75 Sausage Puns to Crack You Up

best funny sausage puns
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Sausage puns take various forms with themes around cooking, eating, physical attributes, and more. Puns involve making sausages seem lively through phrases like “linking beats” in music or solving crimes.

Food is a common theme where sausages are always “on a roll” or finding creative culinary solutions. Visual puns imagine sausages getting a “tan” or staying “young” through skincare. Puns also involve other meats like calling an unappealing sausage the “wurst.”

There’s no better way to start your day than with a smile, so get ready for a rollicking good time with these 75 Best Sausage Puns.

75 Best Sausage Puns

  1. what do you call the feeling you get when you make the perfect sausages for breakfast? satis-fry-ing!
  2. “why was the sausage so calm?” “it had inner peas!”
  3. sausages are great at math; they always count their links.
  4. what do you call a sausage that can’t walk? a sausage roll.
  5. how do sausage pizzas send messages? with “topping”-secret letters!
  6. why did the sausage become a dj? he knew how to “link” beats!
  7. i’m on a roll today, and it’s filled with sausage goodness!
  8. life is full of ups and downs, but sausage rolls are a constant delight.
  9. knock, knock. who’s there? sausage. sausage who? sausage a nice day outside, let’s grill!
  10. how do sausages stay young? frank-incense!
  11. why did the sausage go to the party? he heard it was going to be a “banger”!
  12. you better hope this isn’t a sausage party!
  13. oh man, german sausages… they’re the wurst
  14. what’s a sausage roll’s favorite way to relax? taking a “roll” in the park!
  15. why did the sausage become a magician? he loved “link”ing things disappear!
  16. did you hear about the sausage who kept attacking themselves on fortnite?
  17. what did the bride sausage say to her groom? for better or for wurst.
  18. why did the sausage go to the beach? to get a sizzlin’ tan.
  19. “did you hear about the sausage’s scandal?” “yeah, it was caught skinny dipping in the sauce!”
  20. why did the sausage roll become a musician? it had a knack for “roll”-ing out catchy tunes!
  21. what recipe uses chicken, shrimp, okra, and elephant sausage? dumbolaya
  22. what did the sausage say to the mushroom at the party?a: “you’re a fun-gi to be around!”
  23. how do sausage dogs stay cool in the summer? they “hot-dog” around in the shade!
  24. how did the hot dog’s sausage approach the ketchup about going on a date?a: “he finally mustard up the bravery!”
  25. what’s a sausage pizza’s favorite dance move? the “cheesy” two-step!
  26. why did the italian sausage go to school? to get a little “pasta-tively” delicious education!
  27. what do sausages do when they’re cold?a: “they ‘link’ up for warmth!”
  28. “know the sausage’s secret?” “it’s all about the spice!”
  29. what’s a sausage’s favorite instrument?a: “the ‘brat’tuba!”
  30. why did the butcher cry when he saw a sausage?
  31. ever met a vegetarian sausage? me neither, sounds like a missed-steak!
  32. what do you get if you cross a sausage with a skeleton? a boney baloney!
  33. why was the sausage stressed? it couldn’t find its missing link!
  34. how do sausage rolls get from place to place? they “roll” along with their pastry wheels!
  35. did you know that sausages are natural problem solvers? they’re always finding creative solutions to any culinary challenge they face!
  36. worst thing about working in a sausage factory is every day is ground hog day.
  37. what did the italian sausage say to the tomato? “you’re the ‘pomodoro’ my life!”
  38. what do you call a sausage that’s always making noise? a loud-link!why did the sausage take a job as a detective? to solve the case of the missing bratwwhat do you call a sausage that’s always on a diet? a slim-wurst!why did the sausage go to the gym? to work on his sausage-curls!
  39. i wanted a sausage dog, but i got a brat instead.
  40. going on a diet means no more sausages; that’s a big mis-steak.
  41. why did the sausage become an artist? he had a “knack” for drawing!
  42. there’s no “i” in sausage, but there’s a lot of taste.
  43.    let’s roll with the sausages!
  44. sausages don’t like computers; they fear the byte.
  45. why was the sausage blushing?a: “because it saw the salad dressing!”
  46. why don’t sausages argue? they meat in the middle.
  47. why did the sausage go to the art exhibit? it wanted to see the masterpiece in sausage-pressionism!
  48. why did the sausage roll get a job at the bakery? it kneaded the dough and was on a “roll”!
  49. why did the sausage bring a broom to the party?a: “to sweep everyone off their ‘links’!”
  50. “what did one sausage say to the other?” “nice to meat you!”
  51.    life is a rollercoaster, but when there’s sausage rolls, who needs any other coaster?
  52. my dog loves sausages; he always meat-goes for them.
  53. what did the sausage say when he won the race? i’m a weiner.
  54. a bird stole my sausage when i went to the beach. it was a tern for the wurst.
  55. what did the sausage say to the egg? “you crack me up, egg!
  56. why did the sausage go to the comedy club? it wanted to test its ability to “relish” in making people laugh!
  57. why did the sausage go to the beach? he wanted to get a “tan!
  58. sausages love music; they’re always in tune-a.
  59. when sausages hold a meeting, it’s a link-up.
  60. why did the sausage go to the music school? it wanted to be a rock and roll!
  61. why did the sausage go to school? to learn how to be the wurst!
  62. knock, knock. who’s there? flavor. flavor who? flavor of the day is sausage!
  63. what’s a sausage’s favorite game? “link”ing logs!
  64. what’s a sausage dog’s favorite type of movie? “pupcorn flicks”!
  65. final thoughts on sausage humor
  66. befriending a sausage? a meaty connection.
  67. sausage bread will always be by your side for batter or for wurst
  68. why did the sausage sit with the tomato? ketchup was its jam!
  69. why did the sausage become a musician?a: “because it wanted to make ‘link’-credible music!”
  70. never share sausage secrets; it’s important to keep them under wraps.
  71. sausages never loaf around; they’re always on a roll.
  72. how did the sausage fix its computer? it added a little byte of sausage technology!
  73. what did the sausage say to the tomato? “stop ketchup-ing to me!”
  74. a sausage’s motto? “grill, chill, and thrill!”
  75. had a german sausage for the first time today, it was the wurst.

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