135 Sushi Puns to Make You the Catch of the Day

best funny Sushi puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Sushi puns playfully use words and phrases related to sushi ingredients, preparation methods, and culture to make humorous connections. The most common sushi puns revolve around rice, seaweed, raw fish, and Japanese vocabulary.

Beyond basic sushi terminology, puns cover a wide range of sushi-related topics for humor. These include rolls with creative names like “eye roll,” utensils like a “tuna-nette,” sushi-loving characters like “Miso Molly,” and imaginary films like “Sushi-licious.”

These 135 Best Sushi Puns add a playful and entertaining element to conversations and can be enjoyed by sushi enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates a good laugh.

135 Best Sushi Puns

  1. i knew it was a fancy sushi restaurant when they rolled out the red carpet.
  2. why did the sushi chef get a promotion? because he had the best rolls in town.
  3. what legend haunts the land of sushi?
  4. you had me at “hello, would you like some sushi?”
  5. what does the sushi chef saw before he leaves work for home? roll out.
  6. what makes dinosaurs like sushi?a: because they like their meal roar!
  7. my friend cooks sushi for a living and earns a fortune. he drives a rolls rice.
  8. sushi chefs are real rice guys.
  9. what does sushi wear to the beach? a seaweed bikini.
  10. why are octopi easily duped when it comes to eating seafood?they’re suckers for sushi
  11. i’m feeling eel-ated with this sushi platter.
  12. what does the sushi restaurant call their frozen wasabi dessert? spice cream!
  13. i’m so obsessed with sushi, i’m having a maki breakdown.
  14. sushi is the ultimate umami of life.
  15. what do you call a sushi that sings? a tun-a!
  16. the ghost of sushima.
  17. what did one sushi say to the other while going to the party? let’s roll.
  18. why do lions love sushi? because it’s roar.
  19. sushi is the only food that can make me forget about my diet.
  20. what did the sushi roll union decide while discussing revolution?a: that they will all rice together.
  21. did you hear about that new lawyer-themed sushi restaurant downtown? they call it sosumi!
  22. sushi. i think it’s the best food in the tuna-verse.
  23. sushi chefs are experts at creating a raw-tisserie.
  24. what do you call a sushi roll from europe? an imporollen.
  25. last week i thought i’d found something to replace my sushi addiction with. alas it was only tempurary.
  26. i love sushi so much, i’d eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. but i’m not a rice-ist.
  27. what did the sushi say to the shrimp? “you’re shrimply amazing!”
  28. rice to meet you, sushi lover.
  29. in the comedy film “sushi-licious,” a group of friends open a sushi restaurant and hilarity ensues as they navigate the challenges of the culinary world.
  30. this sushi roll is daikon-ic.
  31. what do you call a sushi roll that’s always lost? a sashimi searching soul.
  32. i’m playing a sushi chef in an upcoming play. i’m trying hard to prepare for the roll.
  33. what was the little girl thinking when she ordered skittles on her sushi roll?a: she wanted to “taste the rainbow roll!”
  34. as they were walking together, sushi a said to sushi b, “wassa-b!”
  35. i love sushi so much, i’d eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  36. why did the sushi roll cross the road? to get to the other side.
  37. the fabric was sushi-n.
  38. what’s a sushi’s favorite instrument? the “tuna”-nette!
  39. i’m not a sushi snob, but i do have my favorite roe-le model.
  40. why did the sushi taste funny? because it was made of clownfish.
  41. yesterday, i walked into a new sushi bar. and guess what? the chef looked very o-fish-all!
  42. do you have a name, or can i call you mine… with a side of sushi?
  43. what did sushi a say to sushi b?– wassa-b!
  44. “miso molly: the most lovable sushi lover!”
  45. why aren’t wookies fond of sushi?a: they believe it is a miniature chewie.
  46. sushi dates? rice choice!
  47. you can’t sushi-proof your heart when it’s love at first bite.
  48. i’m suspicious of the sushi. it’s fishy.
  49. the youngest ever sushi chef was only tuna half years old.
  50. what did the sushi say to the bee? let’s sake to the honey!
  51. what is the most suspenseful sushi?
  52. never play hide and seek with sushi. they always end up in a fishy spot.
  53. when we got to the venue, there were so many sushi queues of people waiting in line for raw fish.
  54. this sushi is off the scale!
  55. “what did the sushi say to the seaweed? ‘you’re my ‘kelp’-er!’”
  56. waiter: “can i get you anything else to go with your sushi?”
  57. the sushi chef said he wasn’t feeling “fishy,” just a bit “crabby.”
  58. what do you call a sushi roll that’s always tired? a tuna torpor.
  59. is that a sushi roll in your pocket?or are you just happy sashimi?
  60. my friend lost her job at the sushi restaurant. she just couldn’t control her tempura.
  61. how do you want your sushi? raw.
