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Thursday puns are playful jokes and wordplay that riff on the name, qualities, or associations of the day Thursday.

These puns include weekend countdowns, being the day before Friday, throwing back to the weekend, getting over “hump day” Wednesday, and looking ahead to lazy weekend days.

Thursday puns also frequently personify Thursday as impatiently awaiting Friday’s arrival, feeling squeezed in the middle of the doldrums of the workweek grind, or struggling to match the weekend’s laidback attitude.

75 Best Thursday Puns

  1. i’m generally not lazy but i’m on thursdays.
  2. it’s time to “unleash” the fun on thursday!
  3. thursday’s secret talent: making time fly faster.
  4. it’s still thursday, but i’m already looking forward to friday!
  5. what a thursday! time to get back to work, grab a smoothie and start planning the weekend.
  6. this thursday, we’re bringing ‘throwback glam’ back!
  7. thursdays are a chance to reset, refuel, and reboot.
  8. “fur”get the monday blues; it’s thursday!
  9. a goal is a dream with a deadline. start working towards it this thursday.
  10. from “thirst” to success: thursday’s journey.
  11. friday can’t come soon enough – but don’t forget to savor thursday’s good moments too!
  12. let’s all take a moment to appreciate the fact that thursdays aren’t that bad.
  13. thursday oasis: a refreshing day in the workweek desert.
  14. on thursdays, we’re all “fabulous in the making.”
  15. thursday: the bridge between “work” and “play.”
  16. what did one thursday say to another thursday?
  17. if you think thursdays are sad, wait two more days; it will be a sadder day.
  18. “cereal-sly” looking forward to this thursday morning!
  19. when does friday come before thursday? in the dictionary.
  20. pajamas, good company, and netflix sounds like the perfect thursday night to me.
  21. another thursday, another chance to start over.
  22. if you think thursdays are depressing, wait two days it will be a sadder day
  23. how does nasa throw a thursday party? they are a planet.
  24. a day older, a day bolder. thursday vibes.
  25. why did the calendar go on strike during thursdays? it needed an extra weekend day for rest!
  26. i’m so over wednesdays, i can’t even thursday.
  27. i just heard it’s national orgasm day next thursday! are you all coming?
  28. why is thursday a superhero? because it’s followed by friday and saves your weekend!”
  29. thursday: the day when things can get a bit hectic.
  30. “on thursdays, we wear our ‘fur-resistible’ smiles.”
  31. guess what day it is, guess what day it is… thursday!
  32. thursday is the day i start to wonder if my life is actually the truman show.
  33. the only thing i can throwback on thursdays is my recliner.
  34. have a “paw-sitively” great day on all fours this thursday!
  35. what do you call a thursday that feels like friday? “impasta”!
  36. thursday spark plug: energizing your week’s end.
  37. wednesday and thursday were named after the norse gods loki and thor? if you like facts about norse mythology then it’s your loki day.
  38. how do you make time go fast on thursday? throw a clock.
  39. do you know which bird refrains from flying on fridays?   the one that departed on thursday…
  40. don’t let anything get you down today, it’s thursday!
  41. just because it’s thursday doesn’t mean we can’t party like it’s friday.
  42. thursday means it’s time for weekend plans!
  43. my milk expires on thursday. that means my milk has a date this week and i don’t.
  44. thursday is like the appetizer of the week – not the main course, but still satisfying.
  45. what do you do when the winds of thursday night blow at you?
  46. you call it thursday, i call it friday eve.
  47. thursday revival: a chance to recharge before the weekend.
  48. thursday is the perfect day to prepare for the weekend ahead.
  49. wine not? let’s uncork and unwind this thursday!
  50. i swear thursday lasts at least three days.
  51. thursday: where the weekend starts making guest appearances.
  52. thursday is just a friday wannabe.
  53. happy thursday! time to soar through the week like a ‘thursbird’!
  54. what did thursday say to the other days of the week?
  55. thursday whisperer: can you hear the weekend calling?
  56. i’m not sure what’s worse: the fact that it’s thursday, or the fact that i’m already thinking about monday.
  57. do what you love and thursdays will be just fine.
  58. thrown into thursday: sometimes it feels like a surprise.
  59. did someone say “almost weekend”? it must be thursday!
  60. not even thursday can stop me from counting down to the weekend!
  61. “what do you call a thursday with a cold? a ‘sick day’.”
  62. no matter what happens, it’s always calm and peaceful on thursday!
  63. thursday’s song: “don’t stop believin’” in the weekend.
  64. thursdays are a “knot” for the faint of heart.
  65. “what do you call a person who loves thursdays? a weekday warrior!”
  66. i’m not a morning person, but i’m definitely a thursday person.
  67. on thursday, we’re all “bunnies” at heart.
  68. almost productive: pretending to be productive on thursday.
  69. “why did the chair get tired on thursday? it was ‘seat’-ing too close to the weekend.”
  70. thursday: the day that’s like a bridge – you’re halfway across, but still wondering if it’s stable enough to hold.
  71. thursday: putting the “joy” in the workday.
  72. another thursday, another reason to be thankful.
  73. please give yourself a round of applause for making it to thursday.
  74. what do french people call a really bad thursday? – a trajeudi.
  75. “hey dad, is today thursday?” “all day!” followed by an audible groan from me.every goddamn time.

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