45 Rugby Puns That Will Kick Your Rugby Spirits High!

best funny rugby puns
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Rugby puns play on words and phrases related to the sport of rugby. Many poke fun at the unique terminology of rugby, like references to positions and ways of scoring.

Other rugby puns highlight aspects of the physical game, such as using one’s hands or tackling opponents. They play on players’ roles, techniques, or the sport itself, rugby puns add humor and levity to the game through their tongue-in-cheek word manipulation.

With puns that reference scoring tries, scrumming, tackling, and other facets of rugby gameplay, they provide rugby fans and non-fans alike a fun way to appreciate the sport through jokes and double meanings.

45 Best Rugby Puns

  1. what’s a rugby player’s favorite song? “i get a kick out of you… and then i convert it!”
  2. what do you call a happy rugby mother? a con-gratulations mum!
  3. how do rugby players send letters? with a drop goal.
  4. i’m trying to learn how to play rugby but can’t quite get there. every time i think i’ve scored, the coach says “good try”.
  5. why was the rugby player sent to prison? illegal use of the hands!
  6. what do rugby players say when they’re feeling optimistic? “i’m in high try-spirits!”
  7. what’s a rugby player’s favorite type of game?a: anything with a good “try”-via!
  8. what do rugby players do at the beach? they have a scrum-tastic time in the sun!
  9. why did the rugby forward apply for a job as a gardener? he heard it was a scrum-diddly-umptious job!
  10. how can you differentiate a teabag and the british rugby team?a: a teabag stays in the cup longer.
  11. what do you call a rugby player with no friends? a try-athlete!
  12. what do you call a selfish rugby player? a me, myself and high tackle!
  13. if you have a referee in rugby, what do you have in bowls? soup.
  14. what’s a rugby player’s favorite animal? a raccoon!
  15. in rugby, sometimes the best pass is a laugh to your teammate.
  16. what breed of dog does every rugby team have? a scrum half!
  17. why did the rugby player go to the bakery before the game? he wanted to get a try-scone!
  18. how do rugby players make decisions? they have a scrum-ference.
  19. what’s the name of a rugby player that is always in a fight? the lock.
  20. why did the rugby player bring a ladder to the locker room? because he wanted to get to the top of the league!
  21. why did the rugby player become a doctor?a: to diagnose and treat ruck injuries!
  22. what’s a rugby player’s favorite type of fruit? a scrum-pear!
  23. why did the rugby player bring a fishing rod to the game? in case he wanted to “try”-angle for a win!
  24. what’s a rugby player’s favorite kind of music? heavy scrum!
  25. why did the rugby player bring a backpack to the game?a: because he wanted to score a “try”-umph!
  26. how do rugby players stay cool in the summer? they sit near the fans!
  27. what did the rugby team say after winning the match against scotland?a: “now, we just need to tackle england!”
  28. why did the rugby player become a movie director?a: to create the perfect try-logy!
  29. where’s the best place to shop for a new rugby kit? new jersey.
  30. rugby players are like superheroes in shorts and cleats.
  31. why did the rugby player become a teacher?a: to educate the next generation of scrum-masters!
  32. how do you know if a rugby player has a girlfriend? there’s an extra scrum at his house!
  33. i hope these rugby one-liners bring a smile to your face! enjoy the rugby humor!
  34. why do rugby players make great detectives? they excel at finding the “try”th.
  35. how do rugby players stay cool during the game? they find a shady scrum!
  36. why did the rugby player bring a pencil to the game? in case he had to draw a scrum!
  37. why did the rugby player bring a ladder to practice? to work on his “lineout” skills.
  38. what are rugby players saying before big matches? “let’s ‘try’-umph together!”
  39. you know you’re a rugby fan when you appreciate a good lineout.
  40. when rugby players feel down, what do they do? the players “try” to get over the feeling!
  41. what do you get if you cross rugby and the invisible man? a game like no one has ever seen.
  42. why did the rugby player bring a dictionary to the match? to understand all the forwards’ terms!
  43. why did the rugby team go to the bank? to try to get their forwards to make a deposit!
  44. what’s a rugby player’s favorite type of movie? anything with a good “try”-logue!
  45. why was the rugby ball feeling down? because it was getting booted all day.

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