85 Tulip Puns to Make You Petal with Laughter

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Tulip puns run the gamut from the downright silly to the surprisingly sweet. You’ve got your wordplay on the name itself, with puns about tulips attending school or going to parties.

Many Tulip puns highlight tulips’ beauty, likening them to works of art or saying lovely things about a loved one. Some show the humble side of tulips through dental visits or broken stems.

No matter the theme, these 85 Best Tulip Puns bring a little bloom of humor to our day.

85 Best Tulip Puns

  1. you are never too young for picking tulips.
  2. what’s better than roses on your piano? tulips on your organ
  3. shine bright like a tulip.
  4.   what do you call a tulip that’s always late?
  5. why did the tulip go to the dentist? it needed a tulip-cleaning!
  6. why did the tulip become a teacher? it wanted to help others tulip-grow!
  7. tulip garden looks good on me.
  8. how do you grow the brightest tulips? you start with a light bulb.
  9. my wife came home with a big bunch of flowers and says where would you like me to plant them. i said i’ll tell you where you can plant your tulips.
  10. still life with tulips. we all need beauty in our lives.
  11. i’m not tulip-ing when i say you’re the most beautiful flower in the garden.
  12. what do you call a tulip that’s a detective? a mystery bloom solver!
  13. flowers heal me. tulips make me happy.
  14. tiptoe through the tulip fields with me.
  15. put your money where your tulips are.
  16. why did the tulip attend school? to improve its tulip-tation!
  17. how do tulips stay calm? they practice tulip-meditation!
  18. when tulips thrive, it’s bulb-tastic!
  19. what’s better than roses on your piano? tulips on your organ.
  20.   what do you call a tulip with a broken stem?
  21. sometimes all i want are tulips surrounding me from all sides.
  22. what do you call a parade of tulips? a tulip-stration!
  23. how do tulips communicate? through flower language!
  24. what’s better than roses on your piano? … tulips on your organ.
  25. how did the gardener blow a whistle he used his tulips
  26. why did the tulip refuse to play hide-and-seek? it knew it would always be too easy to tulip-spot!
  27. let’s go on a romantic tulip.
  28. what do you call a tulip with a great sense of humor? a tulip-rist!
  29. i was working on the garden. i asked my wife is she liked my new tulips. she asked when i got the operation.
  30. how do tulips throw a party? they tulip-plan it!
  31. stop and smell the tulips.
  32. why did the tulip go to the dance party? it wanted to tulip-tap the night away!
  33. how do tulips keep their secrets safe? they lock them in a tulip-safe!
  34. get your tulips off of me!
  35. what do tulips do for fun? they tulip-party!
  36. why did the tulip bring a camera to the party? it wanted to capture tulip-memories!
  37. what do you call a shy tulip? a wallflower!
  38. what did the tulip say to the butterfly? “you make my heart aflutter!”
  39. what do you call a flower with a mouth? tulips
  40. how do tulips stay in shape? they tulipsize!
  41. any day in a tulip field is a good day.
  42. enjoying life one tulip at a time.
  43. what kind of flowers do you take to a smooch concert? tulips.
  44. what’s a tulip’s favorite type of bread? flower bread!
  45. why did the tulip refuse to fight? it believed in tulip-lomacy!
  46. what’s a tulip’s favorite game? stamen says!
  47. what do you call a tulip that’s always gossipping? a tulip-tattler!
  48. what’s a tulip’s favorite movie genre? tulip-dramas!
  49. what’s a tulip’s favorite dance move? the tulip twist, of course – it’s always blooming fun!
  50. what do dutch people need to kiss? tulips.
  51. what do you call a tulip that loves to travel? a tulip-globe-trotter!
  52. what is the name of the flower you find between your nose and your chin? tulips.
  53. what did the flower say to its girlfriend? “we’re mint tulip-gether!”
  54.   i’m not tulip-ing you when i say that you’re my favorite flower.
  55.   what do you call a group of tulips playing music together?
  56. i’ll take a tulip from your book.
  57.   my love for you is like a red tulip, always in bloom.
  58. what do you call a charismatic tulip? a charm-bloom!
  59. you know what time it is, it’s time for tulip.
  60. you’ve got me tulip-ping and stumbling.
  61. what’s better than having roses on your piano? tulips on your organ….
  62. what sort of flowers grow on your face? tulips..
  63. a tulip garden is always a good idea.
  64. 73:   it takes a lot of tulip-itude to plant a garden from scratch.
  65.   what did one tulip say to the other tulip when they were arguing?
  66. lost in the sea of tulips.
  67. what do you call a hardworking tulip? a busy bloom!
  68. another day, another tulip field.
  69. i love you tulip much.
  70. strictly a tulip girl.
  71. how do tulips send secret messages? they use tulip-code!
  72. i’m not a fan of roses. i guess i’m just tulip-biased.
  73. date proposal let’s go on a date you can help me plant tulipstulips around this dick
  74. whats the only flower that grows on a face? tulips
  75. how does a tulip apologize? it sends a bouquet.
  76. one popular feminine symbol of true romance is roses on a piano. most masculine ideas of romance include tulips on an organ.
  77. what’s a tulip’s favorite type of music? pop tulip tunes – they’re always in bloom!
  78. what’s better than roses on your piano? … tulips on your organ.
  79. what type of flowers are the best for kissing? tulips!
  80. what’s better than having roses on your piano? tulips on your organ.
  81. what’s a tulip’s favorite dessert? a petal-fait!
  82.   what’s a tulip’s favorite drink?
  83. you’re not just any mom; you’re a tulip-mom!
  84. you’re freezing, your tulips are blue.
  85. you’re just a dim tulip bulb.

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