125 Tomato Puns to add a sprinkle of humor 

best funny Tomato puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Tomato puns are a fruitful source of humor, playing on the tomato’s status as a culinary chameleon. Ranging from clever wordplay to silly visual gags, tomato puns celebrate this versatile veggie in all its pun-tastic glory.

Tomato puns explore themes of racing red fruits, therapeutic veggies, and theatrical produce trying to “ketchup” to their dreams. Whether playing on names like “Heinz” or “Roma,” these puns are a real “treat-mato.”

So grab a snack, pop a pun, and get ready to “relish” the silly side of your favorite foodie friends, the tomato.

125 Best Tomato Puns

  1. what did the tomato say to the fridge? “close the door, i’m dressing!”
  2. what’s a tomato’s favorite vacation destination? the “sau-caribbean”!
  3. a tomato family is walking down the road. the baby tomato falls behind. daddy tomato goes back, smacks him on the head and says, “ketchup!”
  4. what do you call a tomato with a trumpet? a tooty fruity.
  5. have i ever told you about the time a cop thought i was bleeding because i had tomato sauce on my shirt? i guess you could say that the ketchup was a sauce of confusion.
  6. a study shows that eating 2oz of concentrated tomato sauce per day can keep a man’s sperm count up if you keep that up, your girlfriend just may get prego.
  7. “you say tomato, i say tomato. we should probably stop spelling out words.”
  8. planting tomatoesgrowing tomatoesstaking tomatoespruning tomatoesmulching tomatoeswatering tomatoesfertilizing tomatoesharvesting tomatoes
  9. tomato: “i’m a-peelin’ to be a part of your salsa dance crew!”
  10. i think the tomatoes in my garden are actually round red time travelers. they all seem to be developing wormholes.
  11. there’s a new customizable tomato. it’s cus-tomato.
  12. what do you call a tomato that’s an excellent dancer? a “salsa” dancer!
  13. why did the green tomato lose the race? it couldn’t ketchup.
  14. “why did the tomato join the military? he wanted to be a ketch-up soldier.”
  15. if a tomato ever travels to a different place with different weather, he must get accustomato the place.
  16. these tomatoes are grape!
  17. “why was the tomato blushing? it saw the salad dressing in a bikini.”
  18. how will a tomato seller will tell his girl that he likes her ? seller : i like you from my head to-ma-toes
  19. tomatoes are the “sauce-erers” of flavor.
  20. how do you fix a broken tomato?
  21. you say tomato, i say tomato but it doesn’t make that much sense when you read it.
  22. how does a tomato know everything about everyone? he ketchups
  23. what did one tomato say to the other at the party? “we make a great pair!”
  24. if tomatoes are a fruit then ketchup is a smoothie.told by my 9 year old son. thought it was funny. maybe more of a shower thought.
  25. “the tomato was feeling a bit down, so i told him to ketchup on his dreams.”
  26. why did the tomato go to school? it wanted to become a “smarty to-mato”!
  27. tomatoes: the true “veg-gies” of humor.
  28. what do you get when you mix a tomato and a hot pepper? a salsa that’s on fire!
  29. “the tomato was feeling a bit fruity but tried not to make a big deal out of it.”
  30. what did the tomato say when it got stepped on? ow, that hertz!
  31. if you want to help me grow tomatoes, i’m vine with it.
  32. what looks like a half tomato? the other half
  33. here today, gone tomato.
  34. a tomato; a tap and a hat were having a race… the tap was running but the hat was on ahead while the tomato couldn’t ketchup.
  35. what type of tomato smells best? a roma
  36. what type of tomato smells the best?
  37. why did the tomato go out with a prune? because he couldn’t find a date!
  38. a man tried to start a fight by throwing dough, shredded cheese, and tomato sauce at me. so i said, “you wanna pizza me?”
  39. why did the tomato blush? because it saw the salad dressing making eyes at it!
  40. why did the mayonnaise win the running race?because the tomato sauce couldn’t ketchup.
  41. “what did the tomato say to the banana? you have appeal!”
  42. what’s a tomato’s favorite game to play? “splat the tomato”!
  43. i p-roma-se to always grow tomatoes with you.
  44. why did the tomato blush? because it saw the salad dressing!
  45. why was the tomato blushing? because it saw the salad dressing.
  46. the guys down at the new vegetable factory have been trying to get everyone hyped up about their new customizable tomato. they call it the customato.
  47. what do you get when you throw a tomato into a volcano? ketchup under pressure!
  48. judge: “lady, you shoplifted a can of tomatoes, so i sentence you to four weeks in prison, one for each tomato.” lady’s husband: “your honour, don’t forget she also stole a can of peas.”
  49. how do you fix a sliced tomato?use tomato paste.
  50. tomatoes and potatoes have one thing in common, toes.
  51. what did the late tomato say? what did the late tomato say to the early tomato?”i’ll ketchup”
  52. the store is having a p-roma-tion for tomatoes.
  53. “why did the tomato go to the party? he wanted to salsa dance.”
  54. what’s a tomato’s favorite romantic movie? “romeo and juicy”!
  55. this hurts me from my head tomatoes
  56. “why did the tomato get an award? for his outstanding ketchup-ability.”
  57. is there anything bacon said to tomato?lettuce get together!
  58. a tomato growing friend’s fruit and vegetable business has gone into liquidation.
  59. when the tomato was nervous . . . tomato paced
  60. a cabbage, a tomato, and a nose were having a race. the cabbage was ahead, the nose was running, and the tomato was trying to ketchup.
  61. tomato greenhousestomato grow lights
  62. how do you get rid of unproductive tomatoes?can them.
  63. why did the tomato go to the spa? it needed to relax and ketchup on some rest!
  64. why was the tomato always smiling? because it was in a great sauce of humor!
  65. “the tomato was always so pensive, he was constantly sauce-reflecting.”
  66. what do you say to a slow tomato? ketch up
  67. did you hear about the salad race? the lettuce was ahead and the tomato tried to ketchup!
  68. keep your toes away from tom. i heard tomatoes.
  69. why did the tomato go to school? it wanted to become a “grad-veg!”
  70. it’s cus-tomato-able.
  71. don’t make fun of a tomato, or it may start throwing saucers!
  72. stay away from tom. i heard tomatoes.
  73. what do you call tomato sauce on the floor? ketchdown.
  74. does santa like to grow tomatoes?yes — he gets to hoe, hoe, hoe!
  75. why did the tomato go to school? it wanted to learn how to become a “smart” sauce!
  76. a very curious customer asked a local tomato farmer if their tomatoes are genetically modified. “no.” said the farmer “no.” said the tomato
  77. the inventor of autocorrect died the funnel will be held tomato.
  78. this great documentary on growing tomatoes and tomato farming gives everyone a unique be-heinze the scenes look at the tomato industry.
  79. what did the mother tomato say to the baby tomato?
  80. tomatoes are the ultimate “salsa-diers” of taste.
  81. indoor tomatoessave tomato seedstomatoes & frost
  82. we’re meant tomato-gether.
  83. could you tell me what the potato told the tomato?i wonder what’s making you blush, sweetie?
  84. a tomato that makes mistakes is an err-loom.
  85. there’s a small tomato growing slower than the others. hopefully, it’ll ketchup.
  86. why did the tomato turn to the cucumber for advice? i wanted to get some perspective!
  87. what do you call a tomato that’s pregnant? a expectant do you make a tomato laugh? you tickle it with a cucumber.
  88. why did rotton tomato always felt left out. because he couldn’t ketchup
  89. “what did the tomato say when it was asked to play football? no, i’m not ketchup for it.”
  90. i’m still getting accus-tomato to the area.
  91. “should i be concerned about eating genetically modified tomatoes?” tomato: “no”
  92. what did the tomato say to the potato? “i’ll ketchup with you later”
  93. “the tomato tried to be cool, but it always ended up being a little too saucy.”
  94. what happened when the tomato fell behind on his homework?
  95. a restaurant worker was caught with his penis in the tomato slicer. both were fired on the spot.
  96. what did the pasta say to the tomato?
  97. why did the tomato become an actor? it wanted to be a “tomato-star”!
  98. what do you call a sad tomato? a blue-mato!
  99. how come angry tomato and ketchup are the same? anger makes tomato burst.
  100. tomatoes are the real “heart-berries” of the garden.
  101. did you hear about the tomato who ran away to join the circus? it became a juggling tomato!
  102. the tomato blew up. it was a tomato-mic bomb.
  103. three tomatoes are walking down a street: papa tomato, mama tomato, and baby tomato. the baby tomato starts lagging behind and papa tomato gets really angry, goes back and squishes him. he says… ketchup!
  104. q. what’s the difference between knowledge and wisdom?a. knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
  105. tomatoes are in many foods, such as ketchup, marinara sauce, soup, and sandwiches.
  106. why did the tomato join the circus? it wanted to be a “tomato-balancer”!
  107. why did the tomato go to therapy? it had issues with its “sundried esteem”!
  108. why did the tomato go out with a prune?a: because he couldn’t find a date.
  109. when the new king in tomato town had his coronation ceremony, the other tomatoes bowed down and said, “we are at your service, your royal heinze-ness!”
  110. what did the pasta say to the tomato?
  111. what do you call two tomatoes fighting? ketchup and mus-tard!
  112. “it’s not a tomato, it’s a to-mah-to.” – my best friend’s wedding
  113. tomato: “i tried to be an actor, but i couldn’t handle all the tomato-onions!”
  114. how do you fix a broken tomato? tomato paste, of course!
  115. what did one tomato say to the other during a race? “ketchup!”
  116. tomato topsy-turvy twisty spoonerisms to tickle your tongue
  117. “tomatoes make great pets; you can ketchup on your reading while they nap.”
  118. the only way a tomato can eat noodles is by the help of the ketchup-stick.
  119. “did you hear about the insomniac vegetable that stayed up all night wondering if there was such a thing as tomato soup? “
  120. why are tomatoes the slowest vegetable? because they can’t ketchup.
  121. what do you get if you cross a tomato with a box of tissues? ketchup-choo!
  122. “the tomato tried to run for office, but he sobbed too much.”
  123. what did the tomato say to the lettuce in a race? “lettuce ketchup!”
  124. tomatoes are the “ripe-ercussionists” of flavor symphonies.
  125. this tomato has a pleasant a-roma.

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