55 Best Tesla Puns You’ll Love to Hate

best funny tesla puns
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With Tesla leading the electric vehicle revolution, it was only a matter of time before wordplay artists got their hands on the innovative brand.

Tesla puns have taken off like one of Elon Musk’s rockets, charging humorously into territory of electricity, autonomy and sustainability-related jokes.

From Model puns and Musk mockery to references of recharging and range, these 55 Best Tesla Puns are virtually limitless for those seeking to get a charge out of Tesla-inspired tomfoolery.

55 Best Tesla Puns

  1. what’s a tesla’s favorite energy drink? a jolt of lightning!
  2. in the early days of tesla, they had difficulties getting the ceo to show up on time to meetings, so they trained a puppy to find him and bark until he arrived… …all they had to say was “get elon little doggie”.
  3. i think my local garage is ripping me off… does anyone else think £500 for a tesla exhaust is a lot?
  4. why did the tesla become a chef? it wanted to cook up some electric recipes!
  5. every since i bought a tesla and they made weed legal, life hasn’t been the same now i have to tell hitchhikers that ass is the only acceptable form of payment.
  6. what do you call a tesla’s new car smell?
  7. i figured out why teslas are so expensive . it’s because they charge a lot.
  8. i figured out why teslas are so expensive. it’s because they charge a lot.
  9. what happens if a tesla gets hit by lightning! no need to charge it for the next year!?
  10. what do you call a tesla that’s also a detective? a charge investigator!
  11. why did the tesla start a band? it wanted to conduct some electric tunes!
  12. did you hear what they’re calling this tesla scandal? elongate, it’s gonna be really drawn out.
  13. what do you call a tesla that was in a crash? a mesla.
  14. why can the tesla cybertruck go faster than a porsche 911? it renders faster
  15. what’s a tesla’s favorite tv show? “watt to expect when you’re expecting electricity!”
  16. why did the tesla go on a diet? it wanted to shed some volts!
  17. if you drift a tesla….. is it called an electric slide?
  18. what is a stolen tesla car called edison
  19. what’s a tesla’s favorite hobby? joule-ery making!
  20. what do you call a tesla car with wings? a power-flier!
  21. what do tesla cars smell of? elon’s musk! (thanks 7 year old son!)
  22. why did the tesla car enroll in art school? it wanted to brush up on its electric designs!
  23. what did the tesla say to the solar panel? “let’s recharge together!”
  24. elon musk is a good person because… tesla makes e-motional cars.
  25. what do you call a tesla with a sunroof? an enlightening experience!
  26. what do you call a pair of teslas? teslacles.
  27. what did one tesla say to another at the charging station? “are you feeling supercharged today?”
  28. wouldn’t be surprised to learn elon musk to leads a mercenary team of tesla employees who bite victims to spread coronavirus they are called the flu flux fang!
  29. if my tesla is stolen is it an “edison” now?
  30. what’s a tesla’s favorite game? shock-er!
  31. did you know teslas don’t have that new car smell? they have more of an elon musk.
  32. tesla founder elon musk is originally from south africa, which is strange you’d think he was from mad-at-gas-car.
  33. what do you call a tesla that drives itself off a cliff?-a dead end.
  34. got my car delivered with dented door from factory, tesla wants to paint the door. according to them it’s not possible to fix it with paintless dent removal.
  35. if you’re flexible on your departure dates, you can use skyscanner’s whole month tool to find the cheapest day of the year to fly from belgrade nikola tesla airport to anywhere you choose in tehran province.
  36. couldn’t find a more fitting name for my tesla. i think some of you will appreciate it!
  37. what’s the tesla’s favorite kind of tree? the electric oak!
  38. how do tesla owners greet each other? with a charged-up handshake!
  39. why did the tesla feel lonely at the car wash? it couldn’t find a charging buddy!
  40. why did the tesla refuse to tell secrets? it had shockingly good self-control!
  41. tesla giga factory in 2077
  42. thomas edison needed nikolai tesla, joseph swan, james bowman lindsay etc to invent the light bulb. many hands make light work.
  43. why did the tesla car have so many fans? it had outstanding horsepower and magnetism!
  44. how does it feel after getting hit by a tesla?
  45. i heard macy’s is selling this new perfume that has that “new tesla smell” they’re calling it ‘elon musk.
  46. why was the tesla so good at solving puzzles? it had excellent electric connections!
  47. why did the tesla refuse to swim in the ocean? it didn’t want to get water into its electric system!
  48. what’s the tesla’s favorite planet? sat-urn!
  49. why did tesla’s stock price go down?
  50. tesla’s don’t have new car smell. they have elon musk- my roomate
  51. imagine missing a payment on a tesla, and the car drives itself back to the dealership.
  52. thomas edison stole the design for a film-playing box from tesla. tesla confronted edison about it, but instead of apologizing he accused tesla of trying to steal his idea. classic case of projection
  53. if you invested early into tesla stocks, you would be a millionaire. if you invested early into apple, you would be a billionaire. if you invested £10 in 1890, you would be dead.
  54. tesla to launch a new electric lawnmower i think it’s gonna be called e-lawn musk.
  55. why are tesla so expensive? it’s because they charge a lot.

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