55 Seagull Puns  to Make You Smile

best funny seagull puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Seagull puns take everyday phrases and words related to seagulls and twist them to form humorous new meanings.

Common themes in seagull puns play on their natural habitat by the sea or shore, their scavenging behavior, and their distinctive calls and movements. Puns transform seagulls into clever observers, adventurers, philosophers, detectives, and more through wordplay on “gull” and seafaring or coastal terms.

these 55 Best Seagull puns offer a pun-ny perspective on these entertaining shorebirds.

55 Best Seagull Puns

  1. what do you call a seagull on the moon?
  2. don’t underestimate seagulls; they’re intelligent observers.
  3. why did the seagull become a detective? it had a “nose for krill-ime.”
  4. why did the seagull bring an umbrella to the beach? for “flock-weather protection.”
  5. what’s a seagull’s favorite movie genre? anything with a “gull”-actic adventure!
  6. why did the seagull bring a raincoat to the beach? it heard there would be “scattered showers”!
  7. what do you call a man with a seagull perched on his head? cliff
  8. how do seagulls navigate the internet? they use “webbed sites.”
  9. why did the seagull wear a tie to the beach? it was a “gull”-ntlebird!
  10. what’s a seagull’s favorite language? “squawk-ish”!
  11. why doesn’t flock of seagulls travel to the middle east? because iran’s so far away.
  12. why did the seagull bring a towel to the beach? because it wanted to have a “dry” sense of humor!
  13. what did the seagull say to the beachgoer? stop gull-ing me!
  14. you’re so seagull-ant!
  15. what’s a seagull’s favorite dessert? beach pie!
  16. rudolph the red-nosed reindeer died today over barcelona. he was struck by a flock of seagulls and a 747. eyewitnesses say the reindeer in spain was hit mainly by the plane.
  17. how do you make a seagull stop laughing? take away its “gull-ible” sense of humor!
  18. seagulls are experts at “bird-watching.”
  19. a man was arrested at the beach for feeding pot brownies to the seagulls. it was his third such arrest because, as he put it,… “i shall leave no tern unstoned.”
  20. what’s a seagull’s favorite dance move?a: the “squawk and roll” – they really know how to ruffle their feathers!
  21. why do seagulls fly over the sea? because if they flew over the bay, they’d be bagels.
  22. why do seagulls live by the sea? cause if they lived by the bay they’d be bagels
  23. how do you call a guy with a seagull on his shoulder? cliff
  24. the seagull said, “i’m a natural-born ‘gull-filosopher’!”
  25. what do you call a seagull that tells fortunes? a mysti-gull!
  26. why did the seagull join a band? because it wanted to play the “bass-gull.”what do you call a seagull that’s always taking risks? a dare-gull.
  27. what’s a seagull’s favorite hairstyle? the “mullet,” business in the front and “party” in the back!
  28. why don’t seagulls fly near the bay? because then they’d be bagels
  29. why do seagulls make great comedians? they have a natural “gull-ibility” for humor!
  30. what do you call a seagull that loves to read? an “intellegull” bird!
  31. why did the seagull become a weather reporter? it was great at “fore-gull-asting”!
  32. why did the seagull break up with its partner? it was tired of all the “gull-trips” together!
  33. they say seagulls have “gull-filament” for feathers.
  34. seagulls take their “bird‘s-eye view” job seriously; they’re nature’s air traffic controllers.
  35. what’s a seagull’s favorite type of jewelry? “seapearls.”
  36. what’s a seagull’s favorite dessert? “key-lime gull” pie!
  37. the seagull tried to become a lawyer, but it couldn’t pass the “bar-gull” exam!
  38. the seagull said, “i love to watch the sunrise – it’s ‘gull-orious’!”
  39. what do you call a seagull with refined taste?
  40. what do you get when you cross a seagull with a vampire? a bird that loves to “count”!
  41. what creature came before the seagull?
  42. the seagull loved to read; it was a “lit-gull” bird!
  43. what’s a seagull’s favorite dance style? “gull”room dancing!
  44. what do you call a seagull that loves to sing? a “melody mariner.”
  45. how do seagulls stay in touch with their friends? they send “feathergrams.”
  46. why do seagulls fly over the sea? because if they flew over the bay, we’d call them bagels.
  47. what do you call a seagull that’s always daydreaming? a gull-ible dreamer!
  48. how do seagulls make decisions? they go with their gull instincts!
  49. seagulls are experts at “gull-blathering.”
  50. why did the seagull start a fashion line? it had a keen eye for “feather couture.”
  51. why did the seagull bring a towel to the beach?answer: to catch some “rays” while sunbathing!
  52. why did the seagull go to the beach in winter? it wanted to “catch” some snowflakes!
  53. how do seagulls find their way back home? they use their “feathered gps.”
  54. what do you call a stupid seagull gull ible
  55. a scientist wanted the day to go faster, so he tied a clock to a seagull. time flew.

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