70 Violin Puns You’ll Spit Out Your Rosin

best funny violin Puns
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Violin puns riff on everything from violin parts and playing techniques to composer puns and orchestra humor. Some popular themes include jokes about violin brands, digs at viola players, and cringe-worthy puns about scales, notes, and chords.

Violin puns range from groaners to clever wordplay only fellow string enthusiasts might appreciate. Either way, they pluck at the humorous side of violin culture and musician life.

So rosin up that bow and get ready to titter along with this collection of side-splitting puns and quips embracing all things fiddle!

70 Best Violin Puns

  1. why don’t violists ever get lost? because violinists always know where they’re supposed to be.
  2. how do first violinists stay organized? they have a “bow”-nus system!
  3. why did the chinrest say to the violin? “i’ll always support you, no matter how much you whine!”
  4. why did the violinist go to jail? for playing high “f” on the streets.
  5. why did the violinist go to the doctor? it had a case of virtu-osteo!
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  7. why was the violinist always the life of the party? because they knew how to fiddle around!
  8. did the young violinist learn to play?
    a. he just started fiddling around with it.
  9. how can you tell if a violinist is playing out of tune? their bow is moving.
  10. what’s the definition of a minor second? two violinists playing the same note in unison.
  11. what is the definition of a semitone?two beginner violinists playing in unison.
  12. how do you make a violin sing? play a tune in its key!
  13. what do violins do when they feel cranky? they graun.
  14. why was the violin feeling sad? it had too many string-attached relationships!
  15. how do you know if a violin is out of tune? the cat starts covering its ears!
  16. why did the violinist keep a list of all the famous violin brands he tried? so he could always guarneri good story!
  17. so pick up your bow, relax your fingers, and get ready to enjoy some side-splitting violin humor that will have you saying, “encore!”
  18. what did shakespeare name his violin? violin-ce!
  19. how does a violin apologize? it plays a heartfelt concerto!
  20. what’s the difference between a violin and a fiddle? no one cares if you spill beer on a fiddle.
  21. why did the violin bow audition for the orchestra? it thought it could string along a new career.
  22. how do you know when a violin solo is really bad? even the conductor starts texting.
  23. why was the violinist always cold? they could never find the right key to warm up!
  24. what’s the difference between a violin and a viola? a viola burns longer.
  25. q.what did the violin say when it finally played the piece correctly?
    a. viola!
  26. what’s the difference between a violinist and a pizza?a pizza can feed a family of four.
  27. why did the viola player switch to the violin? it was just a case of viola envy.
  28. how many violinists does it take to screw in a light bulb?just one. they hold the light bulb in place while the world revolves around them.
  29. why do violins prefer hotels? the concerto service!
  30. why did the violinist get a job at the prestigious violin shop? he wanted to start fiddling with the best brands!
  31. what do amateur violinists do when they practice?
  32. what do you call a forgetful violin? a-mnestic-melody!
  33. what do you call a violin that’s out of tune? perfect for the beginner violinist.
  34. why did the violin teacher go to jail? for fingering a minor.
  35. why do violin bows always get invited to parties? they know how to make a good impression.
  36. if i have kids, i don’t think i’ll let them join band. i don’t feel good about all the sax and violins.
  37. – because you will get arrested for domestic violins.
  38. why should you never be violent with your violin?
  39. what do you call a string player who can play in tune? a violinist in denial.
  40. i slapped my violin out of anger. i got arrested for domestic violins
  41. what’s a violinist’s favorite type of footwear? “string” sandals!
  42. when do violinists meet up with one another?
  43. why do violinists always carry a spare set of strings in their case? in case they get a little too “string-ent” with their playing.
  44. what do you call an amateur violinist with a day job? a part-time screecher.
  45. what do you call a violinist who’s also a doctor? a “fiddling physician”!
  46. what did the man do when he dropped his violin? he quartet…
  47. why did the violinist get a ticket? they were caught speeding in a school zone – playing allegro.
  48. how do you keep your viola from getting stolen? put it in a violin case.
  49. why do amateur violinists make great baseball players? they’re used to fiddling around.
  50. what do you call a violinist with perfect pitch? a liar.
  51. how do you get a violinist to play quietly? put sheet music in front of them that they haven’t practiced.
  52. my son got into a fist fight with his music teacher because he wrongly answered a question in his test. when he told me the story i just could say one thing… “son, violins is not the answer”.
  53. how did the violinist fix their broken string? with a little bach’s tape.
  54. what’s the difference between a violin and a viola?the viola holds more beer.
  55. what do you call the worlds smallest violin? hard to play.
  56. what did the conductor say to the first violinist? “you’re the top string in this operation!”
  57. what do you call a violin that never plays in tune? a broken fiddle.
  58. why did the violinist get stage fright during the concerto? all the other musicians were stringing him along.
  59. what do you call a violinist who can play only one note? a specialist.
  60. how do you compliment a violin on its outfit? tell it it’s stringin’!
  61. what’s the best part of a violin?the mute.
  62. playing the violin is a serious art form that requires immense skill and experience to perfect.
  63. why do violinists keep their sheet music on the stand? so they can read it between their bows.
  64. what’s a violinist’s favorite type of jewelry? “string” bracelets!
  65. why do violinists insist on practicing in empty hallways? because of the great acoustics!
  66. why did the violinist bring a gps to the concert? because they didn’t want to lose their way in the “concerto.”
  67. why did the violin teacher go to jail? for repeat offender- they kept returning to the scene of the crime: the music stand.
  68. why was the viola invented? because not everyone can be a violinist.
  69. how can you shut up a violinist?
  70. what do you call a forgetful violinist? absent-mindolin!

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