35 Wisconsin Puns That Are Actually Funny

best funny wisconsin puns
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Wisconsin puns showcase the state’s quirky charm through clever wordplay. Nature, seasons, and of course cheese are common themes.

Weather also inspires puns, like a squirrel carrying an umbrella for “scattered” cheese curds. And when it comes to punny sayings, nothing is more on-brand for Wisconsin than “when in doubt, just brie yourself.”

35 Best Wisconsin Puns

  1. “wisconsin’s cool factor is off the charts, just like its cheese.”
  2. “adventurous wisconsin, always exploring.”“great lakes, great state, wisconsin pride.”“simple charm, wisconsin style.”“autumn in wisconsin, a time of beauty and change.”
  3. why did the bicycle fall over in wisconsin? it was two-tired!
  4. why did the wisconsin squirrel carry an umbrella? for the chance of scattered cheese curds!
  5. wisconsin: you have my whole heart and my whole stomach.
  6. “wisconsin: america’s dairyland“
  7. “exploring wisconsin’s hidden gems, one stunning sight at a time.”
  8. from the bustling city life of milwaukee to the tranquil beauty of door county, wisconsin offers a delightful blend of urban excitement and natural wonders.
  9. “wisconsin: where the seasons change, but the love for this state remains.
  10. “wisconsin: where every corner has its own funky story to tell.”
  11. lake me away to wisconsin
  12. how do you describe a cheese festival in wisconsin? gouda times!
  13. why did the wisconsin bread loaf go to therapy? it was feeling “kneaded.”
  14. it’s another brie-utiful day in wisconsin!
  15. there’s a wisconsin shop dedicated solely to cranberries and you have to visit
  16. “what do you call a cheese-loving bear in wisconsin? a ‘gouda’ appetite!”
  17. milwaukee, let’s do it!all you need is love and some wisconsin cheese
  18. wisconsin is known for a lot of things: cheese, the packers, arctic winters. but did you know that it’s also home to some of the funniest people in the country?
  19. “i love the midwest. i think about it every day. i wonder if i would rather have a little farm in the midwest, in illinois or wisconsin, or would i rather have like a little getaway up in the mountains of colorado.” – joe lando
  20. discussing a possible lion that was seen in wisconsin… my dad said it was hard to confirm it was a lion because the reports were from a number of “random spottings.”my mom said it “sounds more like a leopard.
  21. “amidst wisconsin’s beauty, life feels perfectly balanced.”
  22. “wisconsin’s got the funk, and we’re here to groove to it!”
  23. this might sound cheesy but i really love wisconsin!life is cheddar when we’re togethermilwaukee, you’re un-beer-lievablemay the forest be with youwisconsin, i lake you a lotthis might sound cheesy, but wisconsin, i think you’re really gratelake me away to wisconsindon’t worry, beer happy
  24. why did the wisconsinite go to the concert? to “cheese” the band!
  25. “wisconsin, a symphony of colors and serenity. its hidden trails and scenic wonders invite you to explore and find your own piece of paradise.” – traveller’s elixir
  26. new floral tattoo done by alyssa mcnall (lost lakes tattoo, madison, wisconsin)
  27. why did the wisconsin lemon stop in the middle of the road? it ran out of “juice.”
  28. how does a wisconsinite show their age? not by their wrinkles, but by the number of cheese curds they’ve eaten!
  29. “wisconsin’s beauty is a timeless work of art.”
  30. oshkosh, wisconsin festival. what a haul! still a few of each left!
  31. “madison, a city of unique growth and opportunity.”“peaceful wisconsin, a place of unique serenity.”
  32. take me to wisconsinexploring the midwestmy heart belongs to wisconsinme and wisconsin: love at first sightinto the forest i gop.s. i love wisconsinnever met a lake i liked so much
  33. “northwoods adventures, a wisconsin unique escape.”“the great lakes, a symbol of wisconsin’s individuality.”“comfortable small towns, a wisconsin unique haven.”“madison, a city of unique growth and opportunity.”“peaceful wisconsin, a place of unique serenity.”
  34. short wisconsin captions
  35. “when in doubt, just ‘brie’ yourself – a valuable life lesson from wisconsin.”

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