35 Scorpion Puns to Make You Chuckle

best funny scorpion puns
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Scorpion puns play on the arachnid’s signature traits like its venomous sting and nocturnal nature.

From their venomous tails that deliver a paralyzing pinch to their nocturnal nature that allows them to stealthily stalk the night, scorpions provide endless material for mirthful wordplay.

Get ready to appreciate these 30 Best Scorpion Puns in a new humorous light as we explore the prickly world of scorpion puns.

30 Best Scorpion Puns

  1. why did the bark scorpion become a doctor? it wanted to specialize in pricking patients.
  2. fluffy – a touch of irony never hurt, and this name is perfect for a scorpion with a soft side.
  3. ben stiller – for a scorpion that’s equal parts comedic genius and sneaky critter.
  4. wife has been wanting a scorpion for awhile, brought this home today. was sold to me as an emperor, is that what i got?
  5. gollum – the elusive creature from “the lord of the rings,” perfect for a scorpion that loves to hide.
  6. bane – meaning a cause of great distress or annoyance, this name mirrors the potential danger a scorpion poses.
  7. here’s a list of strong, intimidating names that will make anyone think twice before approaching your scorpion’s enclosure:
  8. part spider, part scorpion creature found in amber johnny depp is glad that he isn’t that creature.
  9. morpheus – a nod to the matrix; will your scorpion offer the red pill or the blue one?
  10. why do scorpions love doing laundry? they like using the wash-ion machine!
  11. rocky – not just a boxer’s name, but a tribute to the rugged terrains where some scorpions can be found.
  12. the scorpion lost his sting! who is leaving this time?
  13. new emperor scorpion. can anyone give me an idea of age as she did not come in with a hatch date?
  14. scorpion mom to baby scorpion: “be careful where you point that stinger young man!”
  15. marauder – signifying a warrior that raids, this name encapsulates a scorpion’s predatory nature.
  16. sipping on some scorpion sting this morning what is everyone else drinking?
  17. blizzard – an unexpected choice, representing the icy side of nature, highlighting a scorpion’s chilling presence.
  18. shadow – ideal for a scorpion that’s elusive, slipping away like a shadow.
  19. copper – a reddish-brown metal, perfect for a scorpion with a similar sheen.
  20. scorpwick – a fusion of the mighty scorpion and the skilled assassin john wick. for the scorpion, that’s as silent as it is deadly.
  21. ruby – a radiant name for a reddish scorpion.
  22. when camping in the desert, always zip your tent closed so scorpions don’t sneak in at night!
  23. what did the bark scorpion say to the bee? buzz off, i’m the real stinger here.
  24. yo mama’s so ugly… scorpion yelled “stay over there!”
  25. why did the scorpion fish open a bakery? he wanted to sell fish loaf.
  26. dune – a reference to the shifting sand dunes often found in desert landscapes where many scorpions reside.
  27. what do you get if you cross an octopus with a scorpion? a freeze on your funding, and an immediate visit from the ethics committee.
  28. ivory – for the pale, almost white scorpion, this name evokes a sense of purity.
  29. aladdin – for the clever and cunning scorpion with a penchant for adventure.
  30. you think scorpions are killing it? imagine dragons.

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