hold symbolic meaning for many people.

Ring puns play on the different definitions and associations of “ring” to create humorous or thought-provoking connections. these 65 Best Ring Puns are a fun way to find new meanings and connections in everyday words.

65 Best Ring Puns

  1. are you tired of feeling like your desk is a dull and boring place? it’s time to unleash your inner …
  2. why was the ring always happy? it had a sparkling personality.
  3. oh elden ring! (just got this an hour ago, so excited for it to heal!) feb 25th!! we almost there tarnished!
  4. why did the engagement ring want to be a comedian? it had a ‘gem’ of a sense of humor!
  5. what’s a wedding ring’s favorite romantic movie? ‘the lord of the ‘rings’!
  6. why don’t rings ever get lost? because they always come full circle!
  7. i told her i’d ‘ring’ in the changes, and she handed me a diamond ring!
  8. someone stole my mood ring i dont know how i feel about that
  9. i don’t get how people have problems with diversity in lord of the rings legolas has been an arrow ace the whole time.
  10. why was the phone proud of its child? because it gave a good ring.
  11. why was the engagement ring a good manager? it knew how to make tough calls.
  12. why was the ring so good at baseball? it had a great diamond.
  13. my wife woke up just now. she is dreaming and muttering about how she wrote the lord of the rings trilogy. she’s tolkien in her sleep.
  14. i finally understand the ending of lord of the rings! all those names are people who worked on the movie.
  15. just called the tinnitus help line… but, it just kept ringing.
  16. young tarnished, knowing this, do you still desire the elden ring?
  17. i friend told me that the lord of the rings was a terrible series i said “you don’t know what you’re tolkien about.”
  18. how can you tell that saturn is the most liked planet in our galaxy? if you like it, then you have to put a ring on it.
  19. why don’t planets borrow saturn’s rings? they don’t like second-hand jewelry.
  20. i’m not saying our marriage is perfect, but at least our wedding rings are ’round’!
  21. how are belly button rings and centerpieces alike? both give you something to look at while eating.
  22. what did one ring pop say to the other at the candy store?“you’re a real gem almost as sweet as me!”
  23. doctor doctor! at night in my bed i keep saying lines from the lord of the rings that’s ok, you’re just tolkien in your sleep.
  24. my girlfriend said nothing would make her happier than a diamond ring for her birthday so i got her nothing
  25. what did the donut say to the ring? “i’m holey in love with you.”
  26. i’ve been dating my girlfriend for three years and finally decided to pop the question. i gave her the ring she gave me the finger
  27. why was the engagement ring always calm? it knew how to keep its ‘composure’!
  28. engagement rings – because finding ‘the one’ deserves a little extra ‘bling’!
  29. what has two rings and an arrow? a phone call to china
  30. i keep reciting all of lord of the rings in bed my wife says i need to do something about tolkien in my sleep.
  31. what ring do girls not want? suffering.
  32. “mom, does uranus have rings?” just his wedding band.
  33. what’s a gymnast’s favorite type of ring? the one they can flip through.
  34. why was the pizza ringing? it had some bell peppers on it.
  35. how can you tell if a woman is married? there’s a ring on her finger!
  36. why did the engagement ring start a fashion blog? it had a ‘jewel’ for style!
  37. my grandfather has a funny story he likes to tell people about how a long time ago he swallowed his wedding ring and then it came out 10 years later. i’ve heard him tell it many times over the years. it’s old butt gold.
  38. somebody stole my mood ring. i just don’t know how i feel about that.
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  40. why did the nose ring go to the gym? it wanted to ‘tone’ up its style!
  41. “this ring pop is like a diamond in the rough, but better!”
  42. what do you call a ring that you put on your finger a fingering
  43. why did the engagement ring go to the bar? it was looking for a mate.
  44. “you make my heart melt, just like a ring pop in the sun.”“you’re the ring to my pop, my perfect match.”“i’m stuck on you like a ring pop on my finger.”“i could stare into your eyes forever, just like i could savor a ring pop for hours.”
  45. what’s a diamond ring’s favorite type of music? rock and roll.
  46. why was the ring always calm? it had a smooth exterior.
  47. galadriel: this is nenya, the ring of adamant, and i am its keeper frodo: what does it do? galadriel: nenya business
  48. why was the wedding ring excited for the big day? it couldn’t wait to ‘band’ together with its partner!
  49. why was the engagement ring very knowledgeable? it had a lot of carats.
  50. i lost my mood ring this morning i don’t really know how to feel about that
  51. a hooker rings a doorbell and asks for john the man walks away momentarily, comes back and hands the hooker some candy.the hooker looks confused and says what’s this for?the man says i don’t have enough money for a trick.
  52. what did the donut say to the onion ring? “i’m sweeter than you.”
  53. why did the football team go to the bakery? they needed a good ring-leader.
  54. wrong → ring: as in, “barking up the ring tree” and “get off on the ring foot” and “go down the ring way.”
  55. “diamonds may be forever, but this ring pop is for right now!”“this ring pop is a real rockstar!”“this ring pop is a real jewel-ty!”“this ring pop is like a diamond in the rough, but better!”
  56. “why did frodo buy an iphone? so he could always have his ringtone with him.”
  57. why did the ring pop go to school?to get a degree in “bling-uistics”!
  58. why did the wedding ring become an astronaut? it wanted to explore ‘space’ and commitment!
  59. why did the engagement ring go to the gym? it wanted to get a ‘fitting’ appearance!
  60. “i’m stuck on you like a ring pop on my finger.”“i could stare into your eyes forever, just like i could savor a ring pop for hours.”
  61. they say marriage is like a three-ring circus first, you get the engagement ring. then, you get the wedding ring. and finally, you get suffering
  62. why did the smartphone wear a gold ring? it wanted to give off a cell-ular vibe.
  63. what do you call slobber on a ring finger? droolry
  64. what’s a doorbell’s favorite type of ring? the ding-dong.
  65. what’s an onion ring’s favorite pick-up line? ‘are you a volcano? because you make my heart ‘crunch’!’.

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