145 Shark Puns Sink Your Teeth Into and Make Waves of Smiles

best funny shark puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Shark puns are a form of wordplay that involve making jokes or humorous statements by manipulating the meanings, sounds, and spellings of words related to sharks. They are often used to lighten the mood or bring a bit of silliness to discussions about these misunderstood creatures. These puns typically revolve around playing with the words associated with sharks such as ‘fin’, ‘bite’, ‘shark’, ‘jaws’, and ‘sea’, among others.

The themes of shark puns are wide and varied. They can involve the shark’s physical characteristics, such as their fins and teeth, or their behavior, such as their notorious biting or swimming skills.

Many of these puns also involve professions or situations that are humorously incongruous when associated with sharks, such as a shark working as a barber, a shark throwing a clock out the window to see time fly, or a shark starting a fashion line.

In essence, 145 Best Shark Puns are a fun way of expressing humor through the unexpected and imaginative use of language.

145 Best Shark Puns

  1. what do you call a shark that works as a barber? fin diesel!
  2. why don’t sharks like to play cards? they’re afraid of the fin.
  3. do you know sharks also have carpentery tools they are called hammerhead and saw shark
  4. there are over 500 species of sharks, in all different sizes and shapes. and while you might find them a little scary, they’re mostly misunderstood animals.
  5. what do you call a shark who’s always getting scared? a timid shark.
  6. why did the shark start a fashion line? – to make a fin-omenal impression.
  7. why are lawyers never attacked by sharks? professional courtesy.
  8. why did the shark throw his clock out the window? he wanted to see time fly!
  9. where can a fish borrow money? from a loan shark.
  10. what did the shark say to the lifeguard? “i’m just here for a swim, don’t worry.”
  11. why can’t sharks play flutes properly? because they don’t have a tuna.
  12. what types of sharks are the shadiest sharks? card sharks.
  13. why did the shark like the new action film? because it was jawsdropping.
  14. never trust a shark. they might give you a byte.
  15. miss sharkie said to stanley shark “don’t be shark-astic!”.
  16. what do a shark and a computer have in common? they both have megabites!
  17. what do you call a shark with a headache? a grouch.
  18. did you hear about the all-star shark athlete? he led his team to the chompionship.
  19. when the shark saw the sunken pirate treasure, he was in-sea-sed with excitement!
  20. what did the deaf, dumb and blind shark excel at? finball.
  21. the best part about a shark bite is that it’s always a surprise!
  22. the shaw-shark redemption.
  23. a new study shows sharks only bite those who swim in the ocean. researchers advise not swimming there.
  24. what do a shark and a computer have in common? they both have megabytes.
  25. why was the math book shark’s favorite? it had too many problems to eat!
  26. shark absorbers – rubber bumpers on boats and yachts.
  27. i could always eat some shark meat because it really is fin-tastic.
  28. don’t be shark-astic
  29. what do you call a sleeping shark? a napoleon fish!
  30. the shark was so depressed. he had lost his sh-ark.
  31. what does a shark say that is indecisive? ‘any-fin goes’.
  32. the best thing about seeing a shark at the disco is seeing their ‘jaws’-dropping dance moves
  33. at the shark’s drinks reception, it served bite-sized treats
  34. the shark pleaded in his murder trial not gill-ty.
  35. what was the shark’s favorite tim burton film?edward scissorfins.
  36. where does a shark go to make business deals? shark tank
  37. how was the shark able to get some vitamin d? he was only able to do it by sunbafin.
  38. what do sharks order at mcdonald’s?a quarter flounder.
  39. what do you call rubber bumpers on yachts? shark absorbers.
  40. how did the whale compliment the talented shark? it said, “you have some-fin special in you.”
  41. what kind of hobby does a shark like best?  anything he can sink his teeth into.
  42. the great white shark is a truly jaw-some creature!
  43. why did the vegetarian shark eat seaweed? it wanted to try a plant-based diet!
  44. where can a fish borrow money? from a loan shark!
  45. the shark was banned from the internet for life. he was always ph-fishing.
  46. what did the mom shark say to her mouthy son? don’t get sharky, son.
  47. what does a shark eat for dinner? whatever it wants.
  48. what’s a shark’s favorite way to be complimented? “fin-tastic.”
  49. i don’t understand how people get attacked by sharks. can’t they hear the music?
  50. a shark tried eating a boat but he didn’t like it didn’t have enough vitamin sea
  51. how does a shark express disappointment? jaw, man.
  52. what’s a shark’s favorite bible story? – noah’s shark
  53. i just found out the main attraction at the local aquarium was repossessed because it was a loan shark.
  54. what’s thor’s favorite animal? the hammerhead shark.
  55. what did the shark say when he ate a clownfish? this tastes a little funny!
  56. what do you call a shark who’s always late? a tardy shark.
  57. what do you call a shark that went to design school? an archi-fin-tect!
  58. which shark is a champion in baseball?a: shark mcgwire.
  59. what do you call a shark that went to journalism school? jawnalist!
  60. shock → shark: as in “i was still shivering from shark.”
  61. why was the shark such a bad student? because it always got schooled.
  62. what did the shark say to the other shark? there’s some-fin special about you.
  63. the shark’s motto? bite first, ask questions never.
  64. what event are the sharks looking forward to attending this year? the underwater carnival.
