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Wheat puns play on words related to wheat, grains, bread, and farming. Common themes for wheat puns poke fun at wheat agriculture and milling, bread baking, gluten and wheat intolerance, and misusing wheat-related words.

Puns may reference wheat fields, harvesting, baking, different types of wheat like durum or barley, as well as bread ingredients and gluten. The wordplay often swaps out or rearranges letters in wheat-related terms for humorous effect.

These 45 Best Wheat Puns offer a lighthearted look at this staple crop through language-based jokes and double entendres.

45 Best Wheat Puns

  1. what did one german wheat farmer say to another german wheat farmer? gluten tag
  2. i got in the way at the silo when they were pouring grain. i got all wheat.
  3. how did the cow feel walking through a field of wheat? udderly tickled.
  4. wheat: as in, “separate the wheat from the chaff.” note: to separate the wheat from the chaff is to separate the valuable from the worthless.
  5. is this a common thing? or did i just farm wheat too long
  6. what’s more inbred than english monarchs? wheat.
  7. why did the wheat farmer bring his guitar to the field? he wanted to ‘harvest’ some sweet tunes.
  8. what do you call a stupid grain? a half wheat!
  9. the person who discovered wheat intolerance has died. the family has requested, no flours.
  10. what do germans call the first day of wheat harvest, and also a popular children’s game where kids chase each other around a wheat field? gluten tag
  11. where do grains of wheat sleep? in a breadroom
  12. what do you call a person unaware of whole wheat, whole grain, sourdough and rye? aloof of bread
  13. if you found a tribe of women in a giant field of wheat, would it be an amazon grain forest?
  14. what do you call a bread delivery service uber wheats
  15. my dining commons’ taco pizza on wheat
  16. here are my non common or silver north american coins! excludes wheat pennies info in comments
  17. why are there so many people going gluten free? because they’re all trying to avoid wheat gain.
  18. does anyone know if this is just wheat or something else? it’s pretty common in my area. it grows on the side of a lot of houses.
  19. how are joeffrey baratheon and wheat related? they’re both in-bread.
  20. hi! what do you call a physically fit grains farmer? shredded wheat
  21. what do you call 18 year old wheat? barley legal.
  22. i asked the baker if he could cut me a slice of whole-wheat bread. he replied, ‘are you ‘kneading’ it?’
  23. why did the farmer mistakenly work extra hard to keep barley and wheat away from his prized ox? the vet had recently diagnosed him with silly yak disease.
  24. a man was arrested while running in a wheat field. ..he was charged for going against the grain.
  25. durum wheat struggle, can it be overproofed?
  26. happy of my first mix of type 1 flour and durum wheat flour. taste is super!
  27. what is jonathan joestars favorite sandwich? hamon whole wheat.
  28. you guys hear about that grain farmer? he could barley wheat for his crops to come in.
  29. an italian wheat farmer was having a land dispute with another farmer. finally the first farmer had enough and said “stop! you are giving me a mygrain”
  30. i think frosted mini wheats need more icing. what common foods do you think need a small alteration to make them a shitload better?
  31. i recently found out that wheat in alabama is actually in-bread
  32. i could live off of just dairy and wheat products it’s my bread and butter.
  33. how does a wheat intolerant german say hi? gluten tag
  34. wheat farmer headaches (stole this one)
  35. what do you call a person unaware of whole wheat, whole grain, sourdough and rye? aloof of bread
  36. a wheat farmer caught a thief on his property who gave him quite the headache. “actually, they’re my grains” he said.
  37. why did the wheat become misshapen? it was inbread
  38. i can only count to seven in french because i’m allergic to wheat.
  39. wheat’s up with these tom swifties?
  40. if a car uses wheat-based ethanol, does it qualify as a high-bread vehicle?
  41. you can’t just decide to be a wheat farmer… …you have to be bread for it.
  42. i took a picture of a wheat field today… it came out pretty grainy.
  43. what’s the best way to make wheat giggle? ‘wheat’ some tickles into its ears.
  44. lots of people are farming wheat and other grains nowadays… but i have barley any.
  45. i eat ‘dinner’ for lunch. durum wheat semolina pasta, natural chicken sausage, and rao’s homemade marinara.

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