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90 Skull Puns to Amuse Make You Laugh Your Head Off

best funny skull puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Skull puns are a type of word play that utilizes the image or concept of a skull in the construction of a humorous phrase, joke, or play on words.

Skull puns involve wording that depicts skulls as speaking, singing, dancing, or engaging in other anthropomorphic behaviors. Themes revolve around topics like dancing, music, holidays, school, careers, emotions, and puns that attribute human behaviors or interests to skulls.

So read on for some real jaw-droppers that will have you howling with laughter!

95 Best Skull Puns

  1. what’s a skull’s favorite song to sing? “i ain’t got no body.”
  2. i put a skull on the front of my harley davidson motorbike. what can i say, i’m bone to be wild.
  3. what’s a skull’s favourite element? car-bone.
  4. what did the skull say to the face? “you’ve got some serious skin-retesting features!”
  5. keep calm and use your skull.
  6. when global warming causes you to see cow skulls in places that used to be green… you’ll know we’ve reached the cow tipping point.
  7. what kind of birds do skulls like best? sea skulls.
  8. what’s a skull’s favorite musical instrument? a sax-a-bone.
  9. how do skulls stay calm? they keep their cool even when things get bony.
  10. the skeleton won the marathon by a skull’s length.
  11. i never enjoyed being around this skull… he always had something critical to say!
  12. why did the skull go to the casino? it wanted to test its luck in the skull-slots!
  13. why won’t skulls eat spicy foods? they don’t have the stomach for it.
  14. why was a skull the best dancer? he knew bone-dancing.
  15. why can i call my skull a bonehead, and it doesn’t care?a: because skulls have a good sense of humor!
  16. what song does a skull like to sing?a: “i don’t have a body.”
  17. what do you call a skull with a big ego? a cranium-iac!
  18. what do you call a lie told by a skull? a fibula.
  19. why did the skull study philosophy? his head had always been in the clouds.
  20. why is a session called a skull session? simply because they’re familiarizing themselves with the subject material.
  21. how can you spot a psycho skull analyst? he or she will overanalyze your head!
  22. how do skulls greet each other in france? bone jour.
  23. the skeleton canceled the gallery showing of his skull-ptures because his heart wasn’t in it.
  24. why do they advise you to duck?a: because you might get your skull quacked.
  25. why are skulls so calm? because nothing gets under their skin.
  26. why did the skull go alone to the party? simply because no one was around!
  27. they say to duck, because you could get your skull quacked.
  28. why did the skeleton bring a compass to the beach? to find the direction of the skull-ting waves!
  29. why did the skull leave school? he felt overwhelmed.
  30. why did the skull become a doctor? it wanted to specialize in skele-curing!
  31. what did the skull say to the detective? “i’m just here to lend a helping head!”
  32. skulls are like fingerprints; each one is unique. so, you’re not just an individual in life; you’re also one in the afterlife!
  33. i have a plan to transplant a rabbit’s cerebellum into a human skull. it’s a hare-brained scheme.
  34. why did the skull seek therapy? he felt overwhelmed.
  35. why couldn’t the skull get out of bed? it was bone tired.
  36. what do you call a skull that’s good at math? a number-craniac!
  37. what type of music resonates most strongly with skulls? anything that induces head banging.
  38. french skulls greet each other by saying, “bone-jour.”
  39. what’s a skull’s least favourite room in the house? the living room.
  40. how do you make a skull laugh? tickle its funny bone.
  41. why did the skull choose to become an astronaut? they had always lived within their own world!
  42. why did a skull become an intellectual? he always lived inside of himself!
  43. why didn’t the skull go to the dentist? it was too-th late.
  44. skulls: the original brainiacs.
  45. the skull was a master of disguise; it knew how to “skull-tivate” different personas.
  46. why did the skull join a choir? it had a bone-rattling voice!
  47. why can skulls not make good secretaries? because their skulls cannot store any important information within themselves.
  48. why did the skull break up with his girlfriend? according to him, it wasn’t her – rather it was his head in the clouds that caused their separation.
  49. what do you call a skull that looks exactly the same as another skull? dead ringer.
  50. i cracked my skull on a bookcase today. it was an accident, but when a relative saw the bump she tried to counsel me about shelf harm.
  51. “i ‘skull-taneously’ fell in love with you! ”
  52. what do you call a skull that loves to perform magic tricks? an illusionist!
  53. what did the skull say to the skeleton actor? “break a leg… oh wait, you can’t!”
  54. what did the skull say to the skeleton artist? “your sculptures are wonderful!”
  55. how do you know if a skull is in a good mood? it’s grinning from ear to ear!
  56. why did the skull go to the doctor? it had a bad case of split ends!
  57. what did the skull say to the broken heart? “don’t worry, i know how to mend a broken bone!”
  58. what do you call a skull with no friends? bonely.
  59. the skull does whatever it wants. it says it’s bone to be wild.
  60. what’s a skull’s favorite song to sing? “i ain’t got no body.”
  61. what do you call a skull with impeccable fashion sense? a trend-skull-setter!
  62. what do you call an empty skull without its home? a “numb-skull.”
  63. i knew the skull wasn’t going to win the argument. it didn’t have an argument to stand on.
  64. how do you imprison a skull? put him in a rib cage.
  65. the skeleton was so stupid, he was a total numskull.
  66. why was the skull lonely? it had no-body.
  67. what do you call a skull that’s been to college? an alum-skull.
  68. where do the pirate children go to learn? skull.
  69. how did a skull climb to the top of his company? he really got ahead!
  70. looking rather mu-skull-ar.
  71. why don’t skulls like rain? because it goes directly through their skulls!
  72. it’s the beginning of the fi-skull year.
  73. why did the skull become a scientist? it was eager to unlock the secrets of the cranium!
  74. how much do skulls weigh? a skele-tonne.
  75. why did the pirate go to the doctor? he had a skull-ture.
  76. what did the skull say when it won the race? “i guess i had a head start!”
  77. what’s a skull’s favourite holiday? hallowe’en.
  78. life’s a headache, but at least we’ve got skulls!
  79. what’s a skull’s favorite plant? a bone-zai tree.
  80. why did the skull become a chef? it had a knack for skull-inary arts!
  81. i left a skull out in the sun. it became bone dry.
  82. what did the skull say to the skeleton author? “your stories are bone-chillingly good!”
  83. skulls: the crown jewel of our skeletons.
  84. what do you call a skull with a sweet tooth? a jaw-breaker!
  85. “my skull is always up to mischief. it keeps knocking everyone’s funny bone!”
  86. on the news tonight they said a skull-fucker was on the loose… everyone should keep an eye out for him.
  87. what did the skull say to the other skull when it was angry? you’re dead to me.
  88. why don’t orthopedic doctors like paintings?a: they find them dull and strongly favor skull-pictures.
  89. how should a skull say farewell to their host? “i had an enjoyable visit; time for head to go!”
  90. why did the skeleton always fail his exams in school? he was a numskull.

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