95 Best Worm Puns Make You Squirm with Laughter

best funny worm puns
Written by Fuuny Puns Team

Worm puns are a type of wordplay that uses the word “worm” in a humorous way. They are often used to make light of a situation or to add humor to a conversation.

There are many different types of worm puns, including those that play on the word “worm” itself, as well as those that use worms as a metaphor for other things.

So, get ready to wiggle with laughter as we explore the list of 95 Best Worm Puns and discover the different types that will surely make you squirm with delight!

95 Best Worm Puns

  1. why was the glow worm so disheartened? because her kids were not that bright!
  2. why did the bookworm join a book club? to meet others who share its “literary appetite”!
  3. worms are the original recyclers – they really “worm” their way into nature’s plan.
  4. a worm’s favorite designer brand is worm-enegildo zegna.
  5. what’s worse than finding a worm in an apple? finding half a worm in an apple!!!
  6. what did one worm say to the other after a long day of wriggling? “i’m all wiggled out!”
  7. when worms rule the globe, what do you name it?a: worldwide worming.
  8. why did the worm start a gardening club? to learn how to grow squiggle-shaped vegetables!
  9. the most popular worm that’s used for wrapping gifts is a tapeworm.
  10. when worms take over the world, it’s called global worming.
  11. share words of empo-worm-ent.
  12. what’s the worm’s favorite dance move? the twirkle!
  13. how do you measure the length of a worm? in worm meters, of course!
  14. why did the gummy worm go to school early? it didn’t want to be “late for chew-ology” class!
  15. what’s a glow worm’s favorite genre of music? “electric-pop” – it’s electrifying!
  16. why did the worm join a gym? it wanted to build muscle around!
  17. “our love is ‘earth’-shatteringly beautiful, just like worms in the soil!”
  18. which worm’s make the best gift wrappers? scotch tape-worms.
  19. why did the worm become an artist? it had an eye for detail!
  20. why was the bag containing the glow worms closed?a: since they usually make things easier!
  21. how do worms travel in groups? they form a squiggle line!
  22. what do you call a worm with no teeth? a gummy worm!
  23. what do you call a worm with no teeth? a gummy worm!
  24. opened a can of worms… they just sat there. hardly the chaos that’s beem advertised.
  25. worms can easily measure their length by asking for help from a tape worm.
  26. how do worms make important decisions? they meditate in the soil!
  27. “worms ‘inch’ their way to success!”
  28. a worm walks into a café, the owner says…
  29. why did the inch worm become a teacher? it had a knack for “measuring up” to the student’s needs!
  30. how do you tell which end of a worm is which? tickle it in the middle and see which end laughs.
  31. did you hear about the worm who won the lottery? it was a real “jackpot”!
  32. why did the worm save up for a new smartphone? it wanted the latest in apple-lications!
  33. what will happen if fish get addicted to earthworms? they will be hooked.
  34. what is more intelligent than a talking worm?a: a spelling contest.
  35. inchworms have excellent attention to detail because they never miss an inch.
  36. why did the worm start a band? it wanted to be a rock star in the underground music scene!
  37. my friend tried to teach a worm to play a musical instrument, but it just couldn’t find the right “note” to play!
  38. why should you never listen to a worm that lives in a scarecrow?
  39. i’m not a fan of creatures like worms and snakes that have no feet. i’m lack toes intolerant.
  40. what’s a worm’s favorite dance style? the worm-ba!
  41. how do worms celebrate their birthdays? with a wriggly cake and squirming presents!
  42. why did the bookworm give up on writing a novel? it got too tangled up in its own “plot twists”!
  43. what’s the worm’s favorite game? squirm-ishes!
  44. get wiggling with gummy worms.
  45. why don’t worms argue with each other? they prefer to avoid getting into squabbles!
  46. my new chair is from worm-an miller.
  47. what do you call a worm that’s always tardy? a lateworm.
  48. worms that become robots are transf-worm-ers.
  49. how many worms are required to consume a zombie?a: the size of the zombie will determine this.
  50. when fishing, is there ever a good reason to take the worm off the hook? i guess that’s debaitable.
  51. how do worms avoid overeating? they practice “portion squirm-trol” to stay balanced!
  52. what will happen if the planet is overrun by wicked worms?a: worldwide worming.
  53. how do worms stay in shape? they do ‘squats’ in the soil!
  54. going fishing with worms is like getting hooked on baitements!
  55. what did the worm say to its friend who was late? “where on earth have you been? i’ve been “worming” here all day!”
  56. how do you make a glow worm laugh? just cut off his tail, then he will be de-lighted.
  57. that was worm-onious!
  58. let’s worm our way through life together.
  59. what’s a worm’s favorite book genre? mystery – they’re always uncovering new things!
  60. worming into your heart.
  61. two silk worms had a race they ended up in a tie!
  62. what did the worm say to the apple? “you’re the core of my existence!”
  63. what did the worm say to its friend on the dance floor? ‘let’s boogie, ‘worm-mate’!’
  64. “worms have the ‘earthly’ secret to happiness!”
  65. “worms are ‘digging’ the dance floor!”
  66. what do you call a worm that can perform magic tricks? a wormidable magician!
  67. what do you call a worm with no teeth? a gummy worm!
  68. 160.  what was the outcome of the race between two worms?  it ended up in a stalemate.
  69. there’s only one thing worse than finding a worm in your fruit. finding half a worm in your fruit.
  70. worms are cute creatures that have a tendency to surprise everyone by coming out of nowhere!
  71. “worms teach us to ‘burrow’ our way to laughter!”
  72. how do worms like their steak cooked? a little on the “squirmish” side – medium-rare!
  73. why did the worm drop out of school? he couldn’t focus on his book.
  74. why did the worm start a vegetable garden? it wanted to be a sliced worm!
  75. why did the worm start a rock band? it wanted to make some earthworm music!
  76. what’s a bookworm’s favorite sport? “text tennis” – they love a good back-and-forth with their books!
  77. 165.  what’s another term for an uncool worm?  unfashionable warm-blooded invertebrate.
  78. what do worms take when they feel unwell? “antibio-worm-ics”!
  79. why did the worm go to the dentist? it needed a checkup on its wiggly teeth!
  80. why did the 2 worms get out of the apple before boarding noah’s ark? because they had to go in pears.
  81. how do bookworms celebrate their birthdays? with a “well-read” party, of course!
  82. why did the worm start a band? it wanted to spread some “soilful” music magic!
  83. how do you throw a party for worms? you turnip the beet and let them dance!
  84. worms are so down-to-earth, they’re practically underground comedians.
  85. why did the worm start writing poetry? it had a way with worms!
  86. wiggle into something sweet with gummy worms.
  87. how did the worm feel after getting cut in half? he was beside himself
  88. what do you call a worm who’s a great storyteller? a “bookworm” with a lot of “tales” to tell!
  89. why did the worm get another blanket?
  90. “worms love networking – they’re ‘earthworms’ after all!”
  91. why did the worm go on a space mission? to explore the wormhole!what did the worm say to the beetle? “hey, i heard you’re a real lady-bug magnet.”
  92. what did the glow worm say to its friend who was feeling down? “don’t worry; i’ll be your guiding light!”
  93. why did the 2 worms get out of the apple before boarding noah’s ark? because they had to go in pears.
  94. what do you call a worm who loves to read? a lit-worm!
  95. worms love sharing stories – they’re real “tale” bearers.

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