80 Truck Puns to Keep You Rolling

best funny truck puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Truck puns take clever aim at topics like long hauls, heavy lifting and getting around traffic jams. You’ll find jokes about favorite “snacks” like spare tires, pickup lines to use on the road and creative ways to pass the miles.

From punny takes on favorite truck types like dump trucks and tankers to more general trucking humor, these one-liners are sure to bring a smile to your face no matter how many loads you’ve hauled that day.

80 Best Truck Puns

  1. i passed a tow truck and the poor driver was crying his eyes out. i thought “he’s headed for a breakdown”
  2. the truck went to the doctor because it couldn’t keep its food down… it had a bad case of car-go.
  3. what do you call a truck driver who can sing?a transport-ainer!
  4. did you hear about the food truck that ran out of gas? it just couldn’t find its “appetite” for fuel!
  5. truck and roll tom swifties
  6. why did the truck apply for a loan? it needed to “truck” up some funds.
  7. the fire truck loved cooking – it always knew how to “flame” up a delicious meal.
  8. why did the truck driver take a nap?he was exhausted!
  9. the monster truck loved shopping – it had a “monster” appetite for deals.
  10. why did the truck driver become a comedian?because he’s a stand-up “transit”!
  11. why did the truck driver bring a watch?he wanted to “keep truckin’” on time!
  12. he was great at truck farming!
  13. why’d the donkey become a truck driver? because he haul
  14. a truck overturned this morning spilling cabbage all over the highway. it was horrific! i slaw it happen!
  15. my dad decided to name his new truck “stormtrooper”… that way he doesn’t hit anything
  16. what do truckers celebrate in december? the haul-idays.
  17. what do you call a truck that scares people? a frightliner.
  18. i didn’t appreciate reincarnation until i got hit by that truck… and woke up feeling like a whole new man
  19. why are truck drivers always calm?because they don’t let anything get under their hood!
  20. the food truck that sold only organic food was quite “green” in its approach.
  21. my truck was feeling down, so i told it to keep truckin’.
  22. my truck’s so old, it should be in a re-tire-ment home!
  23. what is the preferred shampoo brand of truck drivers? lorry-el.
  24. what did the fuel-efficient truck say to the gas guzzler?i’ve got miles and miles to go before i sleep!
  25. i’m planning to start a food truck that serves only bread. it’s going to be called “rolling in the dough.”
  26. the dump truck loved telling “refuse”-al stories – it was quite the storyteller.
  27. what type of truck is always around during dinner time?a dish truck!
  28. i’m upset. i called for a tow truck… …and they sent a hooker.
  29. what do you call a truck that loves to sunbathe? a tank!
  30. why did the truck stay in bed?it had a truckload of work to do!
  31. i pulled over a truck going 80 miles an hour in a 55 zone. he had a cargo of axe-like tools used for shaping large pieces of wood. he was hauling adze!
  32. why was the monster truck a great storyteller? it had a knack for “wheel-y” tall tales.
  33. what did the little nissan truck say to the big nissan truck? “oh nissan!”
  34. why do truck drivers make good musicians?they always hit the right note!
  35. what’s a truck’s favorite flower? the “tractor” is!
  36. how do truckers get their coffee?they use a brew truck!
  37. truck drivers go the extra mile when they miss the last exit.
  38. trucks in a race have one motto: wheel win this!
  39. my truck got in trouble, it had too much junk in the trunk.
  40. why did the truck go to the beach?a: it wanted to work on its tan-truck!
  41. i had a nasty crash with a truck carrying construction equipment the other day. it really hit me like a ton of bricks.
  42. you can always trust a truck driver because they have a lot of “mileage.”
  43. how do you turn a truck into a sofa? add a comfy trailer!
  44. the monster truck couldn’t find a parking spot. it was a real “wheelie” difficult situation.
  45. what do dumpster trucks eat for dinner? junk food.
  46. why don’t trucks ever get lost? they always follow their route!
  47. glass bottle recycling truck in my home town
  48. why do truck drivers always carry sunglasses?they like to “shade” the road!
  49. how does a truck stay organized?a: it keeps everything in its “cargo-net”!
  50. why do truck drivers like dark nights?they’re used to delivering under the cover of darkness!
  51. i tried the food truck’s new seafood dish, but it didn’t “catch” my taste buds.
  52. i hit a crow in my truck one day, and it flew into the next lane and landed on a police car. i was ticketed for flipping the officer the bird.
  53. why did the truck blush?a: because it saw the highway’s bottom!
  54. today my son asked me if i had seen the new movie “the truck” i answered: “no, but i saw the trailer yesterday.”
  55. had to tell my family we can’t take the boat to the lake cause my truck broke down. fortunately, avocado.
  56. why did the truck driver bring a radio?he wanted some “tunes” on the road!
  57. what’s a truck’s favorite type of movie?a: a trailer!
  58. “drive safe,” said the truck. “i’m not built for speed bumps.”
  59. the monster truck was a hit at the costume party – it dressed up as a “mummy” truck.
  60. hav any of you seen this new movie called “truck”? me neither ive only seen the trailer
  61. the truck was always happy because it kept on truckin’.
  62. why did the truck driver become a chef?he was tired of fast food on the road.
  63. why did the man sleep under the tanker truck? because he wanted to wake up oily in the moining.
  64. what do you call a truck with a to-do list?a pickup truck.
  65. why was the tow truck driver so good at making friends? he had a talent for “connecting.”
  66. why did the dump truck bring a ladder? it wanted to “reach” new heights of comedy.
  67. trucker: do you know what today is other trucker: that a big 10-4
  68. why did the truck driver bring a pencil to the race?a: to draw the finish line!
  69. why do truck drivers never get hungry?they always keep a spare tire!
  70. a vicks vaporub truck overturned on the freeway this morning. amazingly there was no congestion for 8 hours!
  71. how do trucks flirt?they use pick-up lines.
  72. the truck driver quit his job because he couldn’t handle the “load” anymore.
  73. did you hear about the truck that got stuck in traffic? it had a “semi” tough time!
  74. a police man knocked on my door the other morning and said ‘it looks like your wife has been hit by a truck’ i said ‘i know’
  75. whenever i stubbed my toe growing up… -” you need a tow truck!?”
  76. trucks always have a lot on their plate.
  77. why don’t truck drivers have a hard time deciding what to eat?they always have a truckload of options!
  78. what did the traffic light say to the truck? don’t look i’m about to change.
  79. how do trucks flirt? they honk if they’re horny!
  80. what has 4 wheels and flies? a garbage truck.

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