95 Squid Puns for a Whale of a Time

best funny squid puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Squid puns take advantage of the many amusing associations that come with these unique ocean creatures. From their colorful ink to their numerous arms, squids offer endless opportunities for wordplay.

Many squid puns center around their signature ink, with jokes about using it to “deposit” at the bank, clean their tentacles, or start an “ink-spiring” fashion line. Their arms are also a frequent target, with puns that emphasize how squids can give many “tentacle” tickles or embrace with “all arms.”

Whether playing on squids‘ ink, arms, or place in the public consciousness, these 95 Best Squid Puns take full advantage of everything that makes squids such an endlessly amusing subject for comedic word-bending.

95 Best Squid Puns

  1. why was the squid always in trouble? because it was a little “squirt”!
  2. a squid’s embrace? it’s all arms.
  3. what do you call a squid that likes to box? a heavyweight “champ-pus”!
  4. what does a squid use to clean its tentacles? “ink”-vory soap.
  5. how many tickles must you give a squid to make it laugh ? ten tickles !
  6. how did the squid go into battle? well armed.
  7. why did the squid go to the bank? to make a “deposit-fish”!
  8. my tattoo artist loves her squid and the squid loves me. but i love both of them i’ll ink them both
  9. why did the squid turn red? it saw the ocean’s bottom!
  10. why did the squid start a fashion line? it had an eye for “inkspiring” designs!
  11. why did the squid visit the therapist? it needed someone to “krill” to!
  12. squid are always ink-ouraging.
  13. what do you call a squid with a crown?a: king squid!
  14. what’s a squid’s favorite dance? the squid-ougie!
  15. what do you call a squid that plays with itself? an ink-u-bater
  16. how many tickles does it take to make a squid laugh?? tentacles.
  17. what did the squid say to its parent? “i’m just squidding!”
  18. how do you make a squid stop playing the piano?a: take away its piano-keys!
  19. i’m on a seafood diet, i see squid and i eat it.
  20. a squid’s favorite singer is squid rock.
  21. how do squid travel?a: they use “squidways!”
  22. why did the squid start a business?a: because it wanted to make some “squid pro quo.”
  23. where do you keep newborn baby squid? in an inkubator.
  24. anon says: june 2, 2017 at 5:40 am quid pro quo –> squid pro quo: let’s share information on a squid pro quo basis.reply
  25. what do you call a giant squid with great taste? “squid-chic”!
  26. why was the baby squid so good in school? it was good at ink-lination.
  27. why did the squid go to korea? to audition for the next “squid game” season.
  28. why was the squid so good at chess? because he was an “octopawn”!
  29. what did the squid say to the sea cucumber?a: “you’re one cool cu-cumber!”
  30. what happens if you throw a squid at a car? the windshield krakens.
  31. insidious → insquidious: as in “the insquidious erosion of rights and liberties.” also works for “inksquidious.”
  32. what did the squid say after a long day at work? “i’m ink-stinct!”
  33. what did the dad squid say to the kid squid? “don’t be so ink-considerate!”
  34. how does a squid go into battle? well-armed!
  35. what’s a squid’s favorite candy? “ink-edible gummies.”
  36. how does a giant squid propose? “will you “sea”le the deal with me?”
  37. why did the squid bring a suitcase to the beach? it wanted to have an ink-redible vacation!
  38. why did the squid bring an umbrella to the beach? it wanted to protect its “incredible” skin.
  39. i don’t understand why they say hundreds of people lost in squid game. in the end, 45.6 billion won.
  40. i’m a re-squid-ent of the building.
  41. what does a squid say when it’s in a hurry? lets get kraken
  42. having a bad day? just squid about it.
  43. why don’t squids get invited to parties? they “ink”-terrupt too much.
  44. assiduously → asquiduously: as in “he assquiduously cleaned every nook and cranny.” assiduously means with great care and attention to detail.
  45. how do you compliment a squid’s appearance? “you look ‘ink-redible’ today!”
  46. ink twice before messing with a squid.
  47. how do squid travel the world? with “squid-air flights.”
  48. what do you call a nervous squid? an ink-xiety cephalopod!
  49. how does a squid propose to its sweetheart? “will you cala-marry me?”
  50. what’s a squid’s favorite dessert?a: tentacle pudding!
  51. how much does an unwell octopus cost? sick squid.
  52. i ink-ountered a squid in the ocean.
  53. what do you call a squid that can’t stop laughing? “ink-tastic.”
  54. what do you call a squid that’s lost its car keys?
  55. what do you call a bunch of squid joining the military? the kalim-army
  56. why fit in when you can squid out?
  57. did you hear about the cephalopod who tried wearing pants? he got squid marks.
  58. why did the squid bring a pen and paper to the party? it wanted to jot down some ink-redible dance moves!
  59. how do squid send messages? with “squid-express delivery.”
  60. what’s a squid’s favorite subject in school?a: ink-linguistics!
  61. too much ink can cause a squid-ache.
  62. why did the squid start a youtube channel? it wanted to showcase its “incredible” talents.
  63. what did the squid do at the seafood disco?a: it got down on the dance floor and did the squid shuffle!
  64. j says: january 15, 2017 at 6:45 pm kidnapped = squidnappedreply
  65. the government offers a sub-squid-y.
  66. the squid company was ink-orporated.
  67. a squid on a horse says, “squid-dyup.”
  68. you know who said: ‘let them eat squid’? calamari-antoinette.
  69. why was the squid always running late? it had trouble finding its tenta-clocks!
  70. what do you call a squid with musical talent? a master of the inkstrument!
  71. you just lost the squid game
  72. why did the squid go to the basketball game? it was a fan of the miami “heat-wave”!
  73. what did the giant squid say to the shark? “don’t be so shellfish”!
  74. why did the squid apply for a job as a waiter?a: because it had tentacle-ations of becoming a great server!
  75. what do you call a baby squid with a great idea? i dunno, but i’ve got an inkling…
  76. how do you get a squid to play hide and seek? you challenge it to “squid-text.”
  77. how does a giant squid invite you over for dinner? “squid you like to join me for supper?”
  78. why did the squid get a promotion? it was ink-redibly talented at multitasking!
  79. why did the squid start a business? it wanted to be a successful “ink-preneur.”
  80. what did the man say to the giant squid? what’s kraken?jajajajajjajjaja
  81. how do you get a squid to stop being grumpy? you give it an “ink-visitation” to a party.
  82. how do squids keep up with the news? they read the daily squibble.
  83. how do you get a squid to play fair? you say, “no ‘ink-egality’ allowed!”
  84. who has the saddest death in squid game? for me i think it would be kang sae-byeok she didn’t get the chance to win and ali also he got tricked man i was so sad
  85. why did the squid blush? because it saw the “ocean’s bottom”!
  86. my cat was adorable as a squid-ten.
  87. what do you call a rastafarian squid? bob calamarley
  88. why did the squid never fight? because he didn’t want to get into “hot water”!
  89. nah, i’m just squiddin’ around.
  90. what do you call a squid that can dance? a “krill-er” dancer!
  91. how do squids make friends? they wrap their tentacles around you.
  92. what do you call a squid with a british accent? sophisti-“ink”ed!
  93. what’s a squid’s favorite dessert? “squid-gelato.”
  94. why did the squid get a job as a chef? it had a knack for creating “ink-redible” dishes!
  95. what’s a squid’s favorite type of music to dance to? “ink-dustrial.”

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