  65. heard a guy swimming yelling “help, shark, help!!!” and i just kept laughing because i knew that shark wasn’t going to help
  66. the shark’s new makeover made a big splash
  67. what did the shark say to the fish? “you’re fin-tastic!”
  68. sharks are often seen as the bad guys of the sea, but really they just want a fin-ished meal.
  69. what do you call a shark that went to art school? pic-jaw-so!
  70. what do you can the mushy stuff stuck between a great white’s shark teeth? – slow swimmers!
  71. what kind of shark loves to cook? a chef-hammerhead!
  72. what do yuppie sharks like to drink? jaw-va.
  73. what do sharks order at mcdonald’s? a quarter flounder with cheese.
  74. what did mrs shark’s divorce lawyer say to her? “there is plenty of fish in the sea.”
  75. how do sharks share memes? on the finternet.
  76. what is a shark’s mantra? ‘i promise to take one bite’.
  77. from whom does a shark ask for gifts on christmas?a: santa jaws.
  78. why did the shark cross the great barrier areef?to get to the other tide.
  79. sharks are always up for a fin-tastic party.
  80. sharks don’t tell stories, they tell tails
  81. what do you call a shark that works in construction? bob the builderfin!
  82. what’s a shark’s favorite type of sandwich? peanut butter and jellyfish.
  83. the attacking shark replies, “it tasted funny.”
  84. what happened to the shark who swallowed many keys?a: it got a lock jaw.
  85. why do sharks live in saltwater? because pepper makes them sneeze
  86. how do sharks greet the day? with the saying “time to rise and tide.”
  87. what do you call a shark that works at a fruit stand? an apple gale!
  88. what’s a shark’s favorite country? fin-land.
  89. why do sharks not like oysters? they’re shellfish.
  90. why didn’t the shark want to fight the octopus? because he knew the octopus was well-armed.
  91. walking the shark designed by robcreative
  92. how does a shark like his fish? batter-fried!
  93. there was a shark frenzy at the shopping mall. there was a s-ail on.
  94. where do lonely sharks go to find companionship? sand bars.
  95. what do sharks have on their toast? mermalaid.
  96. did you hear about the shark ghost? it vanished into fin air!
  97. we need shark-oal for the grill.
  98. what do you get when you cross a shark with a snowman? – frostbite!
  99. what’s a shark’s favorite meal? fish and ships.
  100. what do you call the stuff caught in a great white shark’s teeth? slow swimmers.
  101. what happened after a marriage between sharks?a: they got hooked for life.
  102. the shark was up for the promotion — the new job was a shore thing!
  103. why won’t sharks attack lawyers? professional courtesy.
  104. stanley shark pleaded gill-ty in court to the charge of loan sharking.
  105. tiger sharks are very ambitious. they jaw their way to the top.
  106. what do you call two sharks who get married? hooked for life.
  107. what do you call a shark that works as a bank teller? a cashier fin!
  108. this makome off as a shock to you, but that shark over there that you see is tame.
  109. it was the slowest shark in the race, but it would make it to the fnish line, slowly but shore-ly
  110. a new study shows sharks only bite those who swim in the ocean. researchers advise not swimming there.
  111. don’t ever de-bait a shark because that is one bite you will lose.
  112. why did the shark go to school?
  113. how did the shark plead in its murder trial?  not gill-ty!
  114. why did the shark commit suicide? he was tired of feeling like he was swimming in circles.
  115. what did the shark say when it swam into a school of fish? that’s gonna sting-ray!
  116. do you say you are hurt more from the shark giving you a small bite than the attack i encountered with one? oh please, spear me the pain.
  117. why did the shark go to the hospital? he bit more than he could chew.
  118. how does a shark family get a vacation started? by setting the wheels in ocean.
  119. my shark friend doesn’t have bad days, just rough waves.
  120. why do sharks live in salt water? because pepper water makes them sneeze.
  121. what happened to the shark that disappeared?a: it’s as if he vanished into fin air.
  122. that shark attack really made a splash in the headlines, huh?
  123. sharks love mystery novels, because the plot is something they can sink their teeth into
  124. why did the shark open a restaurant? to make a killing.
  125. what did the shark plead in court? gill-ty.
  126. what do you call an acrobat in shark-infested waters? a balanced breakfast.
  127. you’ve got me between a rock and a shark place.
  128. what did the shark get on his biology test? a sea-minus.
  129. what do you get from a bad-tempered shark? as far away as possible.
  130. what do you call a shark that only eats cheese? gouda gobbler!
  131. you know a shark is musical when it’s all about the bass… and the treble.
  132. the sharks will probably think you’re too hilarious to eat.
  133. sharks! their bite is worse than their bark.
  134. what do you call a burger made by a hammerhead shark man? a bigmaccus.
  135. what do sharks eat for dessert? octo-pie.
  136. an optimistic shark always sees the boat half full.
  137. why doesn’t anybody like the stand-up comedy of margaret shark? she bites!
  138. what are short sharks called? they are ground sharks.
  139. did you hear about the psychic shark? it can sea into the future!
  140. what do sharks working in fast food tell customers? chumming right up.
  141. what do you get when you cross a shark with a snowman? frostbite.
  142. what was the reaction of the shark after it ate a clown fish?a: it said, “it tastes as funny as it looks.”
  143. what did one shark say to the other after an awkward moment? whale, that was weird.
  144. what do you call a shark that loves rodeos? buck fin!
  145. what’s a shark’s favorite meal? fish and ships.

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