50 Thunderstorm Puns to Electrify Your Day

best funny Thunderstorm Puns
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Thunderstorm puns play on words related to different aspects of thunderstorms like lightning, rain, thunder, clouds, and other stormy weather phenomena.

Common themes in thunderstorm puns include wordplay about getting caught in the rain, the loud cracks of thunder, the dangers of lightning, and phrases that are normally used in other contexts but take on a new humorous meaning when related to storms.

Puns also make comparisons between thunderstorms and other things like music, relationships, and everyday sayings or activities.

50 Best Thunderstorm Puns

  1. driving through a thunderstorm and… girlfriend sees turtle stopped in the road and cautions me not to hit him. i response with “he probably got shell shocked.”
  2. one of the joys of parenthood is snuggling into your child’s bed with them when there’s a thunderstorm to make sure they aren’t frightened… although my daughter has started hinting that she and her husband can manage perfectly well on their own.
  3. why did the thunderstorm refuse to work? it had shocking job conditions.
  4. cloudy thunderstorm point to ponder: why do they call it right
    as rain, if you’re all wet?
  5. we had a bill cosby thunderstorm recently the kind that comes while you’re asleep
  6. i went out in a thunderstorm carrying a metal pipe what happened next shocked me
  7. what do you call a storm that loves to gamble? a high-stakes thunderstorm!
  8. if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the thunderstorm.
  9. what do baby clouds want to be when they grow up? thunderstorms.
  10. my family and i were camping in a thunderstorm last night… … it was intense
  11. what’s the difference between a horse and a thunderstorm? one is reined up, while the other rains down.
  12. what does a ghost in a thunderstorm wear when it’s pouring outside? rain boots.
  13. what do you call a wet bruin after a fast-moving thunderstorm? a drizzly bear.
  14. how do you catch a fish in a thunderstorm?
  15. do you wrap up a colorado thunderstorm?
    a. with a rainbow.
  16. workers at an adelaide business were left shaken when a “cement block” from the nearby building site fell during the thunderstorms.
  17. why shouldn’t you ever smoke weed during a thunderstorm? because lightning hits the highest thing in sight.
  18. why could leonard bernstein never go outside during a thunderstorm? he was a very good conductor.
  19. what did santa say to mrs clause when he saw a thunderstorm? “looks like rain dear”
  20. there’s a big thunderstorm. the road is blocked by a big mudslide. a little boy asks his dad, “why does earth fall down like that?” his dad answers, “it’s terrain.”
  21. what do baby clouds want to be when they grow up? thunderstorms!
  22. storms have a way of turning our plans into a “thunderstorm” of chaos.
  23. what’s the difference between a horse and a thunderstorm? one is reined up, while the other rains down.
  24. why did the thunderstorm break up with its partner? they just didn’t have enough spark.
  25. imagine that you are benjamin franklin and you are flying a kite in a thunderstorm what happens next will shock you!
  26. how is a thunderstorm similar to sex? you never know how intense it will get, or how long it will last..
  27. what did santa say to mrs. claus when he saw a thunderstorm? what did santa say to mrs. claus when he saw a thunderstorm?looks like reindeer.
  28. i caught my teenage son flying a kite during a thunderstorm, after i told him not to do it. so i immediately grounded him.
  29. what happened when they ended the concert at redrocks amphitheatre
    because a thunderstorm approached? the audience left with reckless a-band-done.
  30. how does a thunderstorm catch fish? with a lightning rod!
  31. why shouldn’t you ever smoke weed during a thunderstorm? cause lightning hits the highest thing in sight!
  32. a conspiracy theorist who doesn’t believe in zeus walks out into a field during a thunderstorm wearing his tinfoil hat to test his theory. needless to say, he was shocked when he learned the truth.
  33. for the golfers: if you get caught in a thunderstorm on the golf course, grab your one iron and hold it up over your head. not even god can hit a one iron.
  34. “it’s a busy weather morning, with plenty of showers and thunderstorms around,” senior forecaster simon timcke said earlier today.
  35. if a band is playing at redrocks during a thunderstorm, who is most likely to get hit by lightning? a. the conductor!
  36. what do you call a storm that plays the piano? chopin thunderstorm!
  37. finally, the thunderstorm cleared. it’s rain of terror was over.
  38. why do fashion models always smile during thunderstorms? because they think they’re having their pictures taken.
  39. did you hear about the thunderstorm that married a bolt of lightning? they had a shocking wedding ceremony.
  40. if a band is playing during a thunderstorm, who is most likely to get hit by lightning? the conductor!
  41. severe thunderstorms passing across south australia have damaged homes and left thousands without power, with the wild weather also causing a collapse on a building site that reportedly injured a mother and baby.
  42. i always thought nothing could happen in a car during a thunderstorm nevertheless she is pregnant now
  43. thunderstorms are just nature’s way of adding some extra bass to the soundtrack of life.
  44. what did the thunderstorm say to the lightning? “you really know how to brighten up a room.”
  45. i thought of this in the shower the thunderstorm seemed to be abating, but then all hail broke loose.
  46. what did the thunderstorm say to the lightning rod? you’ll never catch me copper!
  47. can bees fly during a thunderstorm? not without their yellow jackets.
  48. how does a storm apologize? it sends a heartfelt thunderstorm!
  49. why did the dog stay outside during the thunderstorm? he wanted to feel the spark.
  50. what is a powerful thunderstorm with damaging hail called? a rain of terror.

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