99 Winter Puns to Make You Forget the Cold

best funny winter puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Winter puns are all about taking familiar words or phrases related to the cold season and twisting them into jokes! They play on sounds and double meanings to create laughter.

Themes can range from the weather itself (“Snow way out of winter!”) to winter activities (“Let’s go surf the Winternet!”) to the way winter makes us feel (“I’ve got the winter blues”). So next time you’re feeling the chill, embrace it with a winter pun and bring some warmth (and laughter) to the season!

99 Best Winter Puns

  1. i’ll need a winter-preter.
  2. no one likes eating outside in the winter. it’s frost come, frost served.
  3. what did the tree say after a long, cold winter? what a re-leaf!
  4. why didn’t the whistleblower go outside during the winter? he was snowden.
  5. what does a tiger wear in the winter? a stripy jumper.
  6. snowed under with all this winter fun.
  7. when someone wishes me a “happy winter,” it always leaves me cold.
  8. let’s go surf the winternet.
  9. how does the purple snowman stay fit in winter? it does “frozen grapevine” exercises!
  10. there’s snow way out of winter.
  11. what does the latte wear in the winter? a beanie.
  12. it’s a winter-ful life.
  13. what’s the weatherman’s favorite food in winter? brrr-itos!
  14. why do bears like dogs in the winter? because they are chilly dogs.
  15. winter is un-brr-lieveable!
  16. i’ve got the winter blues.
  17. i cold you i love winter!
  18. what a winter-ful world.
  19. what did the snowflake say to the fallen leaf? “winter is coming!”
  20. frost and foremost, it’s winter.
  21. winter is snow much fun!
  22. how do people say their prayers in winter? hail mary.
  23. is your name winter? because you’ll be coming soon.
  24. i’m frost in love with winter.
  25. chill out, we have all winter.
  26. where do snowmen find the weather report? on the winter-net.
  27. winter weather? it’s sleet to me.
  28. winter gets my creative juices floe-ing
  29. why is vanilla ice popular in the winter? ice ice baby.
  30. i’m sick of winter – consider this a cry for alp!
  31. where does a bird have the most feathers in winter? on the outside.
  32. why are winter days great? they’re snow much fun.
  33. did you know that spider-man has a winter jacket made out of mediterranean flatbread? it’s a pita parka.
  34. it’s just coming into winter where i live, so i pitched a tent and put a disco ball inside. because now is the winter of my disco tent.
  35. winter is here, weather you like it or not.
  36. why did the bear keep getting fired? he always disappeared in the winter.
  37. a tree’s first winter must be terrifying. imagine the releaf they feel in spring.
  38. did you hear about the snowman who worked out all winter break?
  39. “you snow it to yourself to make the best of winter.”
  40. there are winters and losers.
  41. what do you call drag racing in the winter? snow drifting.
  42. where do snowmen get the weather report? the winternet.
  43. why do ducks fly south for the winter? because it’s too far to waddle.
  44. after six months of winter, all the snow finally melted. noice.
  45. what do you call a bear that likes to spend his summers at the north pole and his winters at the south? a bi-polar bear.
  46. what does a barbershop serve in winter? cold cuts!
  47. the winter forecast is snow laughing matter.
  48. how do you call a cab in winter? you hail it.
  49. why do skeletons hate winter? they get chilled to the bone.
  50. which athlete is warmest in winter? a long jumper.
  51. when someone wishes me a “happy winter,” it always leaves me cold.
  52. what’s the best part of school during the winter? snow and tell.
  53. finally my winter fat is gone. now i have spring rolls.
  54. why don’t mountains get cold in the winter? they always peak!
  55. this winter has been really long. it’s snowed more this winter than it has been a long time. it’s been a record year.
  56. how do you keep from getting cold feet in winter? don’t go around brrrfooted.
  57. what did spiderman wear in the winter?
  58. what do you call a snowman in a winter storm? a snowball in the making!
  59. this winter is a frostrating situation
  60. i’m sick of winter – this is a cry for alp!
  61. what do you call a winter monster with a six-pack? abdominal snowman.
  62. i’m browsing the winter-net.
  63. i hope we get a lot of snow this winter, i love skiing!when it’s cold outside, i like to stay in my igloo!it’s been really cold lately, i hope it warms up soon!
  64. when winter comes, this town turns into an iceburg.
  65. have an ice day!i hope we get a lot of snow this winter, i love skiing!
  66. why is winter the least popular time of year for a wedding?because the grooms always get cold feet!
  67. yule be sorry if you miss this winter fun.
  68. weather you like it or not, winter is here.
  69. all you need to do is say a winter word like cold, freeze, ice, or season over and over a few times. listen and try to think of other words they sound like.
  70. why do snowmen love winter? they can finally “chill” out!
  71. what’s a mouse’s favorite winter sport? mice-skating.
  72. what’s a snowman’s favorite beef dish? frost-bitten beef stew – it’s a winter warmer!
  73. what do you call a seagull during the winter? a brrrr-d.
  74. this winter, stay frosty!
  75. winter is quite ice-citing.
  76. i snuggle to get through these winter days
  77. guacin’ in a winter wonderland.
  78. what falls in the winter but never gets hurt? snow.
  79. mother knows best, and when winter comes, mother nature snows best.
  80. i like how it’s winter-active.
  81. what did one shepherd say to another shepherd on a cold winter’s night? i’m freezing. let’s get the flock out of here.
  82. animals: winter is here, we need a plan to survive. goose: wanna hear migrate idea.
  83. which animal do you want to be in winter? a little otter.
  84. after all is sled and done, i still love winter.
  85. did you hear about the chicken who could only lay eggs in winter? she was no spring chicken.
  86. i hope we get a lot of snow this winter, i love skiing!it’s been so long since we’ve had a good snowfall, i hope it snows soon!
  87. it’s a winter-wonderland out there.
  88. how does an unqualified snowflake become the president of winter weather?
  89. i love winter from my head down to my mistle-toes.
  90. snowmen are everywhere in wintertime, but why is it that you never see snow toddlers?because they’re always having meltdowns!
  91. what’s hard to get into, but even harder to get out of? a shower in winter.
  92. yule be sorry if you don’t enjoy winter.
  93. you snow it to yourself to make the best of winter!
  94. this winter is a frost-rating situation
  95. it keeps disappearing in the winter.
  96. what happens when winter arrives? autumn leaves.
  97. winter is no time to flake out.
  98. what do you call a tropical island in winter? brrrrmuda.
  99. did you hear about the netflix series summer to winter? it never got a 5th season.

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