35 Switzerland Puns

best funny Switzerland puns
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Switzerland Puns are type of humor from the iconic Swiss flag to the country’s renowned chocolate and cheese. So, grab your hiking boots and prepare to be entertained as we dive into the punny side of Switzerland!

Let’s dive into the list of 35 best Switzerland puns and discover the joy they bring.

35 best Switzerland Puns

  1. i ask my swiss friend what he thought about switzerland. he replied, “well the flag’s a big plus.
  2. what’s the best part about living in switzerland? beats me, but the flag’s a big plus.
  3. ‘i have fond memories from growing up in switzerland and drinking a glass of warm milk with a spoonful of honey before bed.’ – daniel humm
  4. one of the best things about living in switzerland is its flag it’s a big plus.
  5. i really don’t like switzerland but it’s flag is a plus
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  7. what’s the difference between switzerland and columbia? in switzerland, snow is measured in meters, in columbia in kilograms.
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  9. “switzerland is a place where the scenery is more persuasive than the people, and the chocolate more convincing than the politics.” – john le carré
  10. ‘why did i move to switzerland? to buy keith richards used blood.’ -luca tramontin
  11. what’s so good about living in switzerland? i don’t know, but the flag is a big plus
  12. one is vatican city, the other is switzerland. no wonder swiss cheese is holy.
  13. what’s the only red flag you should never worry about? switzerland’s, because it’s a big plus
  14. what are some good things about living in switzerland? well, the flag is a big plus…
  15. “in switzerland, you can find thriving cosmopolitan cities nestled in the midst of pristine natural beauty.” – unknown
  16. “switzerland is a country that inspires us to slow down, take a deep breath, and appreciate the world around us.” – unknown
  17. living in switzerland
  18. ‘even in switzerland, your memory came through, where can i go without you?’ – mel torme
  19. ‘i love switzerland. it’s so clean and cool. we don’t get much snow where i live so i get real excited in lausanne and geneva. i’d like to buy a house there when i’m older and settle down. it’s all so cute that it looks like a movie set.’ – michael jackson
  20. “in switzerland, every moment is an opportunity to savor the sweetness of life.” – unknown
  21. why is everyone moving to switzerland?! … i’m not too sure either but i hear the flag is a big plus.
  22. ‘i’m quite fond of switzerland. i love switzerland.’ – james balog
  23. the swiss people have a reputation for being hardworking, disciplined, and precise, and their sayings and proverbs reflect these values. here are ten popular switzerland sayings that capture the essence of this remarkable country:
  24. what’s the best part about living in switzerland? well, there are a lot of good reasons, but the flag is a big plus.
  25. what’s the best thing from switzerland? i don’t know but the flag is a big plus
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  27. what’s the best thing about switzerland? i’m not sure but the flag is a big plus
  28. “switzerland is a country that reminds us of the beauty and power of simplicity.” – unknown
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  30. “switzerland is a place where the cows wear bells, the people wear rolex watches, and the trains run on time.” – unknown
  31. the outbreak of the war found my wife and me in switzerland, where we were taking a cure. – fritz kreisler
  32. ‘when i came to zurich, the most materialistic city of switzerland, there was nobody ready-made for my needs. i then shaped some for me. they were meant for this experience. one could see it from their dreams.’ – carl jung
  33. my dad decides he wants to go to switzerland… after a a solid few minutes of silence my dad comes out of nowhere with this:him: “i’d love to live in switzerland.”me: “really? why?”him: “yeah! the chocolate, the cheese….oh and the flag’s a big plus!”
  34. the best thing about switzerland 🇨🇭 “what’s the best thing about switzerland?”“i don’t know”“me either, but the flag is a big plus”
  35. “babies in france are found among the cabbages”, said the french girl. “how is it in switzerland?”.

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