35 Seaweed Puns

best funny seaweed puns
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Seaweed puns play on words related to seaweed and underwater themes in a lighthearted and humorous way. Some common types of seaweed puns involve wordplay around seaweed and smoking or getting high, as seaweed sounds similar to weed.

Seaweed puns also use underwater plants, animals, and locations to develop puns. For example, some seaweed puns incorporate mermaids, fish, oceans, beaches, or tides.

So get ready to be amused and tickled as I share some classic examples of 35 Best Seaweed Puns humor!

35 Best Seaweed Puns

  1. what’s a mermaid’s favorite drug? seaweed
  2. what do pirates get high on? seaweed.
  3. seaweed is always ready to make a splash at any event!
  4. seaweed believes in embracing its unique sea-weedy qualities!
  5. don’t be a sea-slouch, seaweed to your goals!
  6. why do ocean fish have red eyes? seaweed.
  7. i can’t seaweed without you by my side!
  8. what did the seaweed say to the seagull? “stop squawking and kelp me find some peace!”
  9. if you smoke seaweed you need professional kelp
  10. why did the fish get kicked out of school? because he got caught with seaweed.
  11. i have an obsession with staring at seaweed… …i need to seek kelp for this addiction.
  12. i work in the kelp industry needless to say, i seaweed everyday
  13. how does the ocean get high? seaweed
  14. seaweed is always kelping others reach their full potential!
  15. did you hear that the little mermaid went to jail? she was busted selling seaweed.
  16. my stoner friend is on the ‘seaweed’ diet… he sees weed, then smokes it in the parking lot at red lobster
  17. seaweed is the unsung hero of the underwater world!
  18. can you smoke seaweed? sure, just use a water pipe.
  19. how can you tell when seaweed is in trouble? it yells “kelp!”
  20. if you smoke seaweed on the beach… …do you experience high tide?
  21. i’m addicted to seaweed… i must seek kelp…
  22. seaweed always knows how to turn a rocky situation into a smooth ride!
  23. life’s better with a splash of seaweed humor!
  24. why did the seaweed become a teacher? it wanted to educate and inspire future generations!
  25. what’s the seaweed’s favorite game? kelp-a-baloo!
  26. sea what you’ve been missing getting your fill of seaweed clichés
  27. seaweed knows how to stay grounded while waving in the currents.
  28. why were the merpeople acting funny they legalized seaweed
  29. what kind of cannabis does a mermaid smoke? seaweed!
  30. what do fish smoke to get high? seaweed
  31. i am addicted to seaweed. i must seek kelp.
  32. why did the lobster blush? because the seaweed said it had a nice shell.
  33. what did the seaweed say to the surfer? “hang ten and kelp the waves!”
  34. did you hear about the seaweed’s stand-up comedy career? it’s really “kelp”-ing audiences laughing!
  35. japan has been hit by another tsunami. tokyo is now covered in fish and seaweed one newspaper described the situation as delicious.

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