75 Rowing Puns to Get Your Heart Rate Up

best funny rowing puns
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Rowing puns have become a staple of the rowing community as a lighthearted way to poke fun at the intricacies of the sport.

With its unusual motion that moves athletes backwards through the water, rowing lends itself naturally to puns and wordplay. Rowers especially enjoy sharing rowing puns that highlight the oddities of their sport or allow them to turn terms like “strokes” or “oars” into more comedic phrases.

Whether about technique, equipment, or just the act of rowing itself, these 75 Best Rowing Puns add an element of laughter to an otherwise serious athletic endeavor.

75 Best Rowing Puns

  1. rowing: the only sport where going backward is the way to win!
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  5. rowing runs in the family, he always rows with his b-rudder.
  6. today someone told me rowing a boat is easy. water-load of rubbish.
  7. mastering delegation: rowing style
  8. can you get neck pain from rowing?
  9. rowing: where “rowing the boat” is a literal instruction.
  10. so i’m not fat but i tried the rowing machine and it sank
  11. love these: check out our rowing pick up lines!
  12. when rowing i never know which paddle to use. i guess it’s a case of either-oar
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  14. rowing is all about teamwork, coordination, and pretending you’re in a viking longship.
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  16. rowing coach logic
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  19. kettler rowing machine
  20. if you haven’t cursed your rowing machine at least once or twice, you haven’t used it nearly enough! the erg is every rowers demon or angel, i suppose, so let’s laugh at these extraoardinary machines.
  21. there are a few pinterest accounts with good rowing meme boards. i selected a few of my favorites below:
  22. rowing is the ultimate teamwork sport – it’s all about pulling together.
  23. rowing is one sport where you can be a real “row-model” citizen and an athlete at the same time.
  24. no, really, tell me more about rowing.
  25. i watched a rowing boat pass ours, and i thought “oars looks so much better than that!”
  26. coxswains have the toughest job in rowing. they have to keep everyone in the boat and their egos in check.
  27. “we don’t just talk about rowing – we actually row!”
  28. i told my rowing partner that i wanted to row across the atlantic. he said, “that sounds like a row-gue idea!”
  29. what is the best rowing m…
  30. what do you call a rowing team full of ducks? a feathered eight!
  31. i once tried to impress my date by rowing across the lake. let’s just say it didn’t make a splash. she called it a “sinking ship” of a date!
  32. “we don’t just talk about rowingwe actually row!”
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  34. why did the rowing coach give his crew an asteroid? to make them meteor.
  35. will a rowing machine ton…
  36. can you get neck pain from rowing?
  37. why did the rowing team start a band? they wanted to make some rocking music!
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  39. what is the best rowing m…
  40. top 10 funny erg memes1. ergonomics of love and hate2. rowers united3. christmas strokes4. rowing machine: sink or swim?5. haunted by ergs6. erging: love unspoken7. timing while falling8. the 5 am rows9. rowing or arm boogie-woogie10. oar-iginal laughs
  41. rowing is proof that you can have fun and get wet at the same time.
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  44. i was certain i was going to win the rowing race, but i didn’t in the end. i think the whole thing may have been rigged.
  45. why do new zealanders excel at rowing every time?a: because it combines the two skills they excel at: sitting down and moving backward.
  46. rowing is the only sport where you don’t need a ball, just a boat and determination.
  47. rowing and questioning your sanity
  48. rowing is a rigger-ous sport
  49. the seven stages of rowing: denial, anger, bargaining, zoom technique videos, depression, acceptance, rowing like a pro
  50. why was the rowing team great at math? they were experts in “row-station” problems!
  51. why did the rookie bring a net to rowing practice? – they thought they were going to catch crabs for dinner!
  52. “we don’t just talk about rowingwe actually row!”
  53. today someone told me rowing a boat is easy. water-load of rubbish!
  54. rowing is the only sport where you can wear stripes and not be mistaken for a zebra.
  55. rowing vs walking for weight loss
  56. get on board our latest rowing shell – now officially named the yuk-it-up.
  57. why is a lion so good at rowing? he has a great r-oar.
  58. but i sat on the rowing machine and it sank.
  59. “we don’t just talk about rowing – we actually row!”
  60. rowing is like a dance with the river, and the river always leads.
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  62. welcome to rowing crazy!
  63. fashionably late: rowing edition
  64. why do rowers make great comedians? because they’re experts at “rowing” with laughter!
  65. rowing: the sport that combines cardio with a water adventure.
  66. when rowing a boat, do you use the left paddle or the right paddle? either oar.
  67. here is our top list of rowing one liners. find your favorite one liner about rowing, enjoy it, and share it with your friends and family.
  68. rowing: the sport that teaches you how to handle rough waters.
  69. what do you call a rowing machine? a row-bot.
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  71. yosuda rowing machine review (2023): pros, cons & our verdict
  72. can we go rowing on a boat this weekend?a: i’m very excited to go rowing today, buoy!
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  75. rowing is like mowing the lawn, but the lawnmower is a boat.

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