  62. “uni ava: the ‘uni’-que sushi connoisseur!”
  63. what do you call a sushi roll that graduated top of its class? an honor roll.
  64. i don’t trust that sushi chef as he seems to be up to no good and seems so fishy.
  65. sushi is my roll-ing stone.
  66. it is on record that the world greatest sushi chef started his training at the age of tuna half.
  67. sushi makes miso happy!
  68. sushi-loving cannibals fancy raw kin roll music.
  69. i’m not addicted to sushi. i can stop “roll” anytime.
  70. not going to that restaurant for sushi, it seems kinda fishy.
  71. how do sushi get around town? they roll!
  72. i’m on a roll-ationship with sushi.
  73. a sushi’s plea: “rice and shine!”
  74. i’m so sushi-obsessed, i’m starting to think i’m a sushi roll in a past life.
  75. what is a bad type of sushi? su-sheep.
  76. rollin’ with the sushi crew tonight.
  77. what did the seafood chef say when his son brought his girlfriend over for dinner? sushis the one you’ve been telling us about, huh?
  78. what zodiac sign are many sushi chefs? pisces.
  79. you had me at “let’s go for sushi”.
  80. what did the sushi say to the football team? lettuce score!
  81. why does some sushi have the rice on the inside of the seaweed wrap?– that’s just how it rolls.
  82. the woman got tired of eating sushi. sushi left.
  83. sushi crossed the road sushi could get to the other side.
  84. it’s my favorite sushi restaurant in the tuna-verse.
  85. what did the sushi roll say when the customers started making assumptions about it?
  86. what is the most suspenseful sushi? a drum roll.
  87. once you sushi the opportunity, grab it with both hands!
  88. the sushi chef’s favorite roll is the payroll.
  89. keep your friends close, and your sushi closer.
  90. i’m feeling fin-tastic, let’s get some sushi.
  91. i’m so hooked on sushi, i’m starting to think i’m a sashimi addict.
  92. did you hear about the sushi that went to the music school? it learned to play the croissant roll!
  93. how does the taco comfort the sushi? ‘i know you are raw but we should taco about it’.
  94. i have to eat sushi every day; i am so sushiholic.
  95. if i could rearrange the sushi menu, i’d put u and i together.
  96. what did the teenager order at the sushi bar while the parent was chaperoning? the eye roll.
  97. what do you call a sushi’s pet cat? wasa-meow!
  98. want to go for sushi? because i’m soy into you.
  99. sushi time? miso ready!
  100. i used to date a sushi chef, but she was too “fishy.”
  101. went out for sushi last nightand a guy spilled a whole bottle of soy sauce on himself. everyone laughed except me. don‘t kikkoman when he’s down
  102. what did the chef call the new sushi roll that sung pop music? a spicy auto-tuna!
  103. keep calm and curry on with that sushi.
  104. why did the octopus cross the street?a: he was on the same road as a sushi restaurant!
  105. have you ever tried whale sushi? it’s killer!
  106. why did the sushi chef go to jail? for using illegal fishing nets!
  107. why did the sushi chef go broke? his business was a little fishy.
  108. a balanced diet is a sushi roll in each hand.
  109. what’s a sushi chef’s favorite type of music? rolling stones!
  110. sushi is the one thing i’m not afraid to take a dive into.
  111. what caused the female sushi to cross the street?a: sushi could go to the business across the street.
  112. did you hear about the new lawyer-themed sushi restaurant? they named it sosumi.
  113. why did the sushi chef not want to talk about the accident at the restaurant? because it was still very raw.
  114. what is a cat’s favorite type of sushi? tempurrrra.
  115. why did the sushi chef get an award? they always made a rice job of their dishes.
  116. sushi makes life “soy” much better.
  117. what documentary could cause you to never eat sushi again? finding nemo.
  118. sashimi in real life? it’s sushi magic!
  119. sushi crossed the road sushi could get to the other side.
  120. when does the sushi chef spread nutella on top of the salmon roll?a: when customers request salmonella!
  121. when the sushi saw the bee, it said, “wasabi?”
  122. every sushi roll is a tiny bundle of joy.
  123. what do you call it when you’re waiting in line for raw fish?– a sushi queue.
  124. why do sushi chefs make great golfers? because of their swing rolls!
  125. what did the sushi say to the bee? wasa-bee?
  126. what is the sushi dish called that you make from a thesaurus? a synonym roll.
  127. what did the sushi say to the bee? wasa-bee!
  128. sushi dates are the best. no debait!
  129. “our love is as ‘uni’-que and delicious as sushi!”
  130. i know everything there is to know about sushi. you could say i’m an a-fish-onado.
  131. why was the sushi feeling down? it lost its tempura.
  132. what is the best pan to use to make sushi? japan!
  133. “you’re the ‘soy’-mate of my dreams, my sushi love!”
  134. why are sushi rolls the best dancers? they really know how to roll with it.
  135. the sushi said to the bee: ‘wasabi’. ‘let’s roll’ replied the bee.

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