105 Tequila Puns That Will Get You in the Party Mood

best funny tequila Puns
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Tequila puns are clever and humorous wordplays related to the popular Mexican alcoholic beverage, Tequila. These puns often involve the unique characteristics of Tequila, such as its association with partying, dancing, and the iconic combination of Tequila with lime and salt.

Different types and themes of Tequila puns include those that reference the drink’s cultural origins, its effects on behavior, and its role in various social situations. Some puns also play with the names of famous Tequila brands, pop culture references, and even personify the drink itself.

These 105 Best Tequila Puns never fail to bring a smile to the faces of Tequila lovers and those who enjoy a good laugh. So, let’s raise a glass to these witty Tequila puns, as they continue to bring joy and laughter to our lives, one shot at a time.

105 Best Tequila Puns

  1. what did the tequila say to the lime? “let’s salsa and make some magic!”
  2. how do you get a smartphone drunk?a screenshot of tequila.
  3. trust me, you can dance – tequila.
  4. tequila: the secret weapon for spontaneous karaoke performances!
  5. tequila: the only liquid that can make you dance like no juan is watching!
  6. “i didn’t text you, tequila did.”
  7. this bloke just came into my workplace shouting, “vodka, tequila, sambuca!”
  8. “this tequila tastes like i’m not going to work tomorrow.”
  9. what do you call a tequila that’s good at math? 1800 proof.
  10. tequila based memes are a thing right?
  11. why don’t tequilas ever get lost? because they always find their way to the party!
  12. tequila: the golden elixir that turns ordinary moments into extraordinary memories!
  13. why did the tequila become a fashion model? it had a tequila-licious sense of style!
  14. i’m not saying tequila is the answer, but it’s worth a shot!
  15. why did the tequila go to therapy? it needed help with its shot-term memory!
  16. why did mexicans create tequila?so ugly people would have a chance at coitus!
  17. tequila is like a hug from the inside – it brings warmth and joy!
  18. tequila: the spirit that lifts your spirits.
  19. plant based taco fresh pico, vegan sour cream onion with my specialty don julio tequila infused honey hot candied brussel spout garnish
  20. a roman walks into a bar, holds up two fingers, and says, “i’ll have five shots of tequila, please.”
  21. tequila is the answer. what was the question again?
  22. why did the agave open a bakery? it wanted to make tequila-icious treats.
  23. why did the tequila go to school? to get a shot at higher education!
  24. tequila is a popular alcoholic drink that has been enjoyed for centuries. it originated in mexico and is made from the blue agave plant.
  25. “oh, tonight, i need a margarita and i need it bad. i’m hoping that the tequila is gonna take me back. give me the salt and the lime.” — dana hunt
  26. i have a couple of tequila shots, maybe once every blue moon. sorry, i wrote that wrong. i have a couple of blue moons for every shot of tequila.
  27. tequila: the liquid alchemist that transforms the mundane into moments of magic!
  28. tequila might not be the answer– but it’s worth a shot.
  29. why did the agave plant break up with the tequila? it said it needed some space to grow!
  30. tequila: good for the body, great for the soul.
  31. here are a few examples of how tequila has been referenced in pop culture:
  32. what do you call a group of tequila bottles singing together? a “shot” choir.
  33. how does harry potter order tequila shots?“patron us!”
  34. tequila: the liquid sunshine that brightens up any moment with its golden glow!
  35. why was the stormtrooper covered in tequila?he missed all his shots.
  36. “trust me you can dance! – tequila”
  37. “you bring the tequila and i’ll bring the bad decisions.”
  38. “tequila is my salmon.” – eddie redmayne
  39. in drinks, tequila top 10 watermelon tequila cocktails read more
  40. drink tequila like a pirate: shot in one hand, bottle in the other
  41. why was the tequila so good at telling stories? it had a way with tequila-ting tales!
  42. let’s taco ’bout how awesome tequila is!tequila: it’s a party in a bottle!when in doubt, choose tequila. it’s always a good idea.
  43. i had one too many tequila shots last night.– one.
  44. “the tequila made me do it!”
  45. i went to mexico and ordered the man tequila– they kept bringing me butter
  46. what does a shot of 1800 tequila and a woman have in common?both of them make men start talking nonsense!
