35 Legend of Zelda Puns for Fans

best funny Legend of Zelda puns
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The Legend of Zelda series has inspired a wealth of puns and wordplay, reflecting the enduring love fans have for this iconic franchise.

These puns often revolve around the characters, items, and themes found within the games, showcasing the creativity and humor of the Zelda community.

35 Best legend of zelda Puns

  1. what it princess zelda’s favorite food? hot links
  2. what do you call a high alien playin legend of zelda a highlien
  3. zelda’s cooking tip: add a dash of “magic” to every recipe.
  4. i finally had an entire set of amiibos, except for one zelda character. it was my missing link
  5. the legend of zelda is heading to the big screen. after universal’s $1 billion hit adaptation super mario bros. movie, nintendo is developing the new zelda project with sony pictures entertainment.
  6. “breath of the wild is the best zelda game since ocarina of time… and it’s also the best mario game, metroid game, and kirby game.”
  7. i knew a website with a lot of zelda stuff but i forgot the link.
  8. the awful game where zelda was the protagonist
  9. i tried to find a legend of zelda driving game soundtrack… but all i could find was a link in park.
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  11. i bet dating zelda would be fun. a princess in the streets, but sheik in the sheets.
  12. new zelda game, starring just the princess, that ties all the story lines together… “the missing link”
  13. i was watching my son play a zelda game and i told him it’s more effective to lose your health during the summer and winter seasons. he looked at me all confused and asked why? i told him it’s because… that way you won’t take any fall damage.
  14. “hylian likely” i’ll spend all day playing zelda.
  15. when link gets tired, he needs a “zelda-tonin” boost.
  16. where does princess zelda find her heroes? linkedin.
  17. why did zelda go to art school? she wanted to draw her master sword!
  18. i found a zelda fanfic where ganondorf took over hyrule, but for some reason i couldn’t click on it i guess the link was dead
  19. i wish there was a “where’s waldo” for “the legend of zelda” it should be titled “the missing link”
  20. the legend of zelda: link’s awakening
  21. what’s zelda’s favorite type of weather? “link”-ing thunderstorms, of course!
  22. @twilisita imagines their reaction to holland’s potential casting as link with a video clip from the legend of zelda video game.
  23. what did zelda say to link when he couldn’t open a door? triforce.
  24. why was princess zelda sad after watching a bunch of youtube videos? she couldn’t find the link in the description.
  25. i wanted to show you a new link but i can’t afford the latest zelda
  26. “why did zelda keep failing her music class? she could never find the right key!”
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  28. what are the chances people stop mistaking link for zelda? hylian likely
  29. i took a picture of a meteor shower that looked just like the main character from the legend of zelda. link in the comets.
  30. why is legend of zelda better than star wars? it has triple the force.
  31. what did zelda say to link when he couldn’t open the door? triforce
  32. what do you call it when link and zelda get married? a royal engagement!
  33. i drew and illustration of zelda and link on top of a guardian
  34. i wanted to show you a new link but i can’t afford the latest zelda
  35. meet my girls! pepper, paige, madigan and zelda. we have a high energy and gassy house.

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