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best funny wave puns
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Wave puns are jokes or humorous phrases that play on words related to waves, such as ocean waves, sound waves, or other wave phenomena. Common themes for wave puns include surfing, beaches, ocean life, music, radio, and other topics connected to different types of waves.

Wave puns can reference various wave types including ocean waves, sound waves, heat waves, radio waves, and more. Popular themes involve surfing, beaches, ocean life, music, radio, technology, and other areas connected to waves.

The list of 75 Best Wave Puns may also reference wave behavior, wave uses and applications, or wave interactions to craft amusing double meanings.

75 Best Wave Puns

  1. why are sine waves not cosine waves? cos sine waves are different.
  2. jesus waves at a samaritan, and the samaritan waves back. what happened when he waves at a roman? he left him hanging.
  3. surfing the waves of laughter (editors pick)
  4. what did one wave say to the other? nothing, they just waved.
  5. what do you call a group of surfers waiting for the perfect wave? a chillow!
  6. what do you call a tiny wave? a microwave
  7. surf’s up, and we’re riding the wave of laughter!
  8. what do you call it when a midget waves at you? microwave
  9. the metal strip in paper currency is sensitive to microwave and radio waves. because it apparently tends to burn a hole in the pocket.
  10. i bet the ocean is salty because no one waves back.
  11. during the heat wave, i turned into a sunburnt potato – baked to a crisp!
  12. a sloth walks in to a bar and waves to get the bartender’s attention, and says i’ll have …….. a soda water. the bartender replies “why the long paws?”
  13. what did the sound wave say to the doctor? “it hertz when i touch it doc”
  14. why did the tidal wave get a part-time job? it wanted to make some extra cash flow!
  15. what do you get for diving into a wave of oranges. vitamin sea.
  16. hear me out: if sound is a wave then i already know sine language!
  17. i heard the tidal wave went to therapy because it had too many emotional ups and downs!
  18. why did the radio wave go to school? it wanted to expand its knowledge across the airwaves!
  19. why did the surfer go to the library? he wanted to check out some wave-length books!
  20. how do roads wave to one another? by using their hi-waves and bye-waves.
  21. what do you call a prostitute that shoots radio waves out of her nipples? a wi-fi thotspot
  22. what do you get when you mix a sound wave and a rainbow? a colorful spectrum of sound!
  23. the waves are calling, and i must answer—surfing is in my soul.
  24. riding waves like a boss, with no room for moss!
  25. why did the radio wave get a ticket? it was caught speeding through the electromagnetic spectrum!
  26. as i helped my friend with some speaker equipment, he asked “will this make a sound if i unplug it?” i smiled as a wave of nostalgia hit me square in the heart. “what’s up?” my friend asked, noticing my change in demeanor. “that’s the last thing i said to my grandma.”
  27. there’s a rumour going around about two waves racing to the beach. can you guess which one won? they tide!
  28. if you’re feeling down, just catch some waves, and you’ll find yourself on the “next wave” of happiness.
  29. i asked the sound wave how it was doing, and it replied, ‘i’m on a wavelength of happiness!’
  30. i live in an apartment building, and my neighbour, nami, on the floor above me, managed to flood my entire apartment! there are practically tidal waves in my kitchen. she refuses to pay for the cleanup, too. i don’t know if this was the right choice, but i decided to tsunami.
  31. my girlfriend and i were at the beach. after a swim she asked me, “how’s the ocean?””eh, it comes in waves.”
  32. why did the surfer challenge the tidal wave to a dance-off? because he wanted to ride the tide and show off his moves!
  33. what did the wave say to the shore? what up beach
  34. why did the ocean wave become a detective? it wanted to solve the mysteries of the tide!
  35. why did the heat wave start a workout routine? it wanted to get that sizzling summer body!
  36. when the temperature soared, i couldn’t resist saying, ‘this heat wave is really turning up the fahrenheit!’
  37. what do you call the waves on a small beach? microwaves.
  38. what’s a sine wave’s favorite mode of transportation? a periodic cycle!
  39. “i’d rather face a thousand suns than this heatwave.”“it’s so hot, i’m pretty sure i’m turning into a zucchini.”“i’m sweating so much, even the mosquitoes don’t want to bite me.”“it’s hotter than a pepper sprout out here.”
  40. religion is like a penis it’s fine to have it, care about it, and be proud of it. but don’t expect anyone else to do the same, and please don’t whip it out and wave it around in public.
  41. what do you call a short person waving at you? microwave
  42. why did the ocean wave break up with the tide? it needed some space for self-reflection!
  43. i’m “shore” there’s no better feeling than the rush of dropping into a perfect wave.
  44. why did the ocean get embarrassed by the tidal wave? it said, ‘you’re making such a big splash about everything!’
  45. why did the sine wave refuse to go bungee jumping? it was afraid it might experience a phase inversion!
  46. how do ocean waves flirt? they use their best swell lines!
  47. did you hear about the radio wave that was a great dancer? it had some seriously groovy wavelengths!
  48. how do ocean waves communicate when they’re far apart? they use shellphones!
  49. i live in an apartment building, and my neighbour, nami, on the floor above me, managed to flood my entire apartment! there are practically tidal waves in my kitchen. she refuses to pay for the cleanup, too. i don’t know if this was the right choice, but i decided to tsunami.
  50. why did the sound wave join the choir? it wanted to harmonize with its fellow waves!
  51. waved at my boss while leaving from office. seems, he wasn’t impressed….. …next time i think i should use all the fingers.
  52. what did the surfer say to the wave? “you’re shore to give me a good time!”
  53. catching waves isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of life for those who seek the thrill of the ocean.
  54. i’m always “stoked” to catch a wave and ride the good vibes!
  55. surfing is the best kind of board meeting—no stress, just waves and good company.
  56. “surfing quotes are great, but the real wisdom is found in the waves themselves.”
  57. the sun said to the heat wave, ‘you really know how to bring the sizzle to the summer!’
  58. a man stopped me in my path and waved his charity bucket at me. “you!” he said. “do you wish to change the lives of those that are starving?”i stopped and said, “do you?””do i?” he hesitated. “of course i do!”i said, “please move, then. i want to buy my lunch.”
  59. what did the scientist say after getting hit by a sound wave? “ouch, that hertz.”
  60. why did the sound wave go to school? to get a little more amplitude in life!
  61. due to the wave of homeschooling this year, i’m suggesting we change “wake me up when september ends” to “knock me out when september starts.”
  62. when life gets rough, i paddle out and let the waves wash away my worries.
  63. why did the tidal wave start meditating? it wanted to find its inner calm before causing a big commotion!
  64. riding the crest of the gnarliest wave!
  65. after major accidents with lots of preventable injuries, there’s always a wave of lawsuits. the sue-nami.
  66. i heard the sine wave can be quite indecisive – it’s always oscillating between choices!
  67. why did the ocean wave feel embarrassed? because it got caught undressing by the tide!
  68. her body tensed and quivered as she felt wave after wave surge through it… i probably should have told her about the new electric fence..
  69. why did the surfer bring a ladder to the beach? to catch some waves!
  70. there was a whole wave of people quitting smoking when a government body put out a warning on cigarettes. it was a surge in general.
  71. when waves go to school, they always make the “tide” for the honor roll.
  72. i asked the radio wave if it wanted to go to the gym, and it said, “nah, i’m already sending out plenty of waves – that’s my workout!”
  73. among sports, surfing is the one that generates the most laughter – you can’t help but smile when you catch a wave!
  74. what are new wave artists’ least favorite fruit? durian durian
  75. what kinds of waves hit little beaches? microwaves!

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