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Vietnam puns are play or word-games referring to some particular sides of Vietnamese life, culture, history, or kitchen. These jokes include puns or plays relating to the word “Vietnam” country.

The common themes of the Vietnamese puns are Vietnamese food such as Pho and Banh Mi, the war between Vietnam, Vietnamese, as well other cultural aspects of Vietnam.

these puns mark the festive mood and recognize these colorful facets of Vietnamese life. These 55 Best Vietnam Puns are on Vietnamese cuisine, history, or language.

55 Best Vietnam Puns

  1. ‘yesterday i got kicked out of a vietnamese restaurant -how dare they banh mi?’
  2. “i’m pho-ever grateful for the beauty of the colors in vietnam.”“vietnam has a pho-nomenal tradition and history.”
  3. “vietnam is a country that teaches you to appreciate the small things in life, like a warm smile, a kind gesture or a delicious bowl of pho.” – traveller’s elixir
  4. why was the vietnamese cake shop always busy? they had the “bun”-niest treats in town!
  5. “being in vietnam and being around a major story of the time was always a great shot of adrenaline.” – horst faas
  6. ‘i deliberately did not read anything about the vietnam war because i felt the politics of the war eclipsed what happened to the veterans. the politics were irrelevant to what this memorial was.’ – maya lin
  7. how did the vietnamese fish become so talented? it attended “pho”-gill school to refine its skills!
  8. what does fortnite and vietnam have in common bushcamping
  9. why was the vietnamese detective always successful? he had a “pho”-nomenal sense of deduction!
  10. breaking news: vietnam accidentally sank its own submarine killing all 350 on board whoops, wrong sub.
  11. ‘i saw courage both in the vietnam war and in the struggle to stop it. i learned that patriotism includes protest, not just military service.’ – john f. kerry
  12. i came to vietnam for the noodles and stayed for the chaos
  13. a country that has been through as much as vietnam has to have some crazy music somewhere. -henry rollins
  14. read more: banh mi boys is bringing vietnamese-style po’boys from new orleans to portland
  15. did you hear about the most recent vietnamese automobile? it was nguyen improved.
  16. my local vietnamese restaurant
  17. what’s a vietnamese ghost’s favorite dessert? “pho”-gurt!
  18. why did so many black men get killed in vietnam? when the generals would yell, “get down!” they would all start dancing.i’m so sorry.
  19. vietnam: where history echoes, beauty captivates and culture thrives.
  20. “that’ll put us about a hundred miles due east of ho chi minh city in another five hours. the name always caught max off guard. vietnam’s largest city would always be saigon to him.” – clive cussler
  21. ‘i’m very moved to be here today. our lives are now much better, but vietnam remains a very poor country. we need to work much harder.’ – ho chi minh
  22. my two vietnamese friends got married. they both really love one another. it’s a nguyen-nguyen situation.
  23. ‘the vietnamese restaurant in my town closed yesterday. the sign out front said pho sale.’
  24. no matter if you are traveling to vietnam or you live in vietnam already, you will find some of the best vietnam quotes in this post, so keep on reading!
  25. my grandpa went to vietnam and he shot and killed dozens of north vietnamese singlehandedly. we are going on vacation somewhere else next year.
  26. why was the vietnamese gardener always happy? because they loved to “pho”-tograph their beautiful creations!
  27. “vietnam’s century-old french villas and colonial-era government buildings are a draw for the 8 million tourists who visit the country every year. even in france, we don’t have so many examples of the beautiful wrought-iron railings and staircases that you see here.” – emmanuel ly-batalla
  28. “vietnam is a symphony of flavors and aromas, where every bite and sip is a sensory experience.” – traveller’s elixir
  29. if you always buy a particular type of souvenir for a collection, whether you’re looking for a refrigerator magnet, a spoon, a bell, etc., you’ll be able to find them easily in vietnam. there are lots of great souvenir shops in the cities and airports that carry typical vietnamese souvenirs.
  30. from splendid green terraced fields carpeting the mountains to the thrilling winding roads to the biggest caves in the world to kitesurfing on the beaches – vietnam is a total package if you love traveling and being outdoors.
  31. i didn’t expect to find much visible trace of the american war in vietnam. the vietnamese are too hard-bitten to dwell on it, and they’ve sanded away all but the outcroppings of history – the museums, the memorials. -evan osnos
  32. ‘this – not any particular piece of vietnamese culture – is my inheritance: the inexplicable need ad extraordinary ability to run when the shit hits the fan. my refugee reflex.’ ― thi bui
  33. what’s a vietnamese cloud’s favorite hobby? “pho”-tography!
  34. 5 things to bring to vietnam
  35. light reflecting off vietnamese soup should be called pho tons
  36. what’s a vietnamese panda’s favorite snack? “pho”-bamboo shoots!
  37. “vietnam, my heart ”“vietnam, my forever ”
  38. what’s a vietnamese snake’s favorite subject in school? “pho”-ysics!
  39. what’s a vietnamese cat’s favorite dance move? the “paw-sa nova.”
  40. what do you call a vietnamese parrot that can mimic any voice? a “pho”-netic parrot!
  41. why did the vietnamese detective always wear sunglasses? they had a “pho”-tographic memory!
  42. what do you call a vietnamese fish that loves to dance? a “pho”-nny fish!
  43. ‘i’d rather go to vietnam than get married.’ -joe namath
  44. “discovering the hidden gems of vietnam one adventure at a time.”“vietnam, a country that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.”“vietnam, a country where the beauty is like nothing you’ve ever seen.”
  45. ‘vietnam presumably taught us that the united states could not serve as the world’s policeman; it should also have taught us the dangers of trying to be the world’s midwife to democracy when the birth is scheduled to take place under conditions of guerrilla war.’ – jeane kirkpatrick
  46. ‘strap on my arm; the streets is feeling like vietnam.’ – lavell w. crump
  47. ‘vietnam, i love you for a long time. all-day, all night, i love you a long time.’ – alex garland
  48. have you ever visited the area between thailand and vietnam? don’t bother. it’s pretty laos-y.
  49. ‘matterhorn is my metaphor of the vietnam war – we built it, we abandoned it, we assaulted it, we lost, and then we abandoned it again.’ – karl marlantes
  50. mr. t visited my local vietnamese restaurant. i pity the pho.
  51. “vietnam is a country that will make you appreciate the beauty of simplicity.”“in vietnam, the scenery is as stunning as the sunsets.”“vietnam is where i discovered that happiness can be found in the smallest things.”“vietnam is a country that will inspire you to live life to the fullest.”
  52. i can’t say what made me fall in love with vietnam – that a woman’s voice can drug you; that everything is so intense. the colors, the taste, even the rain. -graham greene
  53. “kiss me goodbye and write me while i’m gone. goodbye my sweetheart, hello vietnam.” – dave dudley
  54. never show a vietnam veteran the movie the loras he’s had enough of people speaking for the trees.
  55. what do you call a vietnamese dog that can surf? “pho”-boarding pup!.

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