55 Ukulele Puns That Will Have You Singing a Happy Tune

best funny Ukulele puns
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Ukulele Puns are humorous funny wordplay about the ukulele instrument. They often involve words related to ukuleles, music, or playing the instrument.

From Puns that play with words related to ukuleles to those that connect them to other musical concepts, we have offered a list of 55 Best Ukulele Puns with unique and humorous perspectives on the instrument.

Whether you’re a seasoned ukulele player or simply appreciate a good laugh, these puns are sure to strike a chord and bring joy to your day.

55 Best Ukulele Puns

  1. unsurprisingly the wonderful ukulele has inspired many wise words and quite a few less wise words too. some of these ukulele quotes will make you see your instrument in a whole new light, while others will make you want to pick it up and strum away.
  2. how many ukulele players does it take to change a light bulb? none – they just wait for the spotlight to come back on them.
  3. what size ukulele should you buy?
  4. what do you call a ukulele festival where everyone is playing in harmony? uke-topia!
  5. ukulele players always seem to get into treble.
  6. what do you call a group of ukuleles playing in harmony? a “uke-nited” band.
  7. what’s the most common cause for ukulele tuning problems? user error.
  8. what’s the difference between a baritone ukulele and a trampoline? you take your shoes off to jump on a trampoline.
  9. what’s a tenor ukulele player’s favorite type of sandwich? tunafish, because they’re always in tuna mode.
  10. ahchoo-kulele – ukulele with the flu.
  11. why did the ukulele go to therapy? it had too many “string”-related issues!
  12. what did the ukulele player say when they made a mistake? “oops, i fret it again!”
  13. what do ukulele enthusiasts and pirates have in common? they both love to “pluck” on the high seas!
  14. why did the ukulele start a band with the banjo? they were a “string-duet.”
  15. ukulele for dummies if you’re like me then you probably check out the “for dummies” series when…
  16. banjo-mandlin-ukulele for a measly $8,500
  17. is the luna “banjolele” banjo ukulele out of production?
  18. there’s something about the ukulele that just makes you smile. it makes you let your guard down. it brings out the child in all of us. – jake shimabukuro
  19. why was the ukulele the teacher’s pet? it always knew the “chords” to success.
  20. how long does it take to learn the banjo? and if you’re already a violinist and guitarist (and, subsequently, you can cope with ukulele)?
  21. what do you get when you cross a baritone ukulele player with a computer programmer? a person who can’t play music or fix your computer.
  22. no matter where i go, i like to bring my ukulele, then, whenever someone asks if i play an instrument, i say… “i play a little guitar!”
  23. how do ukulele players keep their strings clean? they use uke-floss.
  24. what do you call a ukulele player without any fingers? all thumbs!
  25. why did the ukulele player become a chef? they loved cooking up some tasty chords!
  26. i bring my ukulele wherever i, whenever someone asks if i play an instrument, i say…“i play a little guitar!”
  27. what do you call a broken ukulele string? a uke-lear meltdown.
  28. what did the ukulele say to the guitar after a performance? “we’re in perfect ‘chord’-ination.”
  29. why did the ukulele player have so many friends? because he always made sure to stay in tune with others.
  30. why did the ukulele need a vacation? it was feeling a bit “strung” out.
  31. why did the ukulele player offer to help set up the festival? because he was good at pulling strings!
  32. why did the ukulele player get a job at the bakery? they knead the dough.
  33. what do you call a ukulele player who can play only one chord? a onehit wonder!
  34. what is “perfect pitch”?a: throwing a ukulele into the garbage can without hitting the rim.
  35. pewpew-kulele – ukulele with space lasers.
  36. thoughts please, i built this from scratch it’s a ukulele panjo or ukulele banjo i had a good friend play it and it’s sounds awesome, it had a very unique sound.
  37. why did the ukulele enthusiast break up with their partner? because they couldn’t find the right key to their heart!
  38. what do you call a famous ukulele player who’s always late? a string slacker.
  39. what’s a ukulele player’s favorite type of sandwich? strum-boli!
  40. why did the ukulele string go to jail? it was caught with high g’s on it.
  41. why was the ukulele teacher so good at tennis? because they had a great backhand and a strong strum hand.
  42. what’s a ukulele’s favorite dance move? the “strum-ba”!
  43. why did the concert ukulele player become a gardener? they wanted to grow their own g-strings.
  44. what do you get when you cross a famous ukulele player with a comedian? a uke-jester.
  45. clawhammer ukulele a great book for anyone interested in learning clawhammer ukulele. clawhamm…
  46. i was carrying my ukulele around in its case and my friend asked, “you play an instrument?” i replied, “yeah, i play a little guitar.”
  47. why was the ukulele player removed from the orchestra? he couldn’t find the right key!
  48. why did the ukulele player get in trouble with the police? he was caught playing high up on the frets!
  49. ukulelesfor beginners cheap soprano concert tenor bass baritone banjoleles
  50. what do you call a ukulele that can perform magic tricks? a “strum-wizard.”
  51. dad got my sister who went larping over the weekend my sister went to a larp over the weekend as a bard and brought her ukulele. my dad had this to say when she got back”you know, you better be careful running around the woods with your ukulele. you could get minstrel cramps.”
  52. what’s a ukulele player’s favorite superhero? uke-man!
  53. what do you call a tenor ukulele player who broke all their strings? a percussionist.
  54. why do ukulele players always sit at the edge of their chairs? so they can slide off if they need to make a quick escape.
  55. what do you get when you cross an out-of-tune ukulele with a cat? a feline that won’t stop complaining about the racket.

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