55 Rug Puns Bound to Drop You to the Floor in Mirth

best funny rug puns
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Rug puns are wordplay jokes that revolve around the topic of rugs. They often involve clever twists, double meanings, or puns related to carpets, rugs, or flooring. These puns can be humorous, witty, or play on words to create a humorous effect.

we cover the comical side of floor coverings and discover the pun-tastic world of rugs. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to be floored by the punny goodness that awaits

55 Best Rug Puns

  1. did you hear what happened to the british rug sales during ww2 they were all carpet bombed.since then there’s been a blanket ban on them.
  2. baby skin isn’t as soft as they say it is. or maybe my rug is fake…(repost but haven’t seen it in awhile!)
  3. the rug told the floor it was covered.
  4. my wife wishes i looked more like a rugged lumberjack. and i wish she looked like less of one.
  5. why was the rug self-conscious? because it was floored.
  6. what did the rug say to the floor on a hot day? “i’m feeling ‘a bit fringed’!”
  7. i was invited to see his new oriental rug by my long-time friend. it turned out to be a chinese toupee.
  8. what did the persian rug say to the floor? “you’ve got me under your feet!”
  9. my buddy likes to jog in place on the rug in his hall. he’s a carpet runner.
  10. why was the carpet lying around? it was feeling a bit ruggish
  11. the boss said to the dog, cooper, ” we are letting you go. ” cooper replied, ” you’re letting me go on the rug? ”
  12. baby skin isn’t as soft as they say it is. or maybe my rug is fake…(repost but haven’t seen it in awhile!)
  13. what happens if you trip on the rug and spill… …carpet cleaner?
  14. what happens if you trip on the rug and spill… …carpet cleaner?
  15. why did the rug argue with the carpet? it couldn’t handle the underlaying tension
  16. why did the rug go to the fitness class? it wanted to feel more shag-fit.
  17. the rug wanted to become a motivational speaker, but it had to “unroll” its confidence first.
  18. the rug told the floor it was covered.
  19. recently my rug got destroyed due to multiple explosions. i guess you could call it a carpet bombing.
  20. picked up my new rug from ikea! it’s just a sheep and a spinning wheel
  21. i made explosive praying rugs prophets are through the roof!
  22. what’s a carpet’s favorite sport? rugby
  23. how did the carpet get rich? it made a pile.you really tied the room together, just like the dude’s rug.what do you call a carpet that’s always afraid? a scared-peat.you’re always keeping me grounded, just like a well-laid carpet.
  24. my grandma used to pretend she was weaving rugs when she had to think. when she died, she passed the talent to my children. it’s a cherished air-loom in my family.
  25. that’s one of those rug doctors… they’re steaming mad at dirt.
  26. how do persian rugs celebrate their birthdays? they throw “tassel-tastic” parties!
  27. my dad is a rugged ex-marine with a salt-and-pepper beard… he’s a seasoned veteran.
  28. what’s the similarity between a moth in a high end carpet retailer and an iranian lesbian? they’re both persian rug munchers
  29. while buying a rug… me: i like this rug! what do you think?my dad: it’s very… rugged.
  30. how it begins a guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. “i couldn’t help but notice your new welcome mat in front of the door, it’s quite nice,” the guy says to the bartender. “thank you, it is made of hemp,” the bartender replies. “it’s a gateway rug.”
  31. what did one rug say to the other at the party? “let’s ‘rug-tangle’ and have a good time!”
  32. why was the rug always getting into trouble? it never knew how to conduct itself under-foot.
  33. got home and someone has stolen all the bits of carpets and the mats. police think it was the work of rug addicts.
  34. what did the rug say to the xmas tree? your balls are hanging.
  35. why is a carpet fitter so good at dancing? he’s always cutting the rug
  36. what do you call a carpet that’s been nominated for an award? a “red-carpet” rug.
  37. why did the rug refuse to go to the gym? it didn’t want to “tassel” with exercise.
  38. aladdin has been banned from the magic carpet race. apparently he’s been using performance enhancing rugs.
  39. my friend invited me to his house to see his new oriental rug. turns out it was a toupee made in china.
  40. did you know that aladdin and jasmine were banned from the palace race for using performance-enhancing rugs?
  41. why did the persian rug apply for a job? it wanted to “weave” its way to success!
  42. what is a political-themed knockoff of a lego rug? a duplo mat.
  43. the rug life ultimately chose me.
  44. my friend invited me to his house to see his new oriental rug. turns out it was a toupee made in china.
  45. i was telling my wife that paul manafort spent over 900k on rugs using laundered money… to which she replied, “wow, i bet he only got like 4 rugs.”
  46. what do you call someone who likes to jog on a rug? they are a carpet runner!
  47. what do you call an old carpet? rug-gedy.
  48. what do you call a persian rug that’s good at storytelling? a “yarn-teller”!
  49. my rug feels under the weather. maybe it caught carpet fever.
  50. check out the rug doctors, they steam over dirt.
  51. what’s a rug’s favorite type of art? “tapestry”!
  52. my friend, who is 65 years old, wants to work on rugs for the rest of her life. talk about a looming retirement.
  53. how do rugs fall in love? they get swept off their feet.
  54. why do mathematicians dislike cloth rugs? they prefer fur mats.
  55. the rug tried to become a stand-up comedian, but it felt like it was “threading” on thin ice.

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