30 Suicide Puns

best funny Suicide puns
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Suicide puns are a sensitive and delicate subject matter that should be approached with caution and respect. While humor can be a coping mechanism for some, it is important to be mindful of the potential harm or offense that dark humor can cause.

Suicide is a serious issue that affects many individuals and their loved ones, and it is crucial to prioritize empathy and support when discussing such topics

30 Best Suicide Puns

  1. getting help right away is very important in preventing suicide, even when you’re unsure about how immediate the risk is.
  2. hitler commits suicide and appears in front of god god:”you already know you’re going to hell, but before that i’ll give you one wish.”hitler:”alright, let me kill 10 million jews and one swedish man.”god:”why the swedish man?”hitler:”i knew you didn’t give a fuck about the jews.”
  3. some mental health conditions can place a person at a higher risk of suicide, including:
  4. many people struggle with suicidal thoughts. globally, about 800,000 people die by suicide each year.
  5. are you thinking about suicide? how to stay safe and find treatment
  6. i hate when people don’t leave a suicide note. would it kill them to write few sentences?
  7. why is suicide illegal in china? destruction of government property
  8. a suicide bomber training his new recruits: “okay, pay attention, i’m only going to show you this once”
  9. what do you think? is joking about suicide too heavy? or is humor a good coping mechanism? join us for an in-depth discussion on gallows humor.
  10. what do you call a suicide bomber in a wheelchair? an rc-xdsorry for such dark humor lol
  11. call a suicide hotline
  12. however, keep in mind that antidepressants are more likely to reduce suicide risk in the long run by improving mood.
  13. in rare cases, people who are suicidal are at risk of killing others and then themselves. known as a homicide-suicide or murder-suicide, some risk factors include:
  14. depressing pickup lines. are you suicide?because i think about you every day. are you a toaster?because i really want to take a bath with you. are you a noose?because i really want to hang with you.are you a gravestone?because i really wish you were on top of me. are you anti-… read more
  15. in this article, we will look at six common myths about suicide and set the record straight. if you or someone you know has thoughts of suicide, know that help is available.
  16. did you hear about the blonde who tried to commit suicide? she closed her garage door and sat in her tesla while she left it running
  17. if someone commits suicide by jumping off a building did they kill themselves a-ledge-dly?
  18. how do you know a blonde has been trying to commit suicide? there are bullet holes in the mirror.
  19. family history of mental health issues or suicide
  20. my wife said to me “if i ever get alzheimers i would commit suicide rather than burdening you with me” i said “thats the fifth time you’ve said that today
  21. when is the best time to commit suicide? ate a glock in the morning.
  22. are you thinking about suicide? how to stay safe and find treatment
  23. access to means of suicide that could be fatal
  24. what do you call an amazing suicide bomber? dead.
  25. popular celebrity survives suicide attempt. breaking noose!
  26. breaking news: elderly nuns commit suicide by viagra overdose old habits die hard.
  27. why did logan paul go to the suicide forest? to kill his career.
  28. how did the philosopher commit political suicide? he jumped out of the overton window.
  29. get the means for suicide, such as buying a gun or gathering a supply of pills.
  30. if you’re surprised that jeff epstein committed suicide just imagine how surprised he was.

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