35 Seoul Puns to Make Your Night Memorable

best funny seoul puns
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Seoul is the vibrant capital and largest city of South Korea. With over 9.7 million residents within its boundaries and half of South Koreans living in the Seoul metropolitan area, it is one of the world’s most populous cities.

Within these puns, you’ll find a tasty selection of plays on words and amusing anecdotes centered around everyone’s favorite capital city. Whether it’s twists on “Seoul” or punny observations of iconic landmarks, prepare for a belly laugh-inducing good time.

35 Best Seoul Puns

  1. what did the korean teacher say when the student asked for help with pronouncing “seoul”? “just go the extra ‘seoul’ and you’ll get it right!”
  2. get ready to seoul-lebrate all the unique sights and sounds this city has to offer!
  3. why is kim jung un so upset? because he has no seoul
  4. “seoul-ful art ”“city of excitement ”“seoul-ful rhythm ”“soulful harmony ”
  5. “what did the adventurer say about seoul?  ‘it’s a ‘seoul’-stirring destination for thrill-seekers!’”
  6. when you can’t get enough seoul foliage during the autumn time. here’s another one for the books.
  7. why do koreans always make great bread? they know how to “seoul” the dough!
  8. what do you call a korean restaurant in the hood? seoul food.
  9. if you find yourself a bit down or lost go to korea it’s the best place to do a bit of seoul searching
  10. my friend got a job in seoul yeah, he’s very korea oriented.
  11. from shopping to nightlife, seoul never sleeps.
  12. amazing panoramic views and landscape in a magical place full of love…
  13. what did train say when they visited a sibling in south korea? hey, seoul sister!
  14. still dreaming of seoul.
  15. what do they eat in south korea? seoul food.
  16. “seoul-ful reflection ”“seoul-ful music ”“seoul-ful culture ”“seoul-ful art ”“seoul-ful escape ”“seoul-ful rhythm ” seoul-ful discovery ”“seoul-ful beauty ”“seoul-ful harmony ”“seoul-ful energy ”“seoul-ful moments ”“seoul-ful flavors ”“seoul-ful journey ”
  17. filling your feed with that seoul food.
  18. “seoul-ful surprises ”“seoul-nspiring culture ”“seoul-ful dreams ”“seoul-nspiring spirit ”
  19. so if north korea succeeded in invading south korea…. would that make it a seoul crushing victory?
  20. but it was too seoul crushing to finish.
  21. some american bbq is considered soul food, whereas some korean bbq would be… seoul food
  22. what did train say when they visited a sibling in south korea? hey, seoul sister!
  23. a trip to seoul is a great way to seoul-ciate the beauty of korean culture.
  24. “seoul-ful culture ”“seoul-ful art ”“seoul-ful escape ”“seoul-ful rhythm ”“seoul-ful discovery ”“seoul-ful beauty ”“seoul-ful harmony ”“seoul-ful energy ”“seoul-ful moments ”“seoul-ful flavors ”“seoul-ful journey ”
  25. what’s the difference between north and south korea? north korea has no seoul…!
  26. “seoul-ful rhythm ”“seoul-ful discovery ”“seoul-ful beauty ”“seoul-ful harmony ”“seoul-ful energy ”“seoul-ful moments ”“seoul-ful flavors ”“seoul-ful journey ”
  27. the food, the art, the music, the fashion scene, the culture… there are so many reasons to love seoul. oh and don’t even get me started on all the cute cafés!
  28. if at the end of your trip you have a hard time leafing seoul, make sure to post some pics to hang onto that south korean travel bliss.
  29. “seoul-ful journey ”“city of beauty ”“seoul-ful flavors ”“heart of the city ”“seoul-ful art ”“city of excitement ”“seoul-ful rhythm ”“soulful harmony”
  30. if south korea isn’t already on your bucket list, these seoul travel quotes will definitely make you want to book a flight asap.
  31. what did shang tsung say to the south korean? your seoul is mine
  32. “stealing moments at starfield library.
  33. filling your feed with that seoul food
  34. …he’s got seoul, but he’s not a soldier.
  35. why is kim jong-un so bad? he has no seoul.

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