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35 Wrist Puns That’ll Have You Tickled to the Bone!

best funny wrist puns
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Wrist puns involve double meanings, unexpected associations, or humorous comparisons that rely on a person’s understanding of the wrist’s function or cultural significance.

The wrist is an essential part of the body that connects the hand to the forearm, and it is used for various activities, such as holding objects, gesturing, and checking the time. As a result, wrist puns can cover a wide range of themes, from time-telling and handcrafts to health and fitness.

35 Best Wrist Puns

  1. really prepared my wrist for this quarantine.
  2. the orthopedic surgeon finally found his model of the human wrist behind an old box of golf tees i guess you could say he couldn’t see the faux wrist for the tees.
  3. how do you catch a runaway bracelet? with a wrist-net!
  4. why did the guy wear two watches on his wrist, one on each hand? because he wanted to have a lot of time on his hands.
  5. he got off with nothing but a slap on the wrist.
  6. what’s a bracelet’s favorite type of art? wrististry!
  7. why did the bracelet go skydiving? it wanted to experience a wrist-rushing adventure.
  8. what’s a wrist’s favorite watch? the one that fits like a glove.
  9. why was the wrist a good carpenter? it could always nail it.
  10. what’s a bracelet’s favorite sport? wristling!
  11. yo mama so fat she needed two wrist watches cause shes in two time zones.
  12. why was the wrist a good gardener? it could always handle the plants.
  13. why did the bracelet start a dance troupe? it wanted to showcase wristastic moves.
  14. they’re accusing me of being a terrorwrist.
  15. i’ve been sharing a ride to work and whenever we drive underground, my wrist hurts. doctor says it’s carpool tunnel.
  16. you know why i hate carpools? everytime i go through a tunnel my wrist hurts.
  17. what do you call a wrist that likes to draw? a wrist-artist.
  18. a guy i know wears two watches, one on each wrist can’t help but think he’s got a lot of time on his hands
  19. why did the bracelet become a detective? it had a knack for wrist-solving mysteries.
  20. why was the wrist a good chef? it could always handle the heat.
  21. no longer part of the superior gang. my weak ass bones couldn’t take a fall from my bike. both wrists, right collar bone and 2 ribs broken.
  22. i’ve been watching women’s beach volleyball, and just ten minutes into the game there’s already a wrist injury. gonna have to use my other hand.
  23. when my dad broke his wrist, he asked the doctor if he will be able to play the piano. when the doctor said he can… he replied “great, i couldn’t play it before”.
  24. what’d the suicidal cop say to the knife? you’re under a wrist.
  25. my wrist is so small and i think it is look bad, maybe i wear watch wrong? by the way i can’t put closer to the wrist because i have protruding wrist bone
  26. what’s a wrist’s favorite type of dog? a wrist-ler.
  27. why was the wrist a good artist? it had a steady hand.
  28. sigmund freud used to always wear a piece of jewelry on his wrist… it was an id bracelet.
  29. why was the wrist good at basketball? it had a good wrist shot.
  30. is that normal if both of my wrist-bones stick out ?
  31. why did the bracelet join the choir? it had a melodious wrist-voice.
  32. did you hear about the bracelet that went to law school? it wanted to be a wrist-tice advocate.
  33. why was the wrist a good baker? it had a knack for kneading dough.
  34. how do you silence an italian? bind him by the wrists.
  35. why did the bracelet become a poet? it had a way with wristy words.

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