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Toast puns are a lighthearted and humorous way to bring a smile to people’s faces by playing with words and using the versatile and everyday item, bread.

Toast puns can be divided into two main themes: bread-based humor and wordplay. Bread-based humor puns rely on the visual and literal similarities between words and bread, while wordplay puns use the sound and structure of words to create a humorous effect.

These 95 Best Toast Puns are a toast-ally brilliant way to spread joy and laughter.

85 Best Toast Puns

  1. what do you call a very quick piece of toast? fast bread!
  2. whenever i eat burnt toast it makes me feel sick. i guess i’m just black toast intolerant.
  3. “toast: the perfect sidekick for your morning coffee.”
  4. “cheese toast: the cheese-iest way to start your day.”
  5. what do you call an adventurous slice? an explorer-toast.
  6. why was the toast so busy?a: because it was jam-packed.
  7. what did the toast say to their child?
  8. life is butter with a side of toast.
  9. why did bill get mad at john after john ate all of his toast? because he’s lack toast intolerant.
  10. why did the toast go to school? it wanted to be a bread scholar!
  11. why was the toast tired when it got home? it had a crumby day at work!
  12. how does french toast say goodbye? au revoir!
  13. to live a full life, you need a full plate of toast.
  14. the person who invented toast “cook it again”
  15. here’s to love, laughter, and a toaster that never fails.
  16. what do you call a toast that’s shy? a little buttered up!
  17. when the bread escaped after stealing lots of money from the bank, the fbi put him on their toast wanted list.
  18. i found out my toaster isn’t waterproof. boy, am i shocked!
  19. here’s a toast to butter days.
  20. why was the slice of toast late for school? it didn’t get bread-y in time.
  21. what did the bread say to the toaster on their first date? “you make me feel warm and crispy inside!”
  22. “toast is the answer, no matter the question.”
  23. what did the toast say during a game of hide and seek? bready or not, here i crumb.
  24. what do you call a piece of toast that becomes a detective? sherlock scones!
  25. i hope these toast one liners bring a smile to your face! enjoy the toast humor!
  26. why did the chef say about french toast? it’s a pain to make.
  27. what do you call a sandwich who’s sunbathed too long on the beach? toastie.
  28. what’s a piece of toast’s favorite kind of music? jam sessions!
  29. “it’s toast-ally worth it.”
  30. why does bread hate southern summers? the weather is too toasty.
  31. i ship bread through the toast office.
  32. what do you call it when french toast gets a makeover? a toasty transformation!
  33. hey look, it is toast malone.
  34. why did the french toast get promoted at work? it always rises to the occasion!
  35. what does morrissey have on his toast? i don’t know but johnny marr might
  36. ready to spread some laughter? these are the toast of the town!
  37. “i’m lac-toast intolerant.”
  38. are you bready for the toast part of the morning?
  39. “the meeting’s toast mortem was boring.”
  40. saw a bird eating avocado toast. it was a millenial falcon.
  41. what did one slice of bread say to the other before the race? you’re toast.
  42. what do you call a french toast that has lost its way? lost bread!
  43. my favorite clouds are cirrostra-toast.
  44. what do you call a slice of bread that’s seen everything? toast with a worldly crust.
  45. “the customers were sa-toast-fied with the bread.”
  46. make each moment golden, just like toasted bread.
  47. my favorite mexican dish is the toast-ada.
  48. “i’m on a roll… of toast!”
  49. why did the french toast challenge the pancake to a duel? because it kneaded a batter rivalry!
  50. “toast is always a good idea, no loafing around!”
  51. a bread baker’s factory burned down. now, her business is toast.
  52. what do dutch rodents put on their toast?
  53. stay toasty, my friends.
  54. why did the piece of toast want to be famous? it thought it deserved at least 15 min. of grain!
  55. “lack-toast intolerance is inability to live without toast.”
  56. it was the la-toast and grea-toast.
  57. what did the toaster say when it took in the slices of bread?a: “bready, set, toast!”
  58. i took my bread outta the toaster earlier and burnt my finger it was pretty toasty
  59. here’s to the one who always brings the best toast to the table.
  60. “toast-tally cool bro.”
  61. why did the toast become an astronaut? it wanted to go to space and be the first slice on the moon!
  62. what does a slice of toast wear to bed?
  63. once darth vader went to a cafe for breakfast. he ordered some bread toast and ask the waitress to make it a little bit on the dark side.
  64. “french toast: making mornings magnifique!”
  65. i used to know a clever toast, but now i cannot think of it. so, fill your glass with anything and damn your souls, i’ll drink it.
  66. to make bread in a lab, you need an appara-toast.
  67. why did the aging loaf retire? his career was toast.
  68. how does toast swim? using bread-strokes.
  69. final thoughts on our toasty humor
  70. what did the toast say to the butter after a long day?a: “you’re the only one who can melt my heart.”
  71. what do you call a sci-fi loving bird of prey eating avocado on toast? a millenial falcon.
  72. life is better with a side of toast—make it a double!
  73. why did the toast go to the doctor? it was feeling a bit crumby!
  74. whenever i plug in my computer to play games, the house electric circuit goes to toast. i hate to say it but i think i am the circuit baker.
  75. i used to like french toast but making it is such a pain
  76. the bread looked so good that i had to take pho-toast.
  77. who is a bagel’s favorite rapper?toast malone.
  78. toasting to the most important meal of the day.
  79. i don’t know why but slices of bread behave weirdly during hot and warm weather. it might be because things get a little bit toasty.
  80. what’s another name for a toaster? a tanning bread
  81. “crust me, toast is always a good idea.”
  82. let’s toast to a “butter” tomorrow!
  83. how does toast greet people?
  84. a toast to every golden opportunity.
  85. what do astronauts put on their toast? space jam.

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