  47. tequila probably won’t fix your life, but it’s worth a shot.
  48. what’s the drunk mexican’s favorite book? tequila mockingbird
  49. i’m ‘agave’-nly grateful for your love, which is sweeter than any tequila.
  50. did you know that harper lee invented a cocktail? it was the tequila mockingbird.
  51. love and tequila: a match made in agave heaven!
  52. tequila: the liquid fire that ignites the spirit and fuels the soul!
  53. why was the tequila so confident? it had a lot of spirit.
  54. what do you call a tequila with excellent manners? a tequi-please-a!
  55. what do you call a dinosaur drinking tequila? tyrannosaurus mix!
  56. tequila: the liquid symphony that plays harmonious notes on your palate!
  57. santa claus: in some cultures, tequila is considered to be a traditional christmas drink. this is because it is often served with traditional christmas foods, such as tamales and pozole.
  58. why was the tequila feeling lonely? it had no “shot” buddy.
  59. let’s raise a glass of tequila to the newlyweds and their agave-lous future!
  60. what do you call a group of tequila shots?a round of applause!
  61. why did the lime file a complaint against the tequila? it claimed it was getting squeezed too hard!
  62. “everyone has a hidden talent they don’t know about until the tequila is poured.”
  63. why limit happy to an hour? make it a tequila sunrise!
  64. our love is like a tequila shot: it takes courage to take the plunge, but the thrill is worth it.
  65. with the second lockdown looming, i saw a man purchase 3 crates of san miguel, 2 bottles of tequila, 6 bags of paella and a sombrero. i think hispanic buying.
  66. why did the tequila become a marathon runner? it wanted to agave its endurance a boost!
  67. vodka, tequila, whiskey– i’m calling the shots
  68. i heard a rumor that tequila can be drunk neat. but i took it with a pinch of salt.
  69. if someone says tequila is good for you– take it with a pinch of salt
  70. you had me at tequila.
  71. i’m on the tequila diet so far i’ve lost 2 days.
  72. sip, sip, hooray! it’s a tequila sunrise kind of day!
  73. tequila is like a relationship – it burns going down, but you can’t resist going back for more.
  74. tequila: i’m a shot above the rest.
  75. how does a tequila celebrate its birthday? with an extra shot of excitement!
  76. “trust me, one isn’t enough. – tequila”
  77. hello all! new here and wondering if y’all have any good recipes for a batched tequila based drink. im doing a paloma but wanna add another. thanks !
  78. you’re the lime to my tequila.
  79. tequila is cheaper than therapy.tequila: turning moments into mementos.
  80. what kind of tequila does someone with a foot fetish drink? – hornitos.
  81. what’s a tequila’s favorite game? agave-ry!
  82. take a shot at love and make it a tequila-filled celebration!
  83. life’s too short to drink bad tequila. choose wisely and live passionately!
  84. “i’m on the tequila diet. so far i’ve lost 2 days
  85. tequila gives you the courage to dance like a diva!
  86. when life gives you sunrise, add a splash of tequila!
  87. why did the tequila start a fight with the vodka? because it had too many shots!
  88. let’s lime up our love story with a dash of tequila!
  89. “stop trying to make everyone happy. you’re not tequila.”
  90. tequila may not fix your life. but, it’s worth a shot.
  91. tequila is just te-killing it!
  92. the chachalaca – a tequila based jungle bird riff
  93. tequila: it’s always there when you want to shake things up.
  94. what happens when you cross santa claus with five shots of tequila? grandma got run over by a reindeer.
  95. what do you call a sad bottle of tequila? blue agave.
  96. why did the tequila bring a ladder to the bar? it wanted to get to the top shelf.
  97. don’t be a quitter, be a tequila sipper!
  98. one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor!
  99. in the cocktail of life, you’re the tequila that gives it a kick and makes it worthwhile.
  100. here’s to a lifetime of love and tequila-filled adventures together!
  101. tequila: because sometimes wine doesn’t cut it.
  102. tequila, the well-known mexican spirit, has been around for centuries, which is plenty of time for a few good tall tales to surface.
  103. what starts with a t and ends with you on the floor?tequila.
  104. given my experience, i’m not the best at giving advice when it comes to tequila. so you all have to take it with a grain of salt.
  105. tequila makes my clothes fall off… at laundry time.

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