28 S’more Puns That Will Make Your Day Pit-tastic!

best funny smore puns
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S’more puns often play on the word “s’more” itself, as well as the ingredients and the experience of enjoying this gooey, sweet dessert.

Themes of s’more puns include wordplay involving the ingredients, the act of making and enjoying s’mores, and the feelings of warmth and happiness associated with this classic campfire indulgence.

28 Best S’more Puns

  1. with smores, everything’s “toasty” better.
  2. what kind of crackers do smores like best?a: graham!
  3. a smore is a roasted marshmallow and chocolate sandwich. the chocolate is melted between two graham crackers.
  4. life is graham without smores.
  5. what do you call a smore without chocolate?a: a disaster!
  6. i can’t resist the s’moregasmic taste of smores!
  7. s’mitten with smores.
  8. q.why did the smore go to the doctor?a.because it was feeling a little crumby!
  9. how do you get a sweet treat on the beach?a: send some smore’s!
  10. what do you call a s’more with glasses? a ‘smart-smore’!
  11. smore to love, smore to share.
  12. smore adventures, smore memories.
  13. what do you call a smore without a marshmallow?a: a sadness.
  14. marshmallows thoughts on life have you ever thought about how marshmallows might what is in store for their lives? maybe they don’t want to be trapped between two crackers… maybe they want something smore…
  15. smores: the gooey goodness that warms the soul.
  16. just had this exchange with my aunt going on a small excursion tomorrow and my brother asked to go with. texted my aunt to tell her he wanted to be a girl scout cookie tomorrow and tag along. her response…. smore the marrier.
  17. smores are the “fireworks” of campfire desserts.
  18. smore fun with tom swifties
  19. my love for smores burns deeply.
  20. there’s always s’more room for smores!
  21. smores, s’more smoonerisms!
  22. smores: the ultimate “sweet treatment” for campfire cravings.
  23. is there a dessert place called operation dessert storm? because there probably should be the mascot could be general smore man schwarzkopf
  24. how do you make a smore smile?a: put a chocolate on his face!
  25. here are some fantastic smore one-liners that will have everyone laughing whenever the topic of smore arises.
  26. “grahamcracker-man: homecoming” – in this superhero film, there is a scene where spidey enjoys a relaxing campfire moment, making smores with his web-slinging skills. he exclaims, “with great power comes great s’more responsibility!”
  27. smore love, smore happiness.
  28. i couldn’t be “happy-camper” without smores.

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