40 Thyme Puns to Make You Chuckle

best funny thyme puns
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The Thyme puns range from silly cooking jokes to wordplay using other herbs and spices. Thyme is an indispensable herb in kitchens around the world, adding flavor to soups, stews, roasted meats and more.

From wasted thyme to perfect timing, these puns will have you chuckling as you season your next dish. So read on, enjoy the wordplay, and don’t forget – it’s always a good thyme for delicious food!

40 Best Thyme Puns

  1. no thyme like the present to add some flavor to your meals.
  2. dried thyme loses its potency as it ages, but technically never expires. you could say its thymeless.
  3. my brother and i got so bored, we started throwing spice jars at each other. then the thyme really flew.
  4. i just lost my farmhand job… i was told it was because of my poor thyme management.
  5. why was the chef mad? he had all the money in the world, but no thyme.
  6. i have developed this weird ability to move some spices and herbs i can control thyme
  7. my local soup kitchen is looking for volunteers for their next pasta dinner.. i’ll check my colander and set aside some thyme for it.
  8. my publisher just rang apparently my book “sex with herbs” is finally being printed and will be in the shops soon. it’s about fucking thyme
  9. fresh thyme cage free large grade a white eggs – 1 each, $3.49
  10. girlfriend was wondering if her soup would be the same without thyme. of course the only answer was only thyme will tell.
  11. thyme is money, so don’t waste it on bland dishes!
  12. all that thyme and effort wasted
  13. a waist of of thyme is a waste of thyme and a waste of time.
  14. what does a watch smell like? thyme (time)courtesy of my dad
  15. i spent over 3 hours making a belt out of herbs, but in hindsight… it’s just a waist of thyme.
  16. i changed the tags of my mother’s herb jars. she hasn’t notice it yet.. but the thyme is cumin
  17. it’s always a good thyme for a delicious meal.
  18. fresh thyme cage free large grade a white eggs
  19. why did the dinosaurs eat bland food? because they lived in the land before thyme.
  20. thyme to turn up the flavor and make your taste buds dance.
  21. fresh thyme farmers market- newport
  22. what skill does a herb farmer need to perfect? thyme management
  23. 152. this is my thyme to shine.
  24. out of all of aesop’s fables, my favorite is the one about the herbs it’s a thyme-less tale that ends with some really sage advice.
  25. which spice is the worst at keeping secrets? only thyme will tell.
  26. i’m out of… thyme jumped out at me when i opened the cabinet and dove to its death.
  27. don’t give up just yet, add more thyme and taste the magic!
  28. the wife and i were trying to spice things up in the bedroom… so now i cumin her every thyme.
  29. i put a lot of basil, parsley, rosemary and thyme in my old volkswagen beetle... became herby.
  30. find fresh thyme farmers market- newport ky location, phone number, business hours, and service offerings.
  31. my friend told me if i season my water it will boil faster. she lied and it was a waste of thyme.
  32. i recently finished my long overdue book on my favourite herb…. it’s about thyme
  33. i just don’t have the thyme, i’m sorry.
  34. i want to organize my spice cabinet but i just can’t find the thyme.
  35. what do you call thyme used for a mid-day meal? lunchthyme.
  36. when cooking, be careful not to add too much thyme. it might taste old.
  37. what’s the secret ingredient in bruce buffer’s spaghetti sauce? iiiiiiit’s thyme!!!
  38. thyme to add a pinch of deliciousness to your recipes.
  39. have you noticed that some herbs taste much better at christmas? it’s the most wonderful thyme of the year.
  40. apparently adding herbs to your garbage can makes it smell better. but i don’t have thyme for that rubbish.

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