70 Scarecrow Puns Will Leave You Stuffed with Joy

best funny scarecrow Puns
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Scarecrow puns playfully joke about scarecrows, which are decoys dressed up like farmers and placed in fields to scare away birds. The puns anthropomorphize scarecrows, giving them human personalities, behaviors, emotions, and senses of humor.

Common scarecrow pun themes include their straw-stuffed bodies, inability to move on their own, job scaring crows from farmers’ fields, and lack of brains. Puns about scarecrows getting jobs, promotions, and awards in their “fields” mock their sole purpose.

These is list of 70 Best Scarecrow Puns that Will Leave You Stuffed with Joy.

70 Best Scarecrow Puns

  1. how do scarecrows become leaders? they run for straw-office.
  2. why didn’t the scarecrow want to play baseball?
  3. how do scarecrows answer the phone? “hello, it’s me, the scarecrow!”
  4. why don’t scarecrows go for dinner with farm animals?
  5. scarecrows: making fields safe from crows and awkward conversations.
  6. why did the scarecrow become a chef? he wanted to cook straw-rrific meals.
  7. what’s a scarecrow’s favorite board game? “scrabble-crow,” where they make words from straw letters!
  8. why did the scarecrow get a promotion? because he was outstanding in his “cornfield”!
  9. how do scarecrows stay warm in the winter? they huddle together and tell corny stories!
  10. why did the scarecrow cross the road?
  11. why did the scarecrow start a fashion line? he had a great sense of “straw-style”!
  12. why did the scarecrow invite the crow to his birthday party? he wanted to show there were no “hard” feelings!
  13. scarecrows are experts in geography; they know every straw-m in the world.
  14. what do scarecrows love to do on weekends? go to the scare-cinema.
  15. how do scarecrows keep their feet warm? they wear scare-ks!
  16. scarecrows: masters of the “scare-mony”!
  17. what happened to the scarecrow?
  18. i complimented a scarecrow on its outfit, and it blushed like a field of tomatoes.
  19. how do you get a scarecrow out of jail? a: pay the straw bale.
  20. what do scarecrows like to do at the beach? “straw-n-berry” picking!
  21. i don’t really like the scarecrow from wizard of oz, i think he’s a poorly thought character
  22. why did the scarecrow cross the road? a: to get away from the cows!
  23. what do scarecrows like to do on weekends?
  24. why don’t you draw straws with a scarecrow?a: because they might just unravel!
  25. why didn’t the scarecrow eat spicy food?
  26. why do scarecrows make great detectives? they’re skilled at straw-servation.
  27. why didn’t the scarecrow go to the dance?
  28. the vampire bat lands on the top of the scarecrow and asks “are you good at your job?”a: and the scarecrow answers “i’m outstanding in my field.”
  29. why did the cabbage win the scarecrow race?a: because it consisted of a head.
  30. what does a scarecrow like to eat for breakfast? straw-nberries!
  31. why do camels hate scarecrows?
  32. where did the scarecrow excel at growing green vegetables?a: in his bare field, he excelled.
  33. as a scarecrow, people say i’m outstanding in my field. but hay, it’s in my jeans.
  34. why did the scarecrow get an award? because he was “outstanding” in his field.
  35. scarecrows: where style meets “straw-stice.”
  36. why was the scarecrow a good employee? because he was always “ear” ly to work!
  37. scarecrows are known for their epic dance moves – they call it the “straw-shake shuffle.”
  38. what did the scarecrow say when he got a new job? “i’m finally getting a little hay-ppy!”
  39. scarecrows are the ultimate multitaskers: they scarecrows and hold up their end of conversations.
  40. what do scarecrows do at parties? they “straw-dance” the night away.
  41. what did the scarecrow say to the first little pig?
  42. what did the scarecrow get paid for his job?
  43. scarecrows: giving farmers a “straw-esome” reason to smile.
  44. who needs a personal trainer when you have scarecrows to remind you to stand tall?
  45. why are scarecrows such good comedians? they know how to “stalk” their audience!
  46. what did the scarecrow preacher say to his congregation? can i get a hay men.
  47. ever wondered what scarecrows do during their break? they take “stalk-tails” in the cornfield lounge.
  48. how do scarecrows like to travel? by scare-plane!
  49. what did the scarecrow say to the scarecrows? “you’ve got a lot of straw-latitude!”
  50. why did the scarecrow start a bakery? he wanted to make some “dough”!
  51. how do scarecrows handle bad weather? they “rain-check” their plans and huddle under trees!
  52. why did the scarecrow refuse to work on weekends? he was trying to avoid “over-straw-time”!
  53. how did the scarecrow handle the windstorm?a: he just went with the flow!
  54. did you know scarecrows invented the first-ever “no-scare” tactics in the fields?
  55. scarecrows know the secret to “fear-tilizing” humor.
  56. why did the farmer give the scarecrow an award? he was out standing in his field
  57. what do scarecrows do after a long day? they “unwind” by catching some straw-z’s!
  58. scarecrows know that fashion isn’t just about clothes; it’s about “straw-titude.”
  59. how do scarecrows stay up-to-date with the latest news? they read the “straw york times”!
  60. how do scarecrows celebrate their birthdays? with a hay-per party, of course!
  61. why did the scarecrow get a promotion? he was outstanding in his field!
  62. how did the scarecrow get promoted? he was outstanding in his field.
  63. why did the scarecrow get a makeover? he wanted to look more straw-lish.
  64. why does the scarecrow stay away from cows?a: he might lose his legs and arms as a result.
  65. what do scarecrows love to do in their free time? play “straw-berry” jam sessions!
  66. i knew the best scarecrower impersonater ever… he was out-standing in his field
  67. scarecrows: because sometimes, you just need a friend who listens without a word.
  68. what kind of fruit was the scarecrow’s favorite?a: straw-berries.
  69. why didn’t the scarecrow like standing in the radish field?
  70. knock, knock. who’s there? hope. hope who? hope the scarecrow keeps birds out of our garden!

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