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Tool puns play on words related to tools, hardware, and mechanics. Many tool puns incorporate double meanings, referring both to the literal tool as well as another context.

There are also puns that use tools to describe actions like a wrench that “sings” or a tool’s favorite “dance move.” puns provided touches on several tool-related themes. Some reference the actual use of tools like gardening, woodworking, or mechanics. Others use tools to describe everyday situations, preferences, or pastimes in amusing ways.

The goal of these 65 Best Tool Puns is lighthearted fun through puns that exploit different interpretations of words related to tools and hardware.

65 Best Tool Puns

  1. did you hear about the new tool they use for ice farming? it’s called an ice-sickle
  2. my garden tools were always arguing, but i couldn’t shovel them out.
  3. what is the king of all tools? the ruler.
  4. “sometimes, you just gotta bust out the big tool for the job.”
  5. “if you think my hammer is impressive, you should see my other tool.”
  6. my friend is always bragging about his woodworking tool like an axe but with the cutting edge perpendicular to the handle rather than parallel. what an adze!
  7. what do you call someone who reads about amateur mechanical tools in-depth? an avid reader.
  8. why did the tool go to school? to get a bit more knowledge!
  9. it’s always important to do an operational check of your tools. at least the stud finder works.
  10. i was tool shopping yesterday, and happened to walk by the stud-finders. the noise was unbearable.
  11. my rapper friend has started a really successful gardening tool delivery business. he’s got hoes in different area codes.
  12. why are the avengers so good with tools? they’re always assembling
  13. why did the lumberjack break his tools? it was an axedent
  14. which tool is the most suitable for breaking open an egg?a: a hatchet.
  15. what do you call a wrench that sings?a: a tool-tenor!
  16. what’s snoop dog’s favourite tool? a chisel
  17. she was only the toolmaker’s daughter. but she sure gave the boys her awl.
  18. what would you call a mathematical tool that supports the cause of farming vehicle rights?a: a protractor.
  19. what do you call a toolbox’s favorite dance move? the hammer time.
  20. what’s a tool’s favorite type of clothing?a: a socket to me!
  21. what’s a tool’s favorite sport? screw-itball!
  22. when i work with tools, it really drills me with joy!
  23. i once got my toe nails professionally trimmed. they used a hardened steel tool for smoothing my clipped nails… in other words, a pedi-file.
  24. what do you call a toolbox’s favorite dessert? “saw”-dust pie.
  25. why was the tool belt a great matchmaker? it knew how to hold things together.
  26. what’s a tool’s favorite vegetable? screwbicca!
  27. why did the tool become a motivational speaker?a: it wanted to inspire others to build their dreams!
  28. “there’s nothing more satisfying than using a tool to tighten things up.”
  29. what do you call a pruning tool that is unexpected?a: a non-secateur.
  30. what’s the undisputed ruler of all hand tools? the awl mighty.
  31. i got my dad a new tool that helps him remove things he has clamped onto his work bench. he said he’d never heard of such a de-vice.
  32. what’s a tool’s favorite genre of movies? rom-comedies!
  33. what’s the most effective tool a woman can use to keep away unwanted men? detergent.
  34. why was the toolbox always calm during arguments? it kept its cool under pressure.
  35. why wasn’t the hammer allowed to join the party of seven other tools? cause he was tool eight.
  36. i had a power tool dropped on my head the other day… one minute i was fine, then bosch!
  37. what do you call a jacknife with all the tools removed? a swiss navy knife...
  38. what do you call a toolbox with a sense of adventure? a “tool” explorer.
  39. what’s a tool’s favorite dance move? the screw twist!
  40. i have “pro-tools for dummies” right next to my toilet… you might say i’m an avid reader.
  41. what’s a toolbox’s favorite type of dessert?a: a socket and screw-pie!
  42. when life hands you a problem, grab your toolbox and start hammering away.
  43. a surgeon told me a story about how he dropped a tool into a patients stomach once. it was gut wrenching.
  44. our pick to host the tool awards this year? emcee hammer.
  45. a drill is the perfect tool for those who like to think outside the box.i asked my drill if it wanted to go on a date, but it said it was already bored.
  46. what do tools do in their free time? they hang out at the hardware store.
  47. what does a tool box and a penis have in common they both come in handy
  48. i won’t go anywhere near foot hygiene tools… i hear some of them are pedi files
  49. i stole some tools from my last kitchen job… it was a whisk i was willing to take.
  50. what’s the best tool in the mexican magician’s arsenal? his magic juan.
  51. two tradies were in a drunken fist fight over who’s tools are who’s. guess they were fighting tooth and nail over it.
  52. some guy told me i was a tool so i got hammered and nailed his girlfriend
  53. my friend was showing me his tool shed. he pointed to a ladder. “that’s my step ladder,” he said. “i never met my real ladder.”
  54. why did the wrench go on a diet? it wanted to become a “slimmer” tool.
  55. why did the mechanic lose all his tools?a: because he had no attention spanner.
  56. why does popeye’s tool never rust? because he keeps it in olive oil.
  57. what does popeye do to keep his favorite tool from rusting? he sticks it in olive oyl…
  58. what do you call a math tool that supports farming vehicle rights? protractor
  59. only a bad chef blames his tools, jeremy.. yeah, but trying to fillet a fish with a spoon just doesn’t quite cut it.
  60. working with tools is a nail-biting experience!
  61. “i love getting my hands on a new tool and testing its limits.”
  62. why were all the tools of the lumberjack broken?a: because of the axedent.
  63. i have a friend that steals hand-held kitchen tools in broad daylight. hes quite the whisk taker
  64. my wife left me because of my love for power tools. at least my saw reciprocates.
  65. why was the tool belt so confident? it always had its support.

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