55 Scissor Puns to Keep You Entertained

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Scissor puns are a delightful way to add a touch of humor and wit to conversations, jokes, or even social media posts. These puns cleverly incorporate the word “scissors” into wordplay related to cutting, trimming, or the sharpness of scissors.

From transportation to education, relationships to professions, scissor puns come in various types and themes, offering a playful twist to everyday language.

So, let’s dive into the world of 55 Best Scissor Puns and explore the endless possibilities of this cutting-edge humor!

55 Best Scissor Puns

  1. what’s a scissor’s favorite mode of transportation? a snip-scooter!
  2. why did the scissor go on a diet? it wanted to “trim” down for summer.
  3. why was the scissor always chosen as the class representative? it had great cutting-edge ideas!
  4. how did the scissor win the marathon? it “cut” through the competition.
  5. why did the scissor go to school? to “cut” through ignorance and learn.
  6. why did the scissors break up with the ruler? they just couldn’t measure up.
  7. i had an interview at a scissor factory today unfortunately i didn’t make the cut
  8. cop pulled me over and said “papers.” i yelled scissors and drove off.
  9. what do you call a pair of scissors that loves fashion? style cutters!
  10. why did the scissor start a band? it wanted to “cut” a record and tour the world.
  11. which scissors one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with scissors?
  12. why was the scissors a great detective? it always got straight to the point!
  13. i was handling prawns with tongs and a pair of scissors i guess it was open prawn surgery
  14. why did the scissors go to the barber? to get a trim!
  15. what did one pair of scissors say to the other? “i’m so glad we’re cutting-edge friends!”
  16. i guess this is a case of scissors beating rock.
  17. why did the scissor audition for a talent show? it wanted to showcase its shear talent!
  18. why did the scissors join the circus? it wanted to be part of the juggling act!
  19. what do you call a scissor with a hidden talent for painting? a cut-ist!
  20. why did the scissors win the race? it took a shortcut!
  21. what’s a scissor’s favorite part of a song? the “cut-tain” call – the grand finale!
  22. and never scissor with the runs
  23. opened the fridge when i got home today and found a pair of scissors… i couldn’t help but ask my wife if she was wanting cold cuts for dinner.
  24. my dad said this one today. so i was talking to my dad about his work (law enforcement) and the transporting of criminals and how the searches work and how people could say things like “we found a pair of scissors in his rectum” to which my dad says “rectum? they could have killed him.”
  25. i had to throw away my favorite pair of scissors. they just didn’t cut it anymore.
  26. why did the scissors go on a diet? it wanted to trim down!
  27. why did the scissor want to be a comedian? it loved making people laugh their snips off!
  28. edward scissors-hands
  29. what’s a scissor’s favorite genre of music? snip-hop!
  30. the scissors were feeling a bit rebellious, so they decided to cut class.
  31. why did the scissors go to therapy? it needed to cut out some negativity!
  32. how does a scissor express its gratitude? it says, “you’re a cut above the rest!”
  33. i think i’ll apply to a job at a scissor lift factory. they’re always hiring people.
  34. what’s a scissor’s favorite ice cream flavor? “rocky road-snip”!
  35. scissors cannot be trusted they always cut corners
  36. what’s a scissor’s favorite winter activity? cutting paper snowflakes!
  37. what’s a scissors’ favorite type of movie? cut-throat thrillers!
  38. what did the scissors say to the tree? “i’m going to give you a little off the branches!”
  39. what did one scissor say to another on valentine’s day? “you’re shear-ly amazing!”
  40. why did the scissors become a baker? it loved to knead and cut dough!
  41. dwayne “rock paper scissor” johnson
  42. friend: you shouldn’t run with scissors. lesbien friend: you shouldn’t scissor with the runs.
  43. make a pair of scissors, specifically designed to cut paper, made out of sharpened stone. call them “rock paper scissors.”
  44. why did the scissors take a nap? it was running out of cutting edge!
  45. why was the scissor so wise? it had a “cutting” edge intellect.
  46. how did the scissors feel after a long day at work? it was ready to unwind and cut loose!
  47. why did the scissors become a detective? they were great at cutting through the evidence.
  48. why did the scissors become a surgeon? it had steady hands for precise cuts!
  49. how do you make a scissor blush? show it a pair of pinking shears!
  50. you should always take a road map and a pair of scissors in the car with you. “why, dad?” i stupidly ask.”so if you’re stuck in a traffic jam you can take out your map and cut up a side street”
  51. my dad recently convinced my school to ban scissors. i wont be cutting class anytime soon.
  52. what a nice paris scissors.
  53. you should always take a road map and a pair of scissors in the car with you. “why, dad?” i stupidly ask.”so if you’re stuck in a traffic jam you can take out your map and cut up a side street”
  54. i finally snapped and walked all around my office with a pair of scissors. it was time to cut the ties.
  55. what did the scissor say when it made a mistake? “oops, i cut corners!”.

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