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best funny shower puns
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Shower puns take aim at the various aspects of showering – from the act itself like singing in the shower or getting soap in your mouth, to shower accessories and fixtures like shower curtains, soap, and towels.

Shower themes explore the shower as a stage for performances, compare showers to other activities or occupations, or anthropomorphize the shower as a character.

These 75 Best Shower Puns find humor in the little moments and objects that make up one’s daily shower routine.

75 Best Shower Puns

  1. cold showers are like a natural wake-up call – they give you the ‘chills’!
  2. why did the shower go to the gym? it wanted to stay in shape for all the dancing water performances.
  3. i told my friend i was going to take a cold shower, and they said, ‘you’re really ‘cool’ under pressure.’
  4. my boyfriend asked me why i like showering in boiling hot water i told him a snack tastes better cooked.
  5. why can’t you let a pokémon in the bathroom while you’re showering? because he might peek-at-chu.optional addition nsfw or kids: and if he gets really excited, he might squirtle.
  6. what do you call a waltz done by those who have not taken a shower? dirty dancing.
  7. a true trekker sings klingon opera they are in the shower.
  8. environmental scientists have proved that a 5 minute shower uses, on average, a third of the amount of water that a fifteen minute shower does.
  9. what do you find in a cannibals shower? head and shoulders
  10. my shower is my stage – it’s where i give award-winning singing performances!
  11. shower thoughts: where i solve all the world’s problems.
  12. why did the shower take a nap? it was feeling drained.
  13. what’s one of the worst things about prison?a: it’s slippery and dangerous, especially in the shower.
  14. what did the bath towel say to the shower towel? “don’t worry, i’ve got you covered!”
  15. i’ve been grabbing showers for decades… but i still haven’t been able to grasp onto it yet!
  16. what distinguishes nhl athletes from jersey shore girls?a: nhl players take a shower after three periods.
  17. if april showers bring may flowers, then what do may flowers bring? pilgrims
  18. what did one shower say to the other? “i mist you when you’re not around!”
  19. how do showers say goodbye? “stay shakerful and have a splashing day!”
  20. why did the shower need therapy? it had trouble letting go of past shampoos.
  21. my friend is an artist who specializes in sketching pesky insects. she also rarely showers… she draws flies and gnats.
  22. if april showers bring may flowers, what do may flowers bring? pilgrims, of course!
  23. i don’t need a spotlight; i have a showerhead.
  24. my shower and i have a great relationship – it’s where i do all my best singing!
  25. i take short showers, but my imagination goes on world tours.
  26. i know someone who attempted a selfie in the shower but the image was hazy. he struggles with his selfies.
  27. my shower is my personal confessional booth.
  28. the doorbell was heard by a woman in the shower.“the blind man is there,”she opened the door in her underwear.“good boobs. where do you want the blind hung?”
  29. why did the shower file a police report? it got mugged by a rubber ducky gang.
  30. why did the shower write a love song? it had a thing for steamy romance.
  31. i accidentally dropped my soap in the shower, but it’s okay; it’s a clean getaway.
  32. why did the shower invite the bath mat over? it wanted to roll out the red carpet treatment.
  33. fill-in invitationsbridal shower
  34. i brought a bunch of baby clothes to the shower, but it turns out they’re all sleeper hits.
  35. what did descartes remark after going a week without taking a shower? “i am because i stink,”
  36. i had a shower addiction for years, but i’m now totally clean.
  37. my acquaintance realized he wasn’t a very good burglar as he was taking a shower.
  38. why did the shower enroll in a cooking class? it wanted to learn how to handle hot water better.
  39. why was someone having trouble using bar soap in the shower?a: they couldn’t figure out how to use it properly.
  40. your shower playlist knows your vocal range better than your music teacher.
  41. i don’t sing in the shower, i perform.
  42. the soap in my shower is getting famous. it’s been in all the sudsy dramas.
  43. when do creatures that look a bit like monkeys fall from the sky? during ape-ril showers.
  44. why was the shower always invited to parties? it knew how to make a splash.
  45. me: i’m going to take a shower dad: don’t take it too far
  46. a d vertisement by etsy sellerad vertisement from etsy sellercutebabyshowerusfrom shop cutebabyshowerus
  47. “dad, will you be coming to the baby shower?” “i’d prefer a full size shower, thanks”
  48. what is it called when you’re singing in the shower and shampoo gets in your mouth? a soap opera.
  49. why did the soap bring a towel to the shower? it wanted to dry humorously!
  50. why did the vampire have to take a shower so quickly? because of smelling so bat.
  51. my friend is obsessed with taking blurry pictures of himself while taking a shower. he has serious selfie steam issues.
  52. what is the fun part about singing in the shower until you get soap in your mouth?a: the fun part is singing, but it becomes a soap opera after that.
  53. my shower just opened a spa because it wanted to provide a watery escape for stressed-out individuals.
  54. why did the rubber duck refuse to take a shower? it didn’t want to quack under pressure!
  55. why did the shower get a standing ovation? it gave an outstanding performance every morning.
  56. the baby shower was so fun, i felt like it was my very own baby-cue.
  57. this baby shower has the cutest little onesies, they’re tactualy adorable.
  58. if april showers bring may flowers, what do may flowers bring? pilgrims..
  59. when i get into the shower naked the shower gets turned on.
  60. what did the soap say to the shower? “let’s lather up some fun!”
  61. a d vertisement by etsy sellerad vertisement from etsy sellercutebabyshowerusfrom shop cutebabyshowerus
  62. whenever you undress in the bathroom, your shower always gets turned on.
  63. what does eminem do in the shower? marshal lathers
  64. why did the snowman take a cold shower? he wanted to cool down.
  65. my shower curtain might not be funny, but it sure knows how to hang in there!
  66. do you understand the distinction between a shower curtain and toilet paper? oh. it is thus you
  67. what happened when someone considered getting in the shower?a: they realized they could trip and hurt themselves.
  68. what did the bath towel say to the shower towel? “let’s make a clean team!
  69. my shower routine is like a mini spa day.
  70. how does the moon take a bath? it has meteor showers.
  71. why did the bathrobe blush? it saw the shower’s alluring curves!
  72. why did the meteorologist bring a bar of soap to work? he was expecting showers.
  73. why did cleopatra bathe in milk? she couldn’t find a cow tall enough to have a shower.
  74. if april showers bring may flowers, what do may flowers bring? pilgrims.
  75. why do people sing in the shower after you get to know them?a: because the bathroom audience is not too judgmental!.

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