55 Spain Puns That Will Have You Saying ‘Muy Divertido!’

best funny spain puns
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Spain puns are humorous play or joke on the name of and everything about Spain, the country, its landmarks, culture, or language.

Some examples of common Spain puns include those based on Spanish words or phrases, historical, geographical, Spanish foods, traditions as well as common stereotypes.

Therefore, if you want to spice up Spain-related posts on your blog or on social networks with little humor and playful words these 55 Best Spain Puns could be a nice option for that purpose.

55 Best Spain Puns

  1. i just heard the king of spain is quarantined on his private jet- the reign in spain stays mainly on the plane.
  2. there is no nightlife in spain. they stay up late but they get up late. that is not nightlife. that is delaying the day. – ernest hemingway
  3. people always ask where i got my incredibly detailed tattoo done, but they never believe me when i tell them Spain.
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  5. windmill you make it to spain anytime soon?
  6. i was sunbathing in northern spain when a local came up to me and gave me a bowl of soup. it was a basque bask bisque.
  7. “all my life is in spain. i will stay.” – paz vega
  8. the king of spain has sequestered himself on his private jet until his covid-19 results come back
  9. let us know in the comments below if we missed a caption about spain that should be added.
  10. buenos dias from spain – good morning.
  11. spain is calling and i must go
  12. “spain – a great whale stranded on the shores of europe.” – elizabeth oakes smith
  13. collecting memories in spain
  14. spain has my heart
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  16. so, how was your experience driving on snow in spain? spainful
  17. i left my heart in spain.
  18. how did rowan atkinson introduce himself when he performed in spain?
  19. spain is included in these round ups
  20. feeling on tapas the world here in spain.
  21. what do you call someone from spain who lives near the portuguese border? span-ish.
  22. how do you get a pig moving in spain? you say jamon!
  23. the reign in spain stays mainly on the plane.
  24. where to bees go to party in spain? ibiza.
  25. ronda is the place where to go if you are planning to travel to spain for a honeymoon or for being with a girlfriend. the whole city and its surroundings are a romantic set. nice promenades, good wine, excellent food, nothing to do. – ernest hemingway
  26. i work at an ink company in spain. yesterday i held a competition about our company’s history. but looks like no one wanted to be a part of the spanish ink quiz session
  27. “for austere and gracious allegory, as for so much of its mysticism and its chivalry, its ardours and its endurances, the world is in debt to spain.” – helen waddell
  28. like spain, i am bound to the past. – william s. burroughs
  29. in spain, you should not develop a program beyond 2.0. because that would be over dos.
  30. what do you call a hangover when you’re alone in spain?
  31. anytime is a good time for spain
  32. any reasonable, sentient person who looks at spain, comes to spain, eats in spain, drinks in spain, they’re going to fall in love. otherwise, there’s something deeply wrong with you. this is the dream of all the world. – anthony bourdain
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  34. stop saying tomorrow, take a trip to spain now
  35. there was a competition to find the best hotels in spain. the winner of ‘the worst hotel’ was ‘posadilla’.
  36. how come there are no automatic cars in spain? they’re all manuel. (cred to my actual dad)
  37. people are always amazed by the skilled tattoo artists in spain nobody expects the spanish ink precision
  38. granada is spain’s most valued treasure; a melting pot of flavors, smells, and passion. – víctor hugo
  39. making it in spain
  40. spain has my heart.91. its paella day.92. hola españa.93. keep palma carry on.94. it’s my seville duty.95. it was moretop 45 country quotes about nature, beauty, life, love
  41. windmill we make it to spain?
  42. i left my heart in spain
  43. spain is in the palma of my hand.
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  45. i chose juan carlos and took the first flight to spain.
  46. collecting memories in spain
  47. feeling on tapas the world here in spain
  48. 24 hours in gijón, spain: the perfect one-day-in-gijón itinerary!
  49. spain is calling and i must go.
  50. hard at work searching for the best sangria in spain. i’ll let you know when i find it!
  51. hard at work searching for the best sangria in spain. i’ll let you know when i find it!
  52. why are the people who flew from spain always dry, even if it was raining there? because the rain in spain stays mainly in the plane.
  53. collecting memories and experiences in spain.
  54. 5 things to pack for your trip to spain
  55. a camera since spain is beautiful! i use a mix of my sony zv-1 and my iphone 12 pro smartphone these days.

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