140 Water Puns to Make Your Day a Little More Liquid

best funny water puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Water puns are a form of humor that use puns or jokes related to water and its many aspects. This includes wordplay involving water’s physical properties, its uses, the creatures that live in it, and the various states it can exist in.

The themes of water puns are quite diverse. They can involve everyday experiences with water, such as drinking from a water bottle, swimming, or dealing with weather conditions. They can also play on the different meanings of the word ‘water’, such as in the joke “What do you say if you find three watering holes in the ground? Well, well, well.” Other themes include water’s role in various professions and activities, as seen in the pun “What do you call a water droplet that loves to take pictures? A Shutter-Stream!” or its existence in different states and forms, as in “What do you get when you poke at a bottle of water? Tap water.”

The puns can also use water-related words and phrases in unexpected ways, creating a humorous effect through surprise and incongruity.

140 Best Water Puns

  1. what do you say if you find three watering holes in the ground? well, well, well.
  2. what is a water bottle’s favorite game to play? follow the litre.
  3. water-ver it is, keep the grind.
  4. how can you make water? melting ice!
  5. where can water droplets settle an argument? the supreme quart.
  6. where can you find an ocean with no water? on a map.
  7. what did an impatient pot of water say to the noodles?udon!?
  8. water babe, wave chaser.
  9. every time i take a drink from a bottle, it keeps pouring back. must be spring water.
  10. my water broke! and by that, i mean my bottle has a leak.
  11. “water’s least favorite season? fall, because of the leaves clogging it.”
  12. in deep water? just keep floating.
  13. there are only two reasons why you should never drink toilet water. number one. and number two.
  14. water we waiting for? let’s dive right in!
  15. how do you know if an ant is a boy or a girl?if you toss it in the water and it sinks, it’s a girl. if the ant floats, it’s a buoyant.
  16. what kind of fruit do moles eat in the summer? water-mole-ns.
  17. “water said to the ice, ‘you’re just a phase’.”
  18. why do dogs float in water? because they’re good buoys.
  19. what do you call a lizard that likes the water? an aqua-na.
  20. what is the opposite of salt water? pepper water.
  21. what do you get if you combine a rabbit with a water hose? hare spray.
  22. what kind of water is good for your health? well water.
  23. how do you make holy water? you boil the hell out of it!
  24. what keeps a dock floating above water?pier pressure.
  25. what’s the favorite exercise of water? the water lunge.
  26. what do you call a water droplet that loves to take pictures?a: a shutter-stream!
  27. what’s a water droplet’s favorite type of fruit?a: a water-melon!
  28. “why was the water filter so confident? it knew it was clear of any impurities.”
  29. how do you make holy water?make sure to boil the hell out of it.
  30. someone asked me to name two structures that hold water. i was like.. well, damn!
  31. why didn’t the dwarf fall and die even though he fell from a very high mountain? the waterfall wouldn’t let him die.
  32. why was the water embarrassed? it saw the fountain’s bottom.
  33. the hot water heater was such a comedian; it had a great sense of warmth.
  34. wanted to play water polo but couldn’t get the horses to swim.
  35. i never believed water could freeze, but now icy.
  36. what can you always substitute for ice in a recipe? frozen water.
  37. why does everyone need bread and water? loaf makes the world go round.
  38. what do you get when you poke at a bottle of water? tap water.
  39. how do you determine the gender of an ant? if it floats on the water, it is a buoyant.
  40. “water’s life story? it’s a long tale of ebbs and flows.”
  41. water good at math is known for its “calculated” flow.
  42. “why did the water go to therapy? to address its fluid issues.”
  43. why don’t some bodies of water get along? because they have different currents.
  44. the water felt like going on vacation, but it just didn’t know where to sea.
  45. what do you call a thoughtful water droplet? a deep thinker.
  46. what water yields the most beautiful lettuce heads? perspiration.
  47. water bout your loss?a: it’s been tough, but i’m coping.
  48. i just spent three hours chasing all the water fowl out of my yard… i have no egrets.
  49. why was the water droplet always happy? it was always in its element.
  50. water’s the last thing i’d wine about.
  51. if you ever feel blue, try drinking a gallon of water before going to sleep. that will give you a reason to get up in the morning.
  52. so i started this new underwater band-project.  i hope you guys like aquapella.
  53. the water filed a police report because it was “mugged” by a cup.
  54. what kind of rocks are never under water?dry ones!
  55. what did the poor man do with his beautiful water painting? he pond it.
  56. why did the water go to therapy? it wanted to dive into its emotions.
  57. what happens when water gets angry? it boils over.
  58. how do snails breathe under water? snailkels.
  59. all you have to know about celery is that it’s made up of 95% water, and it’s 100% not pizza.
  60. his yatch was swept by water because it was tide up with a loose rope.
  61. why did the waterfall break up with the river? it was too fast-paced.
  62. throwing out the baby with the bath water
  63. teacher: what’s the formula of water? student: h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o.teacher: that’s not the formula of water.student: you said the formula was h to o.
  64. water hates getting into arguments. it can’t handle the heat.
  65. who is the world’s greatest underwater spy? pond. james pond.
  66. “why don’t water droplets marry? they’re afraid of the commitment to pool together.”
  67. water is heavier than butane because butane is a lighter fluid.
  68. a friend dug a hole in the garden and filled it with water. i think he meant well.
  69. is there a particular time of the year when a hot dog needs help? no. they’re always in hot water.
  70. how do you make holy water? make sure to boil the hell out of it.
  71. love watching running water on the internet.was watching a live stream.
  72. what do you call water that is good for you? well water.
  73. h20 is water, but what is h204?it’s for swimming and drinking, of course.
  74. why are mice scared of swimming in water? because of all the catfish.
  75. is the water on your farm healthy? yes, we only have well water.
  76. final thoughts: reflecting on the deluge of water wit
  77. what do you call an artistic body of water? a van gogh-ulf.
  78. what do you call a water droplet that loves to shop?a: a retail raindrop!
  79. water you think about him and me getting married?a: i haven’t really thought about it much.
  80. to all the warm water that suddenly encountered cool air… you will be mist.
  81. why was the water at the bottom of the waterfall so calm? it had learned to let things go.
  82. what happens when you get water on a table? it becomes a pool table.
  83. why is it so hard for sharks to see their reflection in the water? because they’re all looking at each-others.what is a fish’s favorite weather condition? splashy!
  84. “why do water droplets love gossip? they get into every nook and cranny.”
  85. how does a queen like her water? not reigning.
  86. “i asked water for an autograph. it gave me a rain check.”
  87. hydrogen and oxygen had a relationship, but it was just water under the bridge.
  88. water’s favorite song? “bridge over troubled water,” naturally.
  89. what runs but never walks? water.
  90. what kind of tree is the best for blocking water? an evergreen
  91. what keeps a dock floating above water? pier pressure.
  92. what did the water say to the boat? “nothing, it just waved.”
  93. water will always be there for you, in sickness and in health, in pour times and in pure times.
  94. i never believed water could freeze, but now icy.
  95. why did the cactus swipe right on the water bottle’s profile? it heard it was good at giving wet hugs!
  96. why did the water go to therapy? it had bottled up emotions.
  97. watery going to do when college gets over?a: i’m not sure yet, no concrete plans.
  98. what’s a water bottle’s favorite sport?a: water polo!
  99. what are the two reasons you should refrain from drinking toilet water? number one, and number two.
  100. my water broke… the ice at the party last night!
  101. jake forgave me for not catching him when he fell, he says it’s water under the bridge.
  102. there are two reasons why you should never drink toilet water.number one. and number two.
  103. how do you make holy water? you boil the hell out of it.
  104. how do you make a water bed bouncy? use spring water.
  105. what’s a water droplet’s favorite type of candy?a: gushing gummies!
  106. what do mermaids sleep on? water beds!
  107. the water was feeling shy, so i told it to just go with the flow.
  108. why did the sink say praises for the water faucet? because it was a real drip.
  109. waterever the case is, i will not let him go if he is guilty.a: that’s a strong stance to take.
  110. watery going to wear on her wedding as bridesmaid? i haven’t decided on my outfit yet.
  111. where do water droplets go to settle arguments? the supreme quart.
  112. what do you get, when you pour down hot water into a rabbit hole? hot cross bunnies
  113. i never realized that water skiing could be such a drag until i got lugged for several nautical miles.
  114. what did the water say to the boat? nothing, it just waved.
  115. what’s a water’s favorite type of music? liquid dnb.
  116. how deep does water have to be to be ankle deep? two feet.
  117. what kind of water cannot freeze? hot water.
  118. why do fish live in salt water? because pepper water would make them sneeze.
  119. “do water droplets gossip? yes, but in hushed tones.”
  120. earth, wind, and fire was almost called earth, wind, and water but then one bandmate said “eww
  121. why was the water at the club? to quench its thirst for dancing!
  122. today i learned that if you’re in a canoe and it flips over in water… ….you can safely wear it on your head… because it’s capsized.
  123. what is the sea say to the river? you can run, but you can’t tide.what do horse fish horse around with underwater? sea horses.
  124. why did the water droplet go to the party? to hydrate and mingle!
  125. why do water droplets make great friends? they’re always there to buoy you up!
  126. i wanted to build a water bottling company but the market was already saturated.
  127. a water bottle’s favorite game is follow the litre.
  128. i’m swimming at the beach, water you doing today.
  129. water is essential, and it makes life more fun. about 71% of earth’s surface is water, with around 96.5% being salt water.
  130. my brother is getting married to this woman named maddy. he’s going to maddy the waters.
  131. how do you wrap a gift for a puddle of water? using a rain-bow.
  132. i’ve got some liquid confidence – it’s just water though.
  133. water’s favorite type of music is hip-hop.
  134. the water and the mountain had a conversation, but it was all just a peak experience.
  135. what does the ice cube say? i was water before it was cool.
  136. what kind of comedy does water not like? dry humor.
  137. why is water so smart? because it’s in a well.
  138. spill the tea, or maybe just water it down.
  139. what do you call water that is good for you?well water.
  140. what is a water bottle’s favorite game to play? follow the liter